Date: 5/14/2001


Jayalalitha sworn-in as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister


May 14, 2001.

Call to all the democratic forces in the world. Pay heed!

Decency and morality is being crushed in PARTITIONED INDIA in the most crude manner in broad daylight.

By tolerating this political vulgarity, the entire mankind is reduced. That includes the world body, the UNO, too, since today's chaos in India will bring out massive bloodshed on the sub continent tomorrow.

In PARTITIONED India there is NO "man" to stop the rot. The top "MEN" are (1) the ITALIAN BORN Sonia Gandhi, (2) the BURMESE BORN wife of the President of India, and (3) the "bandit queen" Jayalalitha.

Hence the world must step in.

A CRIMINAL has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


News item:

(Convict Jayalalita sworn in as chief minister)

Jaya sworn-in as TN Chief Minister

The Times of India, via News Plus

Monday, May 14, 2001

Chennai (MADRAS) -

AIADMK supremo J Jayalalitha was on Monday sworn-in as Tamil Nadu chief minister.

Along with her, some other ministers were also sworn-in.

Tamil Nadu governor Fathima Beevi (sic) administered the oath of office and secrecy to Jayalalitha who took it in Tamil at a function in Raj Bhavan.

Earlier in the day, the governor invited her to form the government after she staked her claim following her unanimous election as leader of the AIADMK legislature party.

The governor, a former judge of the Supreme Court, extended the invitation to Jayalalitha who had staked the claim to form the government after being unanimously elected leader of her 132-member legislature party in a House of 234.

Jayalalitha, who had served as chief minister between 1991 and 1996, had been barred from contesting the election in view of her conviction in a corruption case. Her nomination papers had been rejected.

Although Jayalalitha had said that denial of the chief minister's post to her would be an insult to the electorate which had given her party a thumping win, legal opinion has been divided on whether she could benefit from the constitutional provision that enables an unelected person to hold office for six months.

While inviting Jaylalitha, the Governor asked her to submit the list of persons whom she would nominate as ministers and their portfolios.

During the elections, Jayalalitha had campaigned seeking a mandate for her to become chief minister. As results started pouring in on Sunday, she declared that she would be the chief minister and would not share power with allies.

Her allies also came out openly in her support saying that as the people have given their verdict, the Governor had no option (sic*) but to invite her to form the government. (PTI)


Additional comment:

* The Governor would have NO option but the CRUSHED Indian nation did have the option of KICKING HER OFF TO PAKISTAN since being a Muslim, she is an ALIEN as per that conveniently forgotten "Act of Partition, 1947", which divided India into HINDU India and MUSLIM India.

Since PARTITION in 1947, every Muslim in India is a persona non grata. Both the NON SECULAR states of Pakistan and Bangladesh are undemocratic, illegal, unconstitutional and in direct VIOLATION of the UN Human Rights Charter that must put a "Hindu equals a Muslim" in the whole world.

A referendum on Partition of India is STILL to be held.

It is the clearest sign of the most ALARMING power vacuum in HINDU INDIA that we still find Muslims GOVERNING states as large as Tamil Nadu!

Is HINDU INDIA now a "dead squashed frog" lying sprawled across a highwary being constantly overrun by heavy ISLAMIC lorries day and night?

What else is this perishing HINDU India where all the laws of decency, morality and democracy are broken so lightly, and with impunity.

Should the UNO not step in and quash the appointment of Ms. Jayalalitha, a CRIMINAL, as the Cheif Minister of Tamil Nadu?

What else is the UNO for?


Additional comment:

Tamil Nadu is a HINDU state with some Spirit. Hence the Governor is a MUSLIM female in order to "keep an eye" on the Hindus.

Hindusthan has so callously BETRAYED the Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka.

Similarly Maharashtra is also a Hindu state with some spine. Hence the Governor is a staunch Catholic PC ALEXANDER, dharam bhai of Sonia Khan.

The third State with some SIKH spirit is EAST Punjab but its chief minister is made to eat the MUCK OF HUMILIATION day and night by being confined to "Union" Territory for his capital.

Thus we see the Hindu in Hindusthan in every shape and form. He is being badly suppressed and crushed. The worst tragedy is that MOST Hindus do not know the meaning of self-esteem and dignity. Slavery and Submission are now their way of life and come as easily as breathing.

It is amazing that while the Muslims are not prepared to tolerate the secular laws of a NON Muslim Land, they expect every Hindu to lie under their Koranic Law in EAST Bengal and West Punjab. Very crude fellows!

They also expect MUSLIMS to be in top key positions in PARTITOINED India so that they can undermine her democratic strengths. Naturally, they stand to gain from Hindusthan's decomposition and ultimate DEATH.

Jayalalitha's Oath of Office by a MUSLIM Governor is yet another nail in the Hindu coffin.

Like the notorious BOFORS CHOR, Jayalalitha't place is JAIL, not the chief minister's chair. And what about the manner of appointment of Rabri Devi in Bihar State? How decent, democratic or "Hindu" was that?