Date: 5/13/2001



(* JAL means WATER)

What follows is NOT absurd, ludicrous or ridiculous.

It is primarily for the information of all ranks of the Indian Armed Forces, at present under the command of a secret FOREIGN agent, Mr. KR NARAYANAN, acting as their Supreme Commander.

“The one you salute and profess loyalty, is a despicable ‘DOG’ in human form. He is also a doubly despicable ‘GOAT’ whose soldiers, shedding blood in SOUTH Kashmir, cannot buy even a square inch of land there, as per Article 370 of his Constitution.

Nor does he fly out to Srinagar to escort the bodies of his dead soldiers to New Delhi for State funeral. They are dying for NO other reason but his own High Treason. To him, they are DIRT.

How is it that while the whole of Hindusthan can shut down for State mourning of an Albanian nun for SEVEN DAYS, there is not ONE minute’s silence in his Bhawan, or Lok Sabha, when the whole world hears of a HUNDRED Hindu pilgrims massacred, or 35 Sikhs butchered, in cold blood in one night in South Kashmir?”

Some damn rotten Supreme Commander you have!

Don’t YOU feel like spitting at Supreme Commander “NIGGER” Narayanan of yours while giving him a ‘General Salute’?”

To all the other (that is, non Indian) readers, we say, “Please read the following with some awareness of the devotion & spirit of submission of an average Hindu in Hindusthan.

Collectively, they have accepted Partition of India and enacted a “secular” Constitution which does not recall the surrender of Lahore nor mentioins the surrender of East Bengal TWICE (1947 and 1972).”

In Hindusthan, the so-called Land of Divinity, there are theories about keeping in good health and prolonging many pleasures of day (and night), including life itself.

Among these is the theory about the healing properties of the URINE.

Cow dung and cow urine have been used in various ways in Bharat for centuries, and no eyebrows will be raised to mention these again.

But the new idea is somewhat controversial, even embarrassing. It is about the merits of drinking one’s urine.

In our time, the chief proponent of this theory was the late Mr. Morarji Desai, a much respected former PRIME MINISTER of India.

Now, it appears that the Hindus have the INSTINCT of “licking & drinking” up to any NON Hindu.

This instinct is the result of EVOLUTION over centuries- since 712 AD, to be precise, when the followers of Mohammed invaded Sindh with Sword, Fire and the eternal contempt and hatred of the Kafirs as enshrined in the Koran.

For sheer survival the natives had to do a very “deep salaam” whenever a savage KHAN passed by.

Today’s KHAN Brothers are supreme on Indian screen and their blown up photos are to be seen in many a HINDU virgin’s boudoir who dreams of swinging with a KHAN by the river under a rainbow, emulating all those HINDU maidens leaping around, and up to, the Khans in so many Indian movies.

Driven (not just moved) by that instinct the TOP leader of 1940s, none else but MAHATMA Gandhi, advised his followers,

(Quote) “Do the bidding of Qaid-I-Azam without a murmur, without a whisper of dissent. Obey Him in TOTAL submission.” (Unquote)

He wrote “he” with a big “H” in terror of the UBIQUITOUS assassins working for “Mohammed, Ali, JINN & Company”, that replaced the British EAST India Company in the crude art of grabbing TERRITORY and enslaving all who inhabit it.

You might ask in vain, “Where was all the AQAL of the NATIVES if these FOREIGN “companies” had full ‘stick, rod and sway’ over all the land and women of the Hindus in their Hindusthan?”

“If he wants four provinces, give him FIVE,” continued MAHATMA Gandhi, inhibited by TERROR of Islam.

“A thousand of us are no match to ONE of them. Look what happened to Guru Gobind Singh who wanted to take on a million of them single-handed.” The Mahatma was typically a Hindu ‘body without Spirit’.

Calling Guru Gobind Singh a “misguided patriot” he THREW OUT THE SPIRIT and remained an “emaciated mouse”.

Our “Mahatma Mouse” continued, “Should he wish Bengal to be cut through the middle, then cut up Punjab, too, right through the middle, making sure that the LION’S share in each case goes to the Muslim Master, reducing the “Singh” to a “Chooha”.”

That was the state of manhood and awareness among the followers of Gandhi- and the entire Hindu nation in India was his follower, mesmerised by his easy ‘quick fix’ solution to the vexing question, “How to satiate the “Muslim Monster” endowed with a PIG’S appetite for territory, more territory, and more territory?”.

So, the idea of “Sonia Jal” instead of “Ganga Jal” has been mooted by the followers of Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Morarji Desai.

Now, don’t say, “They are just a loony minority!”

NO! They are not! They are IN POWER in our loony land call Hindusthan, driving all before them, like the silent camels before an Arab beduine, or the uncomplaining sheep before a Palestinian shepherd.

Yes, All-India Congress Party, which lost the mandate to rule and even the right to exist at the stroke of midnight on 15 August, 1947, still casts a very dark shadow over the destiny of Hindusthan, not only over the dignity, honour and image of our own native womanhood.

With FOREIGN Sonia raised to the top, we lower the NATIVE down to the bottom. That is our extremely low “AQAL” while we boast of our high “SHAKAL”.

Let nobody belittle the POWER & FORCE of that sweet looking charming Italian Catholic female in saree, seen eating “chapatti and daal, laddoo and burfi” eagerly served by her vast following that has quite a stalwart Hindu with an unsurpassably impressive name, Sita Ram Kesri, among them.

Many of these highly placed Hindu stooges DIE quickly when they are considered to be of no more use to Dynasty. These Hindu "dogs of dynasty" conveniently die before any reporter or journalist can get hold of them to enquire about the secret funding of many an institution and foundation under Dynasty and Party.

Does anyone shadow Sonia KHAN, aka Gandhi, AFTER the cameras are gone?

Do we know who she meets and who she dines and wines- and conspires with, when out of media eye?

NO! The Hindu nation is an ostrich with its head buried deep in sand (for the intake of food), bottom raised up towards the sky (for the penetration of divinity).

Yes, that is the Hindu nation today (May 13, 2001), still ZERO in the Constitution of Hindusthan. And we have had over half a century to ponder over this ZERO status in our Constitution!

Of course, the situation could change tomorrow as Iran changed overnight in 1979, or Russia in 1917, or France in 1789 or Britain in 1066 due to a foreign INVASION.

So, “SONIA JAL” (“holy water of Sonia”) for those who want to include its regular dosage in their Yoga routine for good personal health, job guarantee, ant’s share of commissions from big arms deals- BOFORS style, import quotas, business licenses and permits, “green card” for entry into India as a scornful and vulgar substitute for dual nationality, and Indian citizenship for the Italian girl friends, and for a climb up the native Indian social ladder.

Are the keen proponents, and all the ‘would be’ drinkers, only the poor and the impoverished Hindus in Bharat?

We won’t know till VIPs like Shri Vajpayee, Sardar PS Badal, Manmohan Singh, Madhav Rao Scindia, Mulayam Singh, Laloo Prasad, Mayawati, Dr. Kalam and George fernandes, and billionaires like the three Hinduja Brothers, and even their FOREIGN (Portuguese) friends like the British MP Keith Vaz, could confide in all frankness and honesty to us, while swearing by “Satyam Vajayate”!

What about the “five star” generals (and any future field marshal) of the Indian Armed Forces?

Could one refuse to take the mandatory two sips of “Sonia Jal” if it was made a part of military assignment, or part of prayer for victory across the cease-fire line?


Absurd? NO, Mahaan Mantri, Pradhaan Mantri, Shri Raj Paal and Rashtrapati "Black Crow".

It could NOT be more absurd than your acceptance of Partition without any condition, the plight of Hindu refugees from Srinagar, the state of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya in ruins, and the “confinement” of the only Sikh chief minister in India to “Union” Territory!

In a land which gets the worst publicity in the world for the mal-treatment of its widows, you all had to shout out with one voice, “Look at Sonia, the richest and the happiest widow of the whole world. Isn’t she Indian, too? So, who says the widows are badly treated in India?”

Instead, you are quite willing to sip Sonia Jal while taking the Oath of Office.

There must be a limit to the Hindus’ patience. Their collective anger must be mounting. They must be about to rise like a GIANT to smite you as punishment for the crime of degrading the great Hindu nation to such an extent.

You will soon be hearing the thunderous cry from all sides, “Sonia Jal for YOU rats and vermin, Sword of Guru Gobind Singh Ji for us, the invincible Khalsa!” (Khalsa shall be the ENTIRE casteless Hindu nation.)

The battle cry of the BETRAYED Hindus will rent the sky from Kanyakumari to Gilgit, from Chittagong to Khyber, even the New Delhi International Airport, at present under a PROFANE name.

Independence will come to our land at the crack of a golden yellow coloured DAWN, not ‘at the stroke of a dark midnight’ of “Bandit” Nehru, the “Son of a Musalman”, an epithet much more befitting and appropriate, than the “Son of a BITCH”.

But let us conclude with the “thought” of disgusting Sonia Jal replacing Ganga Jal. What a SHAME, the “thought” has many “believers”, who label the rest of us as “infidels”.

00000-Instt. Of Hindu Ideo./May 13, 2001-00000