Date: 5/19/2001



The midgets and dwarfs of the world with the longest record in slavery, the PAGANS of INDIA, went through the motions of trying their native rascals and brown skinned imperial masters in the shape of Nehru Dynasty, which had effortlessly replaced British Imperialism in 1947.

Now, whereas the Moguls (Mohammedans) had proceeded to behead, slaughter, humiliate and DEGRADE the Hindus with Sword, Terror and Gun, the British looted and plundered the land in a discreet manner, and visibly punished the criminal in order to civilise the caste and strife ridden society, while giving the English language & education, railways and roadways, schools, colleges and universities, keeping the country safe from internal revolt by the separatist, restive, rebellious and “murder & abduction happy” Muslims by keeping the “wolves away from the sheep”, and from external aggression from the North West (Arabs, Turks, Persians, Pathans, Afghans and the RUSSIANS). After the departure of the British the new NATIVE masters took to plunder, corruption and nepotism in a most unashamedly crude and brazen manner. (Jawaharlal succeeded by daughter Indira!)

Countless scandals, scams and frauds came to public notice but there was NO trial, no arrest, no punishment.

The whole system was geared to running down, impoverishing and ruining Hindusthan with the ultimate aim of reducing the country in territory, and the Hindus to depend heavily on the handouts and doles by the thousand odd Christian charities, priests and nuns “out there”, and the numerous churches and congregations in the fabulously rich America and Europe who were “dying” to do an input in the Pagan Third World to feed their ego and to serve their Lord.

Conversion of the Hindus through ‘Impoverishment, Intimidation & Illiteracy’ was their ultimate goal, to be achieved by fanning corruption, widening divisions and increasing insecurity, chaos and dependence.

Native scholars, some with two PhDs and three MAs, have NO clue to their own degradation on the “hi-jacked” sinking ship called Hindusthan.

Did one question, “Why are the West and Islam BENT UPON keeping East Bengal away from West Punjab? Why do they NOTICE with big wide-open eyes the slightest stir in the limp Hindu body, barely breathing, while shutting their eyes to all the ISLAMIC fundamentalism enshrined in the constitutions of BOGUSdesh and Napakistan?

Why are they so incensed when a South Korean leader wishes to travel to North? Why is America arming Taiwan to the teeth against its “mother”, mainland China, and warning China against any approach to unite the country, and why is the West so intent on maintaining the separate identity of the runaway rebellious “bastard” State of Pakistan (born on August 14, 1947 through the illicit union between Britain & Islam in Hindusthan!) whose unity with India could bring peace to Kashmir, joy to the Muslims in India, and prosperity to the entire region?

Not one impulse has gone out from the CHRISTIAN West, that is, from the UNITED states and the UNITED kingdom, to the divided BUDDHIST China, to the divided Korea and to the divided India to UNITE. Why not?

They are busy portraying the other broken fragment of these countries as a “monster”, and warning them against any attempt to unite.

But where is the native genius in all this? Are they all morons? What is the quality of their own scholarship? Are they all fools? It is as much amazing as preposterous.

The study of the perishing pagans is as fascinating as horrible.

The “Asians”, particularly the HINDUS and the BUDDHISTS, are perishing before our eyes. They have yet to take their destinies IN THEIR OWN HANDS.

A question may be asked, “Then who is meting out the punishment, if at all, to the rascals AT THE TOP, who are law unto themselves, who have “enslaved” the NATIVES?

The PUNISHMENT is horrendous and matches the crime. Their punishment is the bullet and the bomb.

For the obvious crime of High Treason in 1947, that is, accepting the unconditional surrender of Secularism, and TERRITORY, to the fundamentalist, primitive and savage Islam, “mahatma” Gandhi was sentenced by God Almighty, and SHOT DEAD.

For the crime of attacking a historic native shrine in Amritsar (built by Guru RAM Das), instead of liberating North Kashmir from the grip of fundamentalist Islam, and instead of raising the other native shrine in Ayodhya (Temple of Lord RAM) that still lies in ruins, God Almighty sentenced Indira Khanum a.k.a. Gandhi, to DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD.

For the crime of corruption (BOFORS commission) and despatcing his Army to Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils OF INDIAN ORIGIN, and for “sleeping on duty” while the INNOCENT Sikhs were being massacred in their thousands all over India, God Almighty punished the rascal to DEATH by a bomb.

In contrast, the Indian dwarfs and midgets have been going through the motions of “trying” the BOFORS CHOR (Son of the late Feroze KHAN) in a court of law for decades now.

The whole government (sarkari) establishment is precariously standing on ONE LEG, on a “razor’s edge”.

On one side is the angry posture of the silent carnivorous “cat” called Sonia (a COMMITTED Catholic and thus Enemy No. 1 of the Pagans), and on the other side is the clamour of public for JUSTICE TO BE SEEN.

But while the President of Partitioned India (PI) is a “servant of Dynasty” (like all the despicable / neutral / secular / detached / delinked / despicable” presidents of India in the past), the Supreme Court is a puppet of the thoroughly corrupted Congress Party, judges scared, and the Criminal Investigation Agency has its hands tied behind the back, God Almighty acted. He has already punished the BOFORS CHOR, Mr. Rajiv “Gandhi”. Any punishment, IF AT ALL and WHENEVER pronounced, whether in this century or in the next, by the INFERIOR and INTIMIDATED native courts, cannot match that. Can it?

So, you may release the accused billionaire, the “Hinduja Brother”, still detained in PI, burn all the evidence gathered so far, and just go home to your wives and families.

All you rotten INDIAN serfs and slaves of Dynasty, going through the motions of “trying” the late Rascal-cum-Rogue, just go home and start amassing wealth through more corruption and plunder of the natives in order to keep up with the Joneses.

What will happen to all his “Foundations”, statues and the “samadhi” in New Delhi? Where will the “Rashtrapati of Indian coolies” go to shed his tears on May 21 every year?

Who will dare wipe the words “MR. CLEAN” from his signboard on the front gate?

Is there a Rajput warrior, or a Maratha patriot, left in Bharat now, even just to reflect on this? Is there a Hindu scholar, a top Hindu thinker, a world renowned philosopher, some Maharishi, some Mahatma, some field marshal, who could correct us on all this?

Who could explain to the people of India when their BROADCASTING is Government controlled?

When all the Hindu stalwarts and Sikh warriors cower, cringe and crawl in cowardice, then God Almighty delivers His own punishment to those BEYOND LAW.”


Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh (big Hindu name, zero guts) always wore a “Pakistani” furry cap. He still does.

Another Prime Minister, Inder Kumar Gujral who sent a MOHAMMEDAN (Salman Haidar) high commissioner to London to make it THREE from the sub continent, wore an Islamic goatee beard and consulted a Portuguese born CATHOLIC in London (Keith Vaz, disgraced MP) on the Queen’s visit to Amritsatr.

Mr. Narasimha Rao (impressive Hindu name but zero Hindu commitment) used to eat Iftar at Id with his Muslim “vote bank”. Was he ever seen entering a Hindu Mandir, Sikh gurdwara or a Buddhist shrine?

President NARAYANAN (impressive name of a Hindu god) is a committed Christian. So is his evangelist wife from BURMA!

PAGANS ARE PERISHING. Will God save them?