Date: 5/12/2001


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If one takes the trouble to look at statistics or the FACTS, one will notice that in EVERY case of mixed marriage, the Muslim boy overwhelmed or prevailed upon the poor unsuspecting naive Hindu girl, and CONVERTED her to his crude "Macho" Faith From Arabia before forcing her into NIKAH by KORAN. That KILLED her Hindu soul. She was LOST to her family and her community FOR EVER. In fact, she then produced offspring that was ANTI HINDU, if not HINDU KILLER, right from the moment of birth. A vast majority of those flying the PROVOCATIVE Arabic flag over Lahore and Nankana Sahib are none other than the progeny of helpless and defenceless HINDU maidens and women, abducted and converted in the previous centuries.

The vast Hindu nation has been watching this phenomenon of GENE LOSS for over one thousand years without any action or reaction.

Even the daughters of men of world renown like Rabindra Nath Tagore and billionaires with high profile political status like the late Sir James Goldsmith, lost their talented and pretty daughters to Islam.

One would not raise an eyebrow if there was some balance in this whole ONE WAY NIKAH business. At the same time one would have to be a "sheep" or a "jackal" NOT TO REACT.

Hence we reacted. The result is the following two letters, one to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, the other to the British Broadcasting Corporation in the United Kingdom.



1 November 1997

Mr. Manohar Joshi,

Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Government of Maharashtra

MUMBAI, India.


Dear Mr. Joshi,

You are the head of a State that is bigger than GERMANY in size and population. Surely, you could be expected to shed the fear of MOHAMMEDANS in order to ACT, to save Hindu honour, image and dignity.

We, the INDIANS living abroad, are disgusted, watching films coming out of Mumbai (Bollywood) in Bharat, the ancient land of Hindu civilisation, which show Hinduism in ADVERSE light while glorifying Islam.

In numerous films a Hindu priest is shown as a DEVIOUS coward or an entertaining clown while a MUSALMAN Mullah looks a brave man of character and courage, invariably coming to the rescue of Hindu maidens fleeing Hindu goondahs and gangsters (with HINDU names!) in hot pursuit!

This seriously affects the morale of our children and their friends' attitude towards Hindu religion which is the oldest religion on earth.

In our view a "WATCHDOG" must be appointed immediately for the vital aspect of protecting the IMAGE of Hinduism.

Mohammedans, who are supposed to be 'PERSONA NON GRATA' or "Pakistani bastards" in your India (that lies bleeding, cut and chopped as per the 'two-nation theory' of Mohammed Ali JINN!) playing intimate love scenes with Hindu girls in films are UNACCEPTABLE.

We Hindus are brought up to regard our daughters and sisters as "devis" and are "conditioned" from childhood to respect them.

In contrast, they are sex objects for the Mohammedans who follow the Mohammed of Arabia and his standards of morality of 7th century AD. Please go to Afganistan to see his Islam with your own eyes.

Their approach to females can never be just "art" or decent. Lord Sri Ram and his consort Sita are models of Hindu morality and fidelity, while no one knows the number of wives, concubines and female slaves MOHAMMED (Peace Be Upon His VICTIMS) had, or how many of his wives were minor!

"Suppressed, demoralised and intimidated" Hindus in your country, therefore, get a 'slap in the face' when in love scenes it is ALWAYS a Mohammedan boy but a Hindu girl.

Why can't we have Hindu boys and Mohammedan girls, instead, for a change, in films coming out of an independent and sovereign HINDUSTHAN? Is partitioned India so terrified of the Musalman that this can NOT happen?

We want an answer since you are the chief minister of the 'Land of Chatrapati Shivaji' who EXTENDED the frontiers of Maratha rule (and HINDU Civilisation) to Delhi AND BEYOND, having shed the terror of Musalman.

We also want to know how the brave Marathas in your State, the warrior RAJPUTS in Rajasthan, the fearless SIKHS in EAST Punjab, the devout Hindus in Tamil Nadu and WEST Bengal and the intrepid GURKHAS of the Indian ARMY and their families react, seeing HINDU girls leaping after some KHAN in the films from Mumbai!

Have they ever seen a young Musalmani actress run after a Hindu actor, or dance & sing, and shake 'body and boobs' to please him?

Who (WHO?) will tell these demoralised Hindu and Sikh girls of what Guru Tegh Bahadurji, the two minor sons of Guru Gobind Singhji and boy Haqiqat Rai said, while sitting under the dark shadow of KORAN, and the executioner's SWORD, when asked, "Islam or DEATH?"

Once again we were totally surprised by our MOHAMMEDAN compatriots and given the most crushing and humiliating defeat ever, in 1947, simply because we had forgotten our own history while learning the lives and deeds of licentious, lecherous, murderous and scheming MUSALMAN invaders and emperors- from young MOHAMMED BIN QASIM to senile AURANGZEB- of the wretched "Land of Hindus" (Hindusthan) when our own leaders like IK Gujral, KR Narayanan, Sita Ram Kesri, Laloo Prasad, Mayawati and Mulayam Singh were busy taking bribes and commissions, or looking up the likes of Indiras, Sonias and Priyenkas of their own time for peace, stability in India.

As a direct result of their collective COWARDICE, even a prime minister's son, RAJIV GANDHI, felt "superior" by importing a worthless foreign spouse- further degrading native (HINDU) girls!

We regret to say that YOU, and your predecessors, ought to have felt the SHAME & DISGRACE of such despicable HINDU-BASHING seen in Indian films a long time ago!

What about the GOVERNOR of Maharashtra? What is his RELIGION and culture? Why did he NOT notice the degradation of HINDU girls, HINDU priesthood and HINDU culture and religion in the Indian movies coming out of his State?

What kind of a "HINDU" is your P.C. ALEXANDER, the Governor of Maharashtra? Is his job only to facilitate the flight of Bombay Stock Exchange Bombers and to keep an eye on the Marathas for any sign of "Gaurav"?


Copy to BBC and "The Times", London;

chief ministers of the states mentioned, including the demoralised SIKH, "Buzdil Bhayya" BADAL, confined to "union territory" of Chandigarh, whose predecessors used to rule the State from LAHORE when his friend's sisters were safe in JHELUM.

H.E. the ambassador of "SECULAR" Kingdom of Nepal, for information.


Letter to "NETWORK EAST", BBC, November 3, 1997.

With regard to the forthcoming Asian musical programme showing the MUSLIM film actor Mr. Khan from Bombay in HINDU India, we enclose a copy of our letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra State where Bombay is located.

We apologise for the "language". It is meant for the Hindu "leader", Mr. Manohar Joshi, still living in the shadow of Islam in (partitioned) India, where patriotism means

(a) to accept for ever the unconditional surrender of EASE Bengal and NORTH Kashmir to (indigenous) Mohammedans,

(b) not to recall and commemorate ANY Hindu Holocaust in the past due to terror of Islam,

(c) cowardly abdication of Secularism in Jhelum and Dhaka; and,

(d) to believe that the deadly "SECOND nation" (as defined by the founder of Pakistan) is still part of the ONE (i.e., clueless and damn fool) INDIAN nation!

In your forthcoming programme, kindly show only MOHAMMEDAN (MOSLEM) females leaping up to, and surrounding in ecstasy, film actor Mr. KHAN from Bombay, and NOT any Hindu or Sikh girl!

Our dignity in England does NOT lie in dust as back home (in India).

"Art has NO colour or religion!", you might say to us, but in India (broken Bharat), from where an inferior brand of secularism is coming over, it does (and will) have that unfortunate dimension so long as that "partition" negotiated by Pandit Nehru and Mr. MK Gandhi remains, which makes all the Hindus (ALL of us) feel like idiots, since we don't understand-

(a) the difference between a Mohammedan in Rawalpindi (and Srinagar) and the one in Delhi (and Bombay);

(b) why "SECULARISM OF THE CRUSHED & INFERIOR HINDU" can be imposed on Calcutta and Amritsar (like martial law) but NOT on Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar; and

(c) why Mohammedans like actor KHAN and minister Salman HAIDAR are still in India even AFTER partition!

We, the proud BRITISH Hindus, do NOT want to live and die in SHAME like the brainwashed Hindu midgets of India who are NOT allowed to even ask questions.

Islam may be art, culture and even divinity in the Land of Mohammed (peace be upon his VICTIMS!) but in Lahore and Jhelum, the cradle of Indo-Aryan civilisation where Vedas were written 5,000 years ago, it is a VULGAR BOOT up IK Gujral's . . . . which makes all the Hindus a defeated and degraded people with the devious burden of "ennobling the world".

Islam in Pakistan, founded on blood and bones of the innocent (ethnic cleansing of 1947), is NO art and culture but an insult to our sense of dignity and honour and to the sacred memory of our kith and kin killed at their hands in 1947, as well as an AFFRONT to our secularism.

We concede the point that our letter has NO relevance whatsoever to the (healthy) social and communal scene in Great Britain apart from the fact that actor KHAN, a Mohammedan, is coming over from HINDU India while some of us firmly believe that being a Musalman, he belongs to Pakistan!

For us, partition that was undemocratically imposed without referendum, will remain an act of war that has not had its "cease-fire" yet contrary to what the cowardly HINDUS like Messrs. IK Gujral, RK Narayanan, Manohar Joshi and LK Advani in India (keen on an apology from the Queen on behalf of people of Amritsar!) might think.


3 November 1997