15th. AUGUST and INDIA

Date: 5/18/2001


Note: It is NOT patriotism to hide the Himalayan weaknesses in Bharat just because it will "lower" the country's image abroad. India has NO image. On the world stage, she is ZERO.

This web site is not to lull a weak and dying civilisation, and the perishing pagans, into complacency like all the million odd "holy" men in India who are our enemy's best friends.

Their foolish chants of "maaya" and "tyaag" fly in the face of common sense, logic and the need to survive. It was exactly due to this vast army of "holy beggars" that the nation was caught unawares, with dhoti down, in 1947, and suffered its WORST EVER DEFEAT in history with the loss of over a million lives and vast territories.

Therefore, it is neither "AQAL" (wisdom) nor patriotism to keep reassuring us that "All is well with Bharat". All is NOT well.

All will be well when Lahore is squarely BACK in India, when the last Hindu REFUGEE is back at home in Srinagar, when EAST Bengal "licks" Secularism, when BHAGWA flies over Red Fort, and when Sri Ram Temple stands above ground like The Vatican.

It is a MAN'S challenge. If there is a "man" in India's Parliament or Cabinet, then let him step forward with the Declaration, "Partition must be declared null and void pending referendum, or we must expel all the MOHAMMEDANS from Partitioned India!" Did we see anyone stand up?


-July 1984


The Day of Shame for ever!

On that day in 1947 India was broken-up. Her map outline was disfigured beyond recognition and her “Ekta” (unity) and secularism were discarded in great haste, cowardice and treachery, as if these were a tick on a dog’s skin.

In that year India was ignominiously shrunk between Wagah and Hoogly, and between the cease-fire line in North Kashmir and Cape Comorin.

It was the day of the biggest humiliation and the most shameful defeat India had ever suffered. What the Indian spokesmen agreed to chop, and partition, on that day did not even belong to them. The country belonged to all her people- even those yet unborn.

The Indians had earlier accepted both Gandhi and Nehru as their leaders solely to pursue the country’s freedom struggle against the British, and not in the least to negotiate on their behalf, to dismember the country on the day of her independence.

Gandhi, Nehru and Baldev Singh did not have any mandate on this question from their following. In fact, they committed grave contempt of the nation when they did not seek such a mandate from the people before giving their consent to partition. They thought of the Indian people no better than the cattle. None of them suggested Referendum.

That the Indians have not challenged that treachery and betrayal of partition till this day shows that they, indeed, have remained “cattle”, or the scum of mankind. Ironically, even the great pundits, scholars, Sardars and generals, belong to this category- not only the man in the street in India.

On that day Mrs Indira Gandhi, her father Jawaharlal Nehru, their mentor Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and their servant and stooge Baldev Singh, accepted the two-nation theory, and applied it in toto, in practice. They accepted, before the whole world, that India consists of TWO nations - the Muslims and the Hindus. The Sikhs were considered the ‘fifth caste’, eventually to become “achuts” or the Untouchable.

The Christians and the others were considered too insignificant to deserve any mention in that political settlement which was to destabilise and disgrace India forever.

On that day “Bandit” Nehru’s India conceded freedom and sovereignty to West Punjab and East Bengal but crushed East Punjab and South Kashmir.

On that day all the big turbaned grand Sardars, philosophers and word renowned thinkers and learned pundits in India, the Servapallies, Rashtrapatis, Senapatis and Rashtrapitas, the Swamis and the other veteran politicians of that country, who claim to have chased out the imperialist British, became “mice and moles” and went underground.

Earlier, they had shouted, “India will be cut upon our dead bodies!”, “We shall talk to the Muslims of India as our brothers, and will negotiate amicably with them.”

On that day they did not even squeak these words and considered the Muslims to be devils, to get rid of, at the quickest through Partition. Even twenty-five years later, i.e., in 1972, “secular” Hindustan still considered the Muslims devils. Did anyone suggest to East Bengal to join West Bengal?

On that day in 1947 they also broke the back of the Sikhs, a native community with impeccable record in patriotism and heroism. The Sikhs had been promised a lot of “glow of freedom” after the departure of the British. Since that day, however, they haven't even been allowed to broadcast their devotional (holy) music from Golden Temple at Amritsar. In June 1984 their holiest shrine, Sri Akal Takht Sahib, was pounded with rockets and artillery fire, and bombed and machine-gunned from the air, on the pretext of “catching a rebel”.

The civilian defenders of the Temple, including young lads, innocent pilgrims, priests and newly wed couples, were riddled with bullets. The wounded were shot dead, instead of being attended to. That was the Sikhs’ punishment for aspiring to freedom, and their taste of independence that they thought they had won on 15th August 1947.

On that day Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, without seeking a vote from the people, declared himself the Prime Minister of India, and took absolute powers in his own hands and altered the State set-up, system and machinery, to ensure one family rule over the dwarfs for ever.

Having ruled for 17 years he passed on the highest office to his daughter (through NEPOTISM) who in turn, having ruled for 17 years, is now (July 1984) grooming her son for the same chair, considering none else good enough for it. Thus independent India, claiming to be a democracy as good as the USA and the UK, has degenerated into the medieval political system of Dynastic rule.

There never will be any opposition because millions of Indians are, by nature, willing to be servants and slaves, and because anyone who opposes the rulers, is immediately dispossessed, demoted, removed or liquidated. Even chief Ministers of states are not safe from this wrath (Ask Dr Farook Abdullah, the Lion of Kashmir!). Where do the ordinary 700 hundred million Indian “sheep and goats” stand?

On that day in 1947 the great Pandit ordered his nation to dance and rejoice, calling it Independence Day. He asked them to celebrate with fireworks, give parties, invite guests, congratulate one another, and to hold a big military parade in New Delhi. He declared it a gazetted holiday in India. He ordered them at the same time to throw Lahore, East Bengal and the district of Sylhet (Assam) out of their minds, to consider that India's frontier had always been next to Amritsar, and to stop using the term “refugee” for the destitute who had fled Western India, from Karachi to Giltgit, where he and his country had ignominiously collapsed on that day.

On that day the Sikhs and the Muslims of India wept profusely over their, and their country’s betrayal, but the clueless Hindus laughed heartily over their imaginary gains.

15th of August each year reminds the few patriotic Indians of the High Treason committed by their leaders against their own motherland, and the despicable silence kept by all the gutless compatriots over Partition since.

Contrast the Indian treachery to the patriotism of the Germans who have declared 17th. June each year, the “Day of Reunification”. The few (very few) honourable Indians are waiting for the day when the statues of Funk & Coward Gandhi are smashed throughout India and the roads re-named, from “Nehru Road” or “Gandhi Road” to “Guru Nanak Road” and “Nathu Ram Godse Road”.

Find out who Nathuram Godse was, and why his name and memory have been obliterated by the Nehru Dynasty and the lickspittle establishment in India.

Nathuram Godse did to Gandhi what each patriotic and self respecting Indian was expected to do in order to avenge the rape and dismemberment of his Mother (India) on 15th August 1947.

On that day each year the imbecile, the cowards, the slaves, the mental dwarfs, the brainwashed, and all those fed on the myth of Gandhi films and state propaganda, tell themselves, “Gandhiji drove the imperialist British out of India,” overlooking the fact that Gandhi could not even drive a few ragbag of wild tribesmen who invaded Kashmir in September 1947, or that Gandhi could not even come to terms with Mr Jinnah to save the limbs and “bodi” or “choti” (head and scalp) of India.

On that day the worshippers of the god Hanuman and the admirers of traitors Nehru and Gandhi forget those heroes elsewhere in the word who continue to talk and negotiate with their opponents and the minorities in the land, till an honourable solution to their country's problems is reached.

On that day they forget Sir Winston Churchill who refused to compromise with the evil in Europe, and saved the world (including India!) for all our freedoms today.

On that day they forget history’s most immoral, illegal and treacherous political settlement, which through numerous massacres and internecine wars across the artificial frontiers, will ultimately disintegrate India.

On that day a special message of brotherly greetings comes from Moscow (until November 1962 it came from Peking) and Mrs Indira Gandhi, riding on the tail of Russian bear like a dog fly, is given a high swing, and she laughs in elation and delirium, asking her bewitched followers down in dust, to sing and shout, “Greetings on Independence!”, “India is India!”.

“What independence?”, ask all the bewildered Indians abroad, helplessly witnessing the macabre sight of the burning circus.

On that day they forget Guru Tegh Bahadur, who travelled to Delhi to uphold Secularism and the Hindus’ right to worship unmolested, and to walk on earth without being spat on, and his young son Gobind Singh, who said, “Pritham Bhagauti Simarke”. On that day the Indians at home and abroad chant, “Pritham Gandhi Simarke!” instead.

On that day the Indian cowards eat the muck of treachery and shame, and throw the dust of disgrace upon themselves, their children and their country, and invite the ridicule of the world.

On that day the youth in India turn away from their elders in sheer disgust and plan a new revolution.

What would YOU do on the 15th of August next, if you were an honourable Indian, or the son of an honourable mother?


The above was written in July 1984, just a month after the CRIMINAL Congress Party’s second dastardly act of High Treason (uncalled for and mischievously contrived attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar), the first being the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of five provinces without a challenge, fight or referendum in 1947.