Date: 5/20/2001


Please read the following news item. At the end your loathing and contempt is for the HINDUS alone. Here are ONE BILLION people who are reduced to just one "half dead Gandhian goat"- voluntarily!

Like the Hindus of Lahore, North Kashmir and Srinagar, the Hindus of Afghanistan have been REDUCED to the status of pariah dogs for ONE reason: The Hindu in Hindusthan is either dead or eunuch.

What bigger proof does anyone need of the rapidly DECOMPOSING Hindusthan?


That is the question we wisht to address to her CHRISTIAN President, CHRISTIAN Supreme Commander, CHRISTIAN Lady No. 1 ("enthroned" in Rashtrapati Bhawan), CATHOLIC 'Leader of Opposition' in Lower House of Parliament, MOHAMMEDAN Chairperson of Upper House of Parliament, the CATHOLIC Governor of Maharashtra and the MOHAMMEDAN Governor of Tamil Nadu.

In this gigantic "mountain" of RULING & FOOLING establishment riding the emaciated demoralised, secularised and pulverised HINDU, the native "sod" is invisible like a needle in haystack. Try to find a MAN among the "eunuchs" in Hindusthan who will dare to WARN the Taliban, "You dare!"

The last time they received this WARNING was from General HARI SINGH NALWA at the beginning of the 19th century. The General had been despatched to "teach the Taliban a lesson" by Maharajah Ranjit Singh, the Emperor of Lahore.

Now reflect on the quick and easy SURRENDER of Lahore by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and link it up to the EXTINCTION of the Hindus in Pakistan and their "dog's" treatment in Afghanistan.

There was UNO in 1947, but our "BANDIT" Nehru never appealed to them to HELP catch, and imprison, Mohammed Ali JINN.

There is UNO today, too, but while the Hindu is killed in Srinagar, suppressed in Ayodhya and KICKED in Kabul, will New Delhi appeal to the UNO to intervene and save the Hindus in Afghanistan from the despicable treatment of the kind that NAZI Germany meted out to the Jews?

60 years on, the Jews have established their SOVEREIGN JEWISH State of Israel while the Hindus have SUNK DEEPER in the quagmire of slavery and "ENDLOESUNG" (final solution).

It is a common observation that when a bully boy is tormenting a WEAKLING, those standing around also join in and kick the victim, even harder. The "bully boyish" instinct of the world will put them on the side of the Taliban since the pathetic plight of the Hindus is providing them all, including the vast NON Hindu ruling establishment of Hindusthan itself, with "entertainment"!

Now read on and see why YOU, too, dear reader. feel like "spitting" on the degenerated INFERIOR race of Hindus and giving an additional KICK in their back.

Don't you think the Muslims in South Kashmir, the Catholics in North East India and the Sikhs trapped in EAST Punjab (with West Punjab GONE!) will also raise the flags of revolt to get out of such a third class coolie colony called Bharatvarsha? They will be DAMN FOOLS if they stayed on to share the insult and disgrace!

Let us all put our heads together to ponder, "How can we save the dignity of the shameless self-denigrating low down HINDUS in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kashmir, EAST Bengal, Afghanistan and Ayodhya?"

Yes, HOW, when the "BOFORS CHOR" is Mr. "Clean" in PARTITIONED INDIA, and Guru Gobind Singh ji is a "misguided patriot"?


Taliban issue decrees for Hindus in Afghanistan

The Pioneer, via News Plus

Sunday, May 20, 2001

New Delhi (Agencies) - The tiny Hindu population in Afghanistan has been asked by the fundamentalist Taliban regime to wear yellow cloth to identify themselves and follow the Shariat or face prosecution.

In a recent decree, a separate dress-code has been fixed for Muslims and non-Muslims (Hindus), and a Hindu household is required to put a two metre yellow cloth on his house so that the identity is known.

According to the decree, a copy of which was made available to the agencies, Hindus and Muslims cannot live in the same house. Hindus, living in such a house, have been asked to leave within three days and vice versa. Any violation invite prosecution. Heads of Hindu places of worship have been asked to prepare a list of such places/houses where Hindus and Muslims are living together.

Hindus cannot build new prayer houses. They have been asked to conduct prayers in existing ones. Places of worship once destroyed cannot be rebuilt.

Hindu men cannot wear turbans, while Hindu women should wrap their body with a big yellow 'chadder' with two small holes near the eyes. Hindu women can go to markets but they should wear an iron necklace and their body should be wrapped in yellow 'chadder.' No Hindu can keep arms.

Over the past few years, Hindu and Sikh Afghans have watched helplessly as their homes, businesses and places of worship have been destroyed.

As minorities in a fundamentalist Islamic country, Hindus are in deep trouble. Anything that happens in India against Muslims, temples and Hindu property are looted and burnt in Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad. The once- thriving Hindu community in Afghanistan, which numbered about 50,000, has now dwindled to about 50 in some parts. Many Hindus have escaped to India, the US and Germany.

Indians have lived in Afghanistan for thousands of years. In Kandahar, 5,000 Hindus lived at one time. Afghanistan was originally a Hindu country and 99 per cent of the Hindu Afghans were born there. A statue of Buddha stood in Kabul for more than 2,000 years and a mountain is named Asha Mai, after a Hindu goddess.

The Hindus were mostly prosperous merchants dealing in clothes, dry fruits, pharmaceuticals, currency exchange, and Indian tea and spices. Some Hindus had been so powerful that they had even controlled the exchange market. However, now thousands of Hindus live in slums. Hindus have become easy targets mainly because they have done economically well.

After the Taliban regime took over, many Hindus fled to India, some even via Pakistan.


(The world is watching, either bemused, or helplessly, the death and degradation of the last Pagans on earth.)