Date: 5/19/2001



“WHAT SHALL WE DO NOW?” asked the embarrassed Government of India when the demand by the Indian Muslims of the Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) landed on their table.

It was fair, legal, logical and irrefutable. But the “Hindu fundamentalist Government” of BJP saw “stars in daylight”. Many a stalwart “fa . ted”. Others fainted. The prospect was terrifying. It was horrendous. It was fatal.

The Muslim demand read-

“We are loyal citizens of Bharat and were placed equal with the other communities in India as per Baba Ambedkar’s Constitution of 1950 written under the guidance of “Pillars of Democracy & Secularism”, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.

“Yet we fail to see our due representation in all the civil and military posts. We have watched and tolerated this unacceptable discrimination for over half a century.

“We wish to make it absolutely clear that WE are not the ones who demanded Pakistan. We were not even born in 1947.”

The Demand went on-

“Indeed, you have appointed Muslim High Commissioners and ambassadors and also Governors of states and cabinet ministers and chairmen of various high level commissions and chief advisers to the Governors and the President. But that is all “eye wash” to fool the world into believing that Indian Muslims are treated fairly.

“How about raising our numbers in the police and the Armed Forces to reflect our numbers in the population at large?

“We demand that there ought to be a deliberate and rapid increase in the recruitment of Muslims in the police and the security services across the whole country, and in the Indian Armed Forces.

“As soon as possible, a Muslim ought to be appointed as the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) to underline Government’s commitment to conceding EQUALITY to the Muslims of India.

“Should our demands NOT be met within six months, we reserve the right to launch a unified and concerted INTIFADA.

“All responsibility for the consequences thereafter, will rest with the Government of India.”


Figment of imagination? Yes, as much as Pakistan and Bangladesh are a fantasy!