Date: 5/12/2001



This letter was written on the 50th (FIFTIETH) anniversary of the unconditional surrender of Lahore to the Indian Muslims in 1947.

The "rat" in the headline above was none else but Mr. Inder Kumar Gujral, the then PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA.


15 August 1997

Mr. Gujral,

PRIME MINISTER of partitioned India

Government of India

Central secretariat, South Bloc

New Delhi-11, India.


Dear Mr. Gujral,

We believe in AKHAND BHARAT. Do you? However, given her Constitution, which does not mention Partition, we believe India will rapidly slide towards her "Endloesung" (DISINTEGRATION) if her POLITICAL course is not corrected immediately.

She cannot last long on the basis of the absurd and bogus partition which left more Mohammedans in India than the number we hoped TO GET RID OF.

Mohammedan Fifth Column will be eternally hostile, antagonistic and treasonous towards "Kafir" (PAGAN) Hindustan if they believe Koran to be "Word of God".

You are supposed to urgently evolve a consensus on India's secularism and survival. Otherwise the confused, demoralised and divided Hindus will run for life in all directions as they did in 1026, 1192, 1857 and 1947, sending waves of "gypsies" across the world.

Why can't the Hindus (the MAJORITY COMMUNITY upon whom the stability and strength of India depend) learn anything from history which is never forgotten in the rest of the world?

The implications of the Hindus' death in Delhi (as in Lahore) are horrendous for the Non Resident Indians (NRI's). Where shall we go after the rest of India is gone? None of us can go to Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Dhaka and Sylhet any more! How is it that you don't' seem to realize it, and if you do, you seem POWERLESS to do anything about it?

Before a meaningful start can be made, we expect you to put India on even keel, that is, by showing COURAGE to apologise (APOLOGISE) to your nation on the following grounds:-

1. Apologise to the INDIAN ARMED FORCES for not carrying the war in North Kashmir right up to Khyber Pass in 1948 to nip the EVIL in the bud.

Apologise to the Chief of the Army Staff for NOT telling him where the next "cease-fire" will be ordered- EAST of Delhi or WEST of Khyber?

Apologise to your fine Jawans for misusing them in EAST Pakistan that was promptly returned to the Savage, Separatist and Destructive creed from the Desert of Arabia instead of bringing the treacherously lost lands back to the fold of civilised and enlightened "Mother India".

Apologise to the Jawans for sending them to their deaths in Sri Lanka (and to return with a "bloody nose"!) while withholding them from recovering North Kashmir.

Apologise to the fine Sikh regiments whose fighting spirit your government wanted to destroy by putting them under the MUCK of secularism that is DEAD in Jhelum and Lahore.

Apologise to the Army for not giving them a single flag with "KHANDA CHAKRA" on it. Are you terrified at this suggestion?

Apologise to the Jawans for asking them to guard and protect the bogus "samadhi" and the downright provocative statue of the useless fellow called Rajiv Gandhi, and his foreign wife. The Jawans are meant to guard frontiers!

Apologise to the Jawans for misusing them as MERCENARIES to attack Golden Temple in 1984.

Apologise to the nation for the huge expenditure on the personal security of Bofors' CHOR then, and his useless Italian spouse now.

2. Apologise for not rehabilitating Guru Gobind Singh in the mainstream of Broken Bharat. Who are you AFRAID of? Wasn't he Indian? Wasn't he a patriot? Wasn't he brave?

3. Apologise to the Hindus for not showing up in Ayodhya to pay homage to the Lord of Hindusthan but happily turning up to greet any Mohammedan Imam anywhere. Has any of them issued a "fatwa" against Mohammed Ali JINN for High Treason?

4. Apologise to Nawab Sharif for not suggesting AKHAND BHARAT to him. In which country were his father and mother born?

Apologise for being DISLOYAL to the country of your own birth which was "AKHAND".

5. Apologise to the nation for the corruption and nepotism of your ministers and their predecessors. They have destroyed public confidence in law and held up India's progress.

6. Apologise to the nation for not equipping and staffing even one university to the standard of Oxford or Cambridge in England.

7. Apologise to the nation on behalf of Nehru and Rajiv who ran after foreign females to degrade native women. Degraded women produce coolies, serfs, morons, "bhangis" and "hijdas".

8. Apologise to the WOMEN of India for not honouring them in any way. We mean HINDU women since Christian and Mohammedan women do not need to be "honoured" by any HINDU who is zero in Lahore and Ayodhya.

9. Apologise to the Hindus for calling them "fundamentalist" if they stir anywhere while overlooking the FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAMIC POISON in Pakistan which is spreading into India as well.

10. Apologise to the Hindus for keeping them ignorant on the increase in numbers and strength of Mohammedans in partitioned India. Don't you think that one day the remaining Hindus, too, will be slaughtered along with their Sadhus, Sants, Swamis, jagdgurus and Mahatmas- as in Lahore and Karachi only 50 years ago?

11. Apologise to the nation for covering up the horrors of devastation, death and destruction that accompanied each Mohammedan onslaught on Bharat.

Apologise for making the blood-soaked history of Hindus appear like a harmless bedside story for children.

12. Apologise for not looking at the status of Janmasthan at Nankana Sahib. Why is Nankana Sahib under the foot of a FOREIGN "lord" if NO temple is allowed in Mecca?

13. Apologise for making the Armed Forces salute "dogs" on 26 January and 15 August every year but never a HINDU patriot like Gopal Godse who believes in Akhand Bharat.

14. Apologise for suppressing the truth about Nathu Ram's patriotic deed and motives. Didn't he do what each and every Hindu fleeing Jhelum wanted to do? Come on. Be honest.

15. Apologise to the Sikh widows and orphans of 1984 for the despicable neglect shown by your government. None of them has been invited to your "Durbar" or to "Rashtrapati Bhawan" so far though a foreign born White Elephant gets the front seat wherever she shows up. SHAME on you!

16. Apologise for neglecting the education of Sikh lads in East Punjab and for setting the bad example of conceding Pakistan and then ACCEPTING it for ever!

What have you to say, when they ask, "Why did India concede Pakistan and keep all the Mohammedans in her, too, while denying us a few districts which we could call KHALISTAN to escape the dog's life in "secular" India?"

Can't they see you eating "Iftar" and "halal" while conceding and conceding to the ENEMY all over- not only in South Kashmir!

17. Apologise for not holding an investigation into each and every "fake" encounter that killed Sikh lads in EAST Punjab and for not looking at the strong motivation of Nehru Dynasty to destroy the Sikhs in order to destroy the Hindus.

18. Apologise to the nation for having a MOHAMMEDAN as the Minister of Information & Broadcasting in a country where the people are dying for information! They want to know 'Why Pakistan'?, and 'Why Mohammedans in partitioned India?'. Give them the answers. You are the Prime Minister.

19. Apologise to all the Buddhist countries to the East of India for not taking any initiative to develop relations with them due to fear of Mohammedans.

What's wrong in establishing a Hindu/Buddhist Bloc to counter the mischievous Islamic Bloc, or the useless Non-aligned Bloc?

Finally Mr. Gujral, on 15 August 1997 you did not honour the only person who deserved to be honoured. You did not send any message to the widow of Sardar Nanak Singh on the exemplary courage and patriotism of her husband who sacrificed his life for AKHAND BHARAT after declaring "India will be cut upon my dead body!".

APOLOGISE TO HER, and explain why she is unmentionable in your Lok Sabha!


Bharat Ratna Kurukshetra Coordinator Copy to

Imam of Jama Masjid of Delhi. Sir, teach Mr. Inder Kumar Gujral COURAGE. He doesn't have to become the follower of Mohammed of Arabia to behave bravely. He can follow Guru Gobind Singhji, instead! Can't he?

Copy to "Rashtrapat" of partitioned India. Sir, you can at least shout "AKHAND BHARAT AMAR RAHET" in your own bedroom where nobody will laugh at you. Can't you?

Chief of the Army Staff of India. Sir, we expect you to stand up for the DIGNITY and HONOUR of your Jawans who are beyond bribery, treachery and corruption. NOT ONE OF THEM would have surrendered Lahore unconditionally as Pandit Nehru did. Therefore, among your Jawans "Nehru" ought to be synonymous with "BLOODY BASTARD" or "SON OF A BITCH".

Armies are supposed to acquire the skill, speed and courage of tigers and lions who catch and disembowel their prey, and not some semi-naked grass eating, appeasing, conceding and surrendering "Mahatma Micky Mouse" chanting "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" day and night. Armies must be fit to FIGHT TILL FINISH and not finish in fight, cease-fire, or forget the TERRITORY lost!

Do ask your Supreme Commander, "Why a Jawan, NOR HE HIMSELF, can buy any property in Kashmir, being INDIANS!

"Shoot him dead" if he cannot repeal Article 370 of his Constitution by January 26, 1998, that is, a year from now.

Leader of the Opposition in LOK SABHA for information. There will be no danger to you if copies of this communication are given to each and every HINDU M.P.