Date: 5/19/2001



If India remains "secular" to appease the Muslims and the Italians and the Pope and the Arabs and the President of the United States and the UNO and the rest of the world, without acknowledging her own national interest, her own distinct identity, history, countless past defeats and long centuries of slavery (a world record!), and PARTITION, then where (WHERE?) on Earth is the HINDU No. 1?

If in his (the Hindu's) Constitution, India's own civilised Lords Rama and Krishna remain equal to the Mohammed of 7th century wild & savage Arabia, and his own Guru Nanak, Guru Arjun and Guru Tegh Bahadur (all put together) remain equal to the Jesus of Palestine, and his own Mahatma Gautama Buddha equals the Pope in Rome, then where (WHERE?) on earth is his own Guru Gobind Singh the Supreme Lord of the nation and Defender of Hindu Dharma?

While native Hinduism remains zero in India's Constitution, there are 43 unashamed ISLAMIC republics on earth. The rest of the world is under Christian sway.

Indian secularism became the biggest HOAX on the unsuspecting HINDUS (and Sikhs) in 1947 when Lahore was surrendered to ISLAM. And it became OBSCENE when EAST Bengal was surrendered unconditionally to ISLAM a second time in 1972.

We must, therefore, ASK, "Is the Hindu the ONLY “donkey” on the sub continent to be driven by the stick of Secularism? Is he the only “rabbit” in South Asia to be shot by the gun of Pandit Nehru?"

Look at this ISLAM which occupied the whole of Western and Eastern India so rapidly in 1947, and which is now trying so desperately to fly its flag in Kosovo, Bosnia, Sudan, the Philippines, Kashmir and Macedonia, and dismantle Israel, to roll it back into the sea!

How will the Jews survive on earth if the ONLY Jewish State on earth is wound up under relentless pressure of Islam and by constant hammering by the Hamas suicide bombers?

Given 43 (FORTY-THREE) ISLAMIC republics under the flag & foot of the “Devils”, is it not time for the civilised world to declare, "Let the Jews live in their own homeland; and given the kind of neighbours, let it be a much larger Israel than at present."?

The world tolerates the whole of Pakistan as ISLAMIC. How about Islam reciprocating by tolerating ISRAEL, and letting it grow to the size of Syria or Libya or Iran or Turkey?

The Christian world can take care of itself, being too powerful (Not one mighty “brother” from that ‘Nation of Islam’ in the United States has dared to squeak the word “Partition” yet!), and the Islamic world can take care of itself by possessing so many daggers, assassins, suicide bombers, and bullies.

How are the Jews and the Hindus in this “shrinking” world of ours to take care of themselves if the UNO and the civilised West (Europe and North America) wouldn't lift a finger to take away some EARTH from under the feet of the Muslims, to give it away to the gentle Hindus and the industrious Jews.

(The Jews are only 12 million on earth- just ONE TENTH of the population of a large state in India like U.P., while the one billion odd Hindus are disunited, delinked and ignorant due to their past degradation and slavery over centuries. They are as effective against the indigenous Mohammedans as a large herd of one million buffaloes is before a pack of 20 wolves.

Until 1947 only about 300 British civil servants controlled the whole sub continent of over THREE HUNDRED MILLION Hindus. They scattered like pigeons before a cat when MOHAMMED ali JINN, an Indian Muslim, demanded Pakistan and threatened with "dire" consequences! Now they are under the unshakable terror of Sonia KHAN, aka Gandhi, and her Congress Party. At every election this vast Hindu world holds its breath as to the outcome. More PRO ISLAM Congress means LESS OF THE HINDU!)

Islam will be considered civilised the day Pakistan and Bangladesh apologise for their sudden and unprovoked attack on their own MOTHER country in 1947, and apply to unite with India, accepting SECULARISM as the common creed that is much above Koran.

Till then, the “Indian coolie” version of Secularism remains a FRAUD and a HOAX, and Israel must strive & struggle to EXPAND to three times its present size.

Peace can only return to the world if the MOHAMMEDANS, who do not tolerate the others as equals in their own ISLAMIC "republics", are told to behave, taught a lesson, removed to a safe distance, COUNTER ATTACKED, pushed back to Mecca, or simply BLASTED out of existence, just as they blasted all the minorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan out of existence.


Hi! Are you a Hindu, forced out of Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Dhaka or Sylhet? What compensation did you get for your grandfather's house?