Date: 5/17/2001



Here is what a “Smashed Secular” Pagan, living in India, that has now become the “Partitioned Indian Secular State” (P.I.S.S.), due to TERROR OF ISLAM, has to say-

“Islam is nothing but WAR of Attrition. Beware!”

“Once it enters a body, it will NOT rest, nor let anyone else rest in peace, till it has spread like the cancer cells, killed off Education, sapped all energies for advancement, incapacitated the body, mutilated the limbs, killed or converted tens of thousands, raped and abducted a few hundred, and finally declared an ISLAMIC Republic on the grave of Secularism & Civilisation, putting everybody under the draconian Law of Koran – EVERYBODY, including the Christians, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Buddhists, the Atheists, and the lot - unashamedly, disgustingly, crudely, horribly-everybody.

“The Rest” (apart from the "Momin Morons") all have to “lump, swallow, drink and THINK” Islam day and night like their blinkered, crude and uncouth ISLAMIC rulers.

The Muslim minority will remain a disgruntled and dissatisfied minority in every civilised country till its resistacne is worn down completely, and it is ready to collapse, pleading, “Spare our lives. We don’t want civil war at ANY cost. Ahimsa PARMO Dharma!”

The Muslim "pit bull terrier" bites, digs in its teeth, and then cannot extract them from the victim’s bleeding body.

The mutilated Indian “cow” is now bleeding- not only in South Kashmir.

That is what the smashed Pagan had to say in India about Islam. One must be either a Hindu or living in Europe or America, not to agree with him, or notice the perishing pagans on earth.


(Not one Islamic country has approached Pakistan or Bangladesh to advise, "Apologise, and UNITE with India, you fools.")