Date: 5/12/2001



The British dethroned the last hated "Mogul" (MOHAMMEDAN) Emperor of India, Bahadur Shah Zafar (lit. "BRAVE VICTORIOUS EMPEROR"), in 1857.

The Mohammedans became very angry since they regarded Hindusthan as their slave colony.

They had ruled over the Hindus as absolute masters for seven centuries. Even the native born Moslem "coolies, road sweepers, serfs and slaves" fancied themselves as part of the great invincible foreign conquering Arab, Turk, Persian and Afghan armies while bashing the Hindus!

Mohammed Ali Jinnah's call for the division of India was, therefore, universally popular among the Moslems of India who feared that after the departure of the British, democracy and secular law would put them at par with the rest in their former colony. At least in some parts of India they could still save their former glory and have Islamic rule as before.

They conveniently overlooked the fact that after India's division on Moslem terms, they would still be forced to live under ONE common law in India, and, given the memory of brutal partition, their life could be made miserable, if not Hell.

However, they had such a low opinion of the Hindus that they did not fear any counter attack. They could not see the Hindus becoming united or manly, to do any harm to them, even in "the rest" of India that was to be left behind after taking out their Pakistan!

In the previous centuries the Moslems had kept MOBILITY and COMMUNICATIONS to themselves. They could swiftly ride across India on horseback acquiring a feeling of being the lords across the sub continent while a Hindu, who was not allowed to ride even a donkey, remained confined to his own village or district.

The British, too, continued this compartmentalisation. (So have Congress governments since "independence"!) The Sikhs' siege mentality in EAST Punjab and their isolation from the Hindu mainstream is a result of that policy. Instead of improving the decomposing Hindu stock by injecting courage and vitality into it, they FEAR dilution and death of their own Spirit!

Thus we had ONE Mohammedan nation from Peshawar to Chittagong but a Bengali Hindu here and a Punjabi Sikh there, and the twain were poles apart, never meant to meet.

The Hindus were not supposed to know anything about the nature of Islam. Such knowledge was forbidden during the Islamic rule.

Cruelties and barbarities of the worst type were perpetrated against the Hindus to strike terror into their souls. The fate of Guru Gobind Singh's two little sons, barely 7 and 9, and the beheading in public of Guru Tegh Bahadur, are only two examples of that Koranic law.

In those long centureis, Brahmins and temples remained special targets. They were regarded as PROVOCATION, thus most undesirable. The British shunned them and the Congress rulers have done the same, thus retarding and DEGRADING the Hindu genes and manliness even further.

To have a Mohammedan as the Minister of Information (at the time of writing) and to call an Italian-born female (Sonia Gandhi) "Mother of Nation" (Rashtramata) 50 years after independence, shows how "reduced", demoralised and ignorant the majority community in India still are, who allow themselves to be betrayed in this manner!

On 23 March 1940 All-India Muslim League passed the Pakistan Resolution. There was NO Hindu reaction. There was NO Hindu COLLECTIVE HEAD (even today!) to evaluate the implications for Secularism and India.

The Hindus had NO medium to inform or warn one another. One Hindu here and one there could not do anything to raise awareness of the entire nation (a despicable situation that still prevails in India!).

An ignorant nation was thus ready for slaughter. Ethnic cleansing in Pakistan proved this to be the case.

Today, with a Mohammedan as the Minister of Information in India (at the time of writing), the Hindus are again ready for slaughter. For seven long years afterwards the Moslems kept rubbing into the Hindus that they were a SEPARATE nation, that they could not live under democracy in India, that they hated the Hindus to the extent that they wished India to be divided and destroyed.

They OPENLY shouted "Death to India! Death to the Hindus! Death to Democracy! Death to Secularism!", and "Long Live Islam! Long live Pakistan!"

Yet there was no reaction among the Hindus. They were all happily riding the train that was taking them to the "Abattoir". On THAT train, the Sikhs were busy with their endless recitation of "Akhand Paths" and serving countless "langars".

Moslem awareness and unity were remarkable. So was Hindu and SIKH ignorance.

The day came when the leader of INDIAN Moslems threatened civil war. There was NO Hindu leader to face him. They were "secular rats" who pretended to represent all, including the Moslems. But this was neither accepted by the British nor by the Moslems!

To expedite India's surrender, the Mohammedans declared Direct Action Day in Bengal on 16 August 1946.

Rivers of blood flowed. It was the blood of the innocent. The Indians did not give a call to resist and fight, but accepted defeat and signed the unconditional surrender on behalf of everybody, including the unborn babies, till eternity.

Mr. Jinnah had all the conditions typed out in advance. All the Moslems were said to be PAKISTANI and all the rest "Indian".

Indian leaders like MK Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Baldev Singh were so scared that they thought any delay in accepting these conditions would further provoke the Moslems and make them even more angry. Seized by panic and fright they neither read these conditions nor broadcast them to the nation. They did not call for referendum, either!

What were those conditions that the Indian leaders signed? Here they are-

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