Date: 5/17/2001


“PARTITION IS FINALLY CLOSED,” declared the Hindu warrior.

“The chapter is finally closed,” he said with the triumphant look and tone of the field marshal who conquered East Bengal (1972) and then promptly declared, "The enemy is vanquished, FOR EVER!”

But the Indian field marshal had to “eat muck & dust” when East Bengal rudely raised two fingers at him and his India, and proclaimed itself an ISLAMIC Republic.

All the brave Indian Jawans who fought under his command, are today “Indian dogs” in EAST Bengal, and so are all the Indians who had rejoiced over the (extremely) short-lived victory of their mercenary armed forces.

It was an extremely short-lived victory, perhaps the shortest in history. It was a Hindu victory. It was an eye-wash.

It was a grand BETRAYAL of the Hindus. It was NOT permanent like the Qaid-I-Azam’s creation of Pakistan which, according to the Hindu "WARRIOR" is permanent.

The disgraced Indian field marshal, now enjoying his retirement on bogus laurels, was not the type to be compared with the genuine field marshals who had fought Rommel in North Africa and the Imperial Japanese armies in the East.

FREE Europe is a glorious tribute to their victories. But to the disgrace of the INDIAN field marshal, EAST Bengal, like WEST Punjab, is again a SLAVE colony of Islam and Arabia.

What freedom did Field Marshal Manekshaw and General Jagjit Singh Aurora bring to its wretched people? What freedom, and how long did that last?

One ought to realize how Pagans were lured into their death trap and how useless their blood sacrifices were.

The pagans perished in the whole of Pakistan in one year, twice in EAST Bengal and even in North and South Kashmir. The PAGANS are perishing all over the world- all the time.

A young man listening to the Hindu warrior, who had declared “Partition is finished business,” shouted back, “NO Sir, Partition is NOT finished. YOU are finished!"

He could as well have said, “Your Hindusthan is finished, too.”

Nothing can save PARTITITIONED India (P.I.S.S.) now since the natives have NO Will to survive.


Will the Hindu WARRIOR think?


GAFFES and SHOCKS of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, on arrival at New Delhi, saw the signboard above the airport.

Who is this Indira, he asked.

“She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, groomed by her father for the top post in his vast coolie colony called India, and died by assassins’ bullets.”

An amazed Clinton then took the general salute and guard of honour with strange thoughts about the Indians’ sense of dignity and their propensity to be slaves.

Later that evening he was enjoying a sumptuous banquet at “Rashtrapati Bhawan” when the news came in of the massacre of 35 unarmed Sikhs in South Kashmir.

But the Indian President took no notice and the banquet went on. None put away his glass of champagne. In America the news of such an atrocity against innocent citizens would have forced the President out of office within days.

An amazed Bill Clinton couldn’t help asking, “Who is the damn supreme commander round here?”

An aide whispered into his ears, “Sir, be careful. He is sitting right across the table opposite to you.”

Bill Clinton looked at Mr. KR Narayanan, President of India, with utmost disbelief and disgust, and saw the “Son of a Bhangi” busy eating rice “pulao” and Korma Curry- halaal meat, of course!

Later, Mr Clinton remarked to his American party, “It is amazing that NONE of the Sikh families had a telephone at home to tell the police what was happening to them although militancy had been going on fiercely for the last 10 years. They should also have been issued with Kalashnikov rifles.”

(Don’t worry, Mr. Clinton, Indian life is dirt cheap in the eyes of their own leaders.”)