Date: 5/17/2001


Anti-Sikh riots were planned by Government: Khurana

PTI (New Delhi, May 16)

FORMER DELHI Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Madan Lal Khurana on Wednesday alleged before Nanavati Commission that the 1984 killings of Sikhs were "systematically planned" with the support of the then Congress Government "to teach Sikhs a lesson".

"These were not riots. Riots are always a result of violence from both sides. It was a systematic massacre of Sikhs to teach them a lesson and the then Government at the Centre had given direct and indirect support to culprits and took no action against them," Khurana told Justice G T Nanavati, who is probing the riots in the wake of Indira Gandhi's assassination.

The support to hooligans by the Government was evident from the fact that despite demands for deployment of army, it was not called out and there were no signs of any curfew as violent mobs were moving freely for full three days, he said.

Describing the "massacre" as the first of its kind in the 5,000-year history of the country, Khurana said no ruler in the past had "planned killings of its own people this way."

"There may be several incidents of mass kilings in our history but all of them were results of attacks by outside forces," Khurana asserted.

He said the "involvement" of the Government machinery was evident from the fact that no police personnel came to the rescue of the helpless Sikhs, while hooligans were on the killing and looting spree for three days."


The then Prime Minister of India was supposed to put EUCATION as her first priority but Mrs. Indira Gandhi put REPRESSION on top of her agenda.

She was a scheming "devil" who was training the Tamil militants in South India at the same time. We know what happened to those "boys" later, when the mercenary Indian army (known as "Eunuchs in Uniform" in Tamil Nadu and East Punjab) arrived in Sri Lanka in hot pursuit. It was for THAT reason that a Tamil "goddess" did to her son (May 21, 1991) what the proud and honourable Sikh stalwarts did to his mother (HALLOWEEN, 1984).

Mrs. Indira Gandhi (in reality Mrs. Feroze KHAN!) thought of the Sikhs what Hitler had thought of Germany's loyal and hardworking Jews. She had to go the "same" way.

That ill-advised attack on Golden Temple in June 1984 started the IRREVERSIBLE process of eliminating her Congress Party from the Indian political scene. If it returns to power once again, there will be civil war in India. Not all the Rajputs are wearing glass bangles. Not all the Indians are BLIND.

When the HINDUS reach the level of awareness of the Americans, the British, the Germans, and even the ITALIANS, every Congress man and woman in India will "RUN FOR COVER" trying to escape the lynch mobs' fury and thirst for their blood.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi thought she was invincible and immortal. And she thought foreign travel, safety, security, luxuries and EDUCATION were only for her own two sons, not for anyone else.

Arrogant dictators BLINDED BY POWER and surrounded by sycophants, often think and behave this way.

By attacking Golden Temple in Amritsar in June 1984, the foolish Prime Minister of India not only showed total BANKRUPTCY of Indian political acumen to the whole world, but also signed her own DEATH WARRANT and plunged her impoverished and subservient "coolie colony" (Partitioned India) in UNNECESSARY bloodshed, insecurity and strife.

What could have been her motive?

Her motive was to turn the Indians into MORONS who would always lick her shoes and touch her feet and say, "Yes, Your Imperial Majesty!"

THAT was her motive.

There should have been more wise heads in India, and more MEN (real stalwarts), to challenge the evil "WITCH" of our time in good time, and to control India's destiny.

How is India richer or better for Mrs. Gandhi's dastardly actions?

Her encouragement of the Muslim Fifth Column across PARTITIONED India (Muslim "vote bank" politics!), and close friendship with the Shaikh Mohammed Abdullah Dynasty in Kashmir, resulted in renewed insurgency in SOUTH Kashmir where the Hindus have been exterminated or expelled (DISGRACE, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!) and it alienated the brave Sikh minority (DISGRACE, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!) thus weakening India's defences in the long term.

At the end of the day even the brave and loyal Tamils had to re-think their loyalty to the North which seems hijacked by Congress goons, goondahs and rascals.

Many a Sikh started ASKING (what was unthinkable for the Indian "coolies" till then), "How come, you appoint a SIKH general to conquer EAST Bengal, but then return it to ISLAM without imposing a single condition while denying us petty concessions- even our own capital on our territory, in EAST Punjab?"

Indira replied with yet more repression. Her security forces and mercenary army had the power of life and death over the Sikhs, labelled "terrorists" by her thoroughly corrupted Government.

"I WILL TEACH YOU A BLOODY LESSON!" she shrieked in rage like Hitler in his last days.

The rotten government machinery in India, instead of acknowledging the grief of the small NATIVE (Sikh) minority, inflicted Indira's obscene name on the New Delhi International Airport - an act as dirty and callous as PROVOCATIVE!

If the clueless Indian serfs and slaves "democratically" elect another Congress "witch of an Italian origin" at the top, to drive them like the cattle, then the remaining Hindusthan will disappear sooner than many a great scholar and stalwart can think.

So, when will the "sarkari" criminals face charges at court or be sentenced for instigating and inciting those massacres?