Date: 5/19/2001



Emotive? Provocative? Indecent headline?

To the unwary, the ignorant and all the Hindu "gentlemen" RUINING India, Yes!

The following is written in the BLOOD of poor ignorant Indian JAWANS who are dying because their country is hi-jacked by "Congress and Secular bandits" and they are dying IN VAIN.

Yes, the brave soldiers of the Indian Army are DYING IN VAIN.

Not one of them is allowed to buy a small bit of land in Kashmir (Article 370 of Constitution) over which they die and shed their blood. Did the world know this?

The news today (May 14, 2001) of the killing of an Indian army officer in Akhnoor area of Jammu took the lid off our patience.

Several decades ago we had writte to the then President of India to stop treating his Armed Forces as mercenary dirt. Indian Army is not Bangladesh Army or Albanian Army. It has among the finest fighting records in history all over the world. Does the President of India know how many Victoria Crosses it won through VALOUR in battle, as opposed to his bogus medals for gallantry for attacking Golden Temple in Amritsar and for crushing the Tamils (OF INDIAN ORIGIN) in Sri Lanka?

But our letter had no effect on the "nigger".

The Indian Army continued to be used as mercenaries to fight the battles of Congress Party, for the Congress Party, not for the nation or even India.

As a glaring example of its utmost DEGRADATION was the campaign in EAST Bengal in 1972. Today the Bangladeshis deny any credit and role by Indian army and declare, "We won victory due to our own brave warriors of Mukti Bahini. The Indian soldiers who came here were cowards.”

Today an Indian is as much of a "dog" in East Bentgal once again, as he has been in Punjab since 1947, and in Kashmir since 1948.

The media in India kept on reporting the casualties of Indian soldiers, always THIS SIDE OF THE CFL (cease fire line) in Kashmir, as items of readers' entertainment, but of no serious consequence.

Everybody's "mother" India was "raped" violently in 1947 by her INDIGENOUS Islam, and left mutilated and bleeding.

Her Islam took away not only a pound of flesh but also two pounds of blood. That brutality against secular India was soon forgotten.

Today you will hardly find a Hindu leader who says, “I still don’t accept Partition which "floored" our top Hindu leaders in 1947 and gave a death blow to Akhand Bharat.”

We continued to see bloodletting on THIS SIDE OF the cfl without any let up.

Then at last, when fully fed up, we issued a WARNING to the President of India, “We know that it is not netiquette to abuse someone on Internet, definitely not someone as high as YOU.

"But YOU are also to show us some elementary etiquette by performing your duties properlty. You are not a rickshaw puller who could take a wrong turn and then charge the passengers for the extra mile. You are the Supreme Commander.

"Do you NOT know your duties? Do you NOT know that advances and victories boost the morale of an army while constant shedding of blood, losing men, defeats, futile victories and cease-fires destroy morale and demoralise the armies. In the end, such demoralised armies SHOOT DEAD their own supreme commanders in frustration. Do you NOT know all this? WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?"

We had NO reply. So we laid down the duties of the Indian Supreme Commander. Here they are:

1. YOU are directly responsible for the safety of the men in uniform who have sworn allegiance to your office. You will protect their lives, whatever it may take. You can see the shining example of the United States supreme commander whose men are still searching the remote and inaccessible swamps of Vietnam for the missing servicemen some four decades ago.

2. You will ensure that YOUR own army takes at least ONE life of the enemy on the OTHER side of the cfl for every TWENTY lives of your Jawans that fall to the bombs and bullets of their enemies in Kashmir.

3. You will send your Chief of the Army Staff to escort personally every dead body of a Jawan killed in Kashmir and YOU will attend personally every cremation of a soldier in the grounds of your own Bhawan.

4. You will invite the widow, mother or parents of each and every Jawan killed in action to your imperial BHAWAN to offer your personal condolences. After all the death of a Jawan occurs only due to the weakness, foolishness or cowardice of his Supreme Commander. YOU are the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces, not some British Viceroy or King!

"Mr. President and Mr. Supreme Commander of India, You can also see how the President of the United States honours his dead soldiers at every state occasion. What about YOU?"

"Now if we hear of another death of a jawan in uniform then at first we will ask you to explain your dereliction of duty. If another death takes place, we will warn you of what is coming (legally).

If still more and more officers and jawans are getting killed, we shall start abusing you IN PUBLIC, and in front of the whole world.

We will say to you, “Rotten” after first such news of the death of an Indian jawan, general or officer, then “dog” after another, and “bastard” after yet abother and "BLOODY BASTARD” after yet another, and "MADAR CHOD, BEHEN CHOD" after yet another, and so on.

Who in the world could object, when one sees that you are committing HIGH TREASON against the brave young men of our nation?

Se we hurled the abuse, class 1, when we heard of attack on Amarnath Yatra several years ago. Then class 2 when we heard that all 100 of them were butchered near Pehlgam, and then we hurled Abuse No. 3 on the Supreme Commander KR Narayanan of India when his "bottom was penetrated" in Kargil.

Then he got Abuse No. 4 when he was having banquet with President Bill Clinton and we got the news of the massacre of 35 innocent Sikhs in Chattisinghpura. We noted that this "Son of a Bitch" did not even go to the village to talk to the widows or see the orphans.

AS a result the demand for KHALISTAN took off again, and yet more heavily armed police and army forces were sent by this "NIGGER" to kill even more Sikhs.

Then came the news of yet another massacre of innoent Hindus in the Valley and of yet another, and of yet another, and of yet another.

So today (Monday May 14, 2001) we have heard yet another time that an Indan Army officer has been killed near Akhnoor.

Pray tell us what Class ABUSE does the damn rotten and useless Supreme Commander of India (sharing his bed with a Bible reading Burmese Brat), deserve now?

When will the (damn fool) Pagans realize that they are PERISHING "through State design" in PARTITIONED India (Hindusthan)?