Date: 5/15/2001




Simply read the following news item (State Assembly elections in India, May 14, 2001) from the psychological analytical point of view. You will see the write-up aiming to give a punch in the nose of “evil” Hindu forces of nationalism and patriotism. (Comments in brackets).

Reporters and scholars, foreign and (therefore) native, observe and comment on events as if standing beside the enemy. In the report below, the reporter seems to taunt the Hindus, “Did you say she was a dumb doll? Now look how she has come back with a vengeance. Eat your words and touch her feet!”


"Dumb doll" Gandhi silences critics with state poll triumphs

New Delhi, May 14 (AFP) - Impressive wins for India's main opposition Congress party in provincial polls silenced critics of its leader, Italian-born Sonia Gandhi, dubbed a "dumb doll" who could not get votes.

Of the five Indian states which went to polls last week, Gandhi's Congress has secured straight wins in two, is poised to form a government in the third while being in the winning camp in the fourth.

This performance is in stark contrast to the debacle Congress suffered in the September-October 1999 general elections, which saw the 115-year-old party's tally in parliament fall to its lowest ever, at 112.

Critics pounced on Gandhi, calling her a "dumb doll" who could only smile, wave at crowds but could not get votes. She was accused within her party of living in an "ivory tower" surrounded by a "coterie of sycophants."

Gandhi, 53, has now emerged as one of the most powerful politicians in the country, after she led the Congress to a stunning victory. {A clear indicator of the native Hindus’ (ever decreasing) distance from their eventual slavery or the gallows!} Of the 29 states in India, Gandhi's Congress will now rule in at least 12.

The widow of assassinated premier Rajiv Gandhi {Gandhi No. THREE to be assassinated as a mark of “people’s love of Gandhis in India!} took over the presidency of the Congress party in 1998, and soon picked up the sobriquet "the sphinx," for her silence on matters of national or international consequence.

{Being “Gandhi No. FOUR”, that silence was due to her apathy, instinctive and imbibed “Bible hatred” of the vast sea of Pagan rabble, cultural shock, sense of insecurity and the fear of an assassin. ‘There must be a Rajput son around, after the Marathas, the Sikhs and the Tamils had gloriously discharged their duty!’}

Slowly she got hands-on training in dealing with tricky party matters, and even took lessons in speaking Hindi (sic), India's main language. {Hindi, which earlier, was “good enough to speak to my servants.”)

Her most aggressive posture before the state elections was observed at a party conclave in March in the southern city of Bangalore where she accused Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee of protecting corrupt ministers. {What about the biggest corrupted crook of them all, who started the rot in the first place, the notorious BOFORS CHOR?}

"For a fistful of riches the men and women who rule in the name of high principles have sold the honour of the seats they occupy... There can be no forgiveness. The BJP-led coalition government has lost the moral right to govern," Gandhi said. {And the Indian coolies, serfs and slaves listened in awe!}

In more than one way, the May 10 provincial elections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Pondicherry saw not only Sonia Gandhi's charisma shine but were a shot in the arm for women power. {Given the dull, DARK and duffer natives around her, her charisma had to be shining!}

In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, a former film actress-turned politician, Jayaram Jayalalitha, romped home to power, defeating a key ally of the federal coalition. The alliance she led bagged 80 percent of the assembly seats.

{What a sad comment on the political acumen of Indians at the advent of 21st century! Who was to “educate” them if the educators themselves were all ENEMIES?}

Jayalalitha was sworn into office by Tamil Nadu Governor Fatima Biwi (sic) amid cheers from her party followers, who had packed into the central hall of the governor's office.

{FATIMA BIWI? That sounds like a MOHAMMEDAN name. So what the hell is a Mohammedan doing in PARTITITONED India? Who is looking after the headless “chicken” called BHARAT (minus Lahore, North Kashmir and East Bengal) if even God Almighty has gone to sleep?}

Whether Jayalalitha, who heads the powerful AIADMK party, can actually take her place as the head of the state permanently is still unclear with controversy about her criminal record. {CRIMINAL record? Why is she not in jail?}

Jayalalitha filed her candidacy for the May 10 polls in four separate constituencies, all of which were rejected under regulations preventing people with criminal convictions contesting elections.

Despite her swearing in, Jayalalitha will still have to be voted to a state constituency within six months. {Once sworn in, she is the Lord above ALL, like Rajiv Khan aka Gandhi!}

Jayalalitha herself is adamant she will fight a legal battle to be at the helm of affairs as she has won the "people's mandate."

The portly Jayalalitha, endearlingly known as "amma" (mother) (sic) to her millions of adoring fans {The Indian orphans feel safe with an uncle Nehru, mother Indira, Mother of Nation, Rashtramata Sonia, and grandfather Gandhi}, owes much of her crowd-pulling prowess to her days as a top Tamil film actress in the 1960 and 1970s.

Her political career has been chequered by scams and scandals. She was convicted for acts of corruption during her earlier tenure as chief minister. (Convicted but how long in jail?)

One set of allegations says she amassed around 16.5 million dollars during a period when she announced she would pay herself a symbolic one rupee (2.8 cents) monthly salary while serving the state.

A police raid on one of her scores of mansions discovered 10,500 sarees (Indian dress for woman), 350 pairs of shoes and 26 kilogrammes (57.2 pounds) of gold.

Another woman of fiery ambitions was not so lucky in these polls.

Leading a regional party, Trinamool, in West Bengal, feisty (sic) Mamata Banerjee, 43, lost the elections (sic) in the state where the ruling communists have retained power for a straight sixth term. (Lost the electons: because she is not such a big crook!)

Banerjee, who was once in the Congress, was expelled from the party in 1997 when she formed her own movement in West Bengal and launched a relentless crusade against the communists.

She was the railways minister in Vajpayee's federal government until she resigned in March.

True to her dramatic style, after Sunday's resounding defeat, Banerjee resigned from the party's presidentship, locked herself in her room and refused to come out. (An honourable soul among the countless dishonourable SCUM!)


Further Comment:

Gandhi's victory only shows Hindus' defeat.

We are all "lumping" our disgrace and degradation on world scene.

Unknown to mamy, a great tragedy is unfolding before our eyes.

Those who feel the pulse of history see the noose of slavery descending upon the Hindus once again. It is too invisible and gradual right now to cause alarm bells ringing.

Hardly any Hindu scholar is sparing a thought to, "What are the IMPLICATIONS for the Hindus (since she is a CATHOLIC), for the NATIVE womanhood (since she is an ITALIAN), and even for the angry native communities, the TAMILS in Sri Lanka, the hard pressed impoverished Hindus in Nepl, and for the Sikhs whose Sri Akal Takht Sahib was burnt to ashes and youth KILLED OFF in "fake" encounters under Congress Raj.

What will be the EFFECT on the trial of the BOFORS CHOR, the S.o. B., who sent Tamil Killer military expedition to Sri Lanka? When will anyone dare to suggest a change of name of the capital's International Airport, or question in public the patriotism and love of secularism of Indira Khanum aka Gandhi, who returned the captured territory of our own EAST Bengal to the theocratic Islam ONCE AGAIN without a referendum?

Who will control the raging fires of corruption throughout India?

Jayalalitha in the South and Sonia in the North, will be a lethal polarisation of the Hindu nation in politics. Their unity, as well as a fierce clash, are both realistic possibilities. Jayalalitha could still turn out to be the native tigress who will attack and KILL the foreign wild cat. Who knows?

India will be put before the Question Mark. Our Bharatvarsha of one billion people, that could have been among the Big Super Powers on earth, e.g., the USA, the EU, CIS, China and Japan, is ZERO due to Congress misrule and partition.

No chance of permanent Security Council membership for this decomposing Congress “Coolie Colony” called PI (Partitioned India), which will be another permanent vote for the PLO and ISLAM.

India will be fast heading towards an UNSTOPPABLE civil war with horrendous consequences and bloodshed. It is both foreseeable, and PREVENTABLE.

If the country is to lurch back to the “HINDU BASHER / SIKH KILLER” Congress Party (Axis of ‘ITALY, ISLAM, and the brainwashed subservient HINDU’) then it is DOOMED.

Its secularism was born only after the unconditional surrender of City of Luv (LAHORE)- hence bogus.

Under Congress, more fragments of India will FALL OFF, not only South Kashmir.

Article 370 will be sacrosanct like The Bible. The Pope will visit India again as State Guest while Hindu High priests will be shown the door and ridiculed. Embittered, frustrated and provoked East Punjab will become a NO GO area for the degenerated sub human Indian race, Bharatvarsha's Vietnam!

These are just some of the IMPLICATIONS of the Congress come back to the top in India once again. The useless Indian “professors & scholars” can now get busy to bring out the others. In the meantime, THIS is our native genius for the whole world to see.

======Instt of Hindu Ideo/May 14, 2001======


"Our Hinduism is the best religion on earth with the only fault that it lets everyone else RIDE, DIVIDE and PENETRATE it. It is upside down and bleeding in Kashmir which is now the bottom!"

(The speaker meant Bin Qasim’s ride, Qaid-I-Azam’s divide, the present Italian peneration, and the ongoing- since 1947- bleeding in Kashmir.)


LAW OF NATURE: While one gathers his wealth, the other plans to rob him. This is "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" of Mahatma Gandhi on the Indian sub continent.