Date: 5/21/2001



Would you say it was in the middle of some Dark Age of mankind when the enlightened and the superior Indian Muslims needed to assert their supremacy over the dark, primitive and inferior forces of the Kafirs, the Infidels and the Hindus?

Was it the Dark Age of “JEHAALAT” (JEHALIYA) as in 7th century Arabia, when the crude and savage barbarians in Hindusthan needed the guidance provided by a man called Mohammed to know how to keep four wives happy, how to borrow without interest, how many houries and virgins and “almond eyed boys” await a Ghazi in paradise, or how to clean you ears and wash you dirty camel-dung splattered feet before prayers, or how to wake up the sleepy "believers" who had no alarm clocks, by the shrill shrieks of Muezzins from the high towers in mosques?

What pressing justifications was there in the middle of 20th century India, for putting the 7th century "literary" work (“The Book”, “some” book!) “of the bedouins, for the bedouins, and by the bedouins”, on top of one third of population of India when we all (Hindus and Muslims ALIKE) could well have done with a modern 20th century Constitution which ought to have been written up by a decent body of educated humans, for a decent society, to serve the ends of a multi religious, multi-cultural and multi ethnic society like that of the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States.

Instead, we had, what would suit the TALIBAN best, imposed over our Lahore, East Bengal and North Kashmir. Some camel dung!

Was it the time for sounding death knell of some Old Holy Roman Empire or an Orthodox Byzantine Empire? Was it to re-enact the victories and conquests of the Turks who sacked Delhi in 1192 AD and besieged Vienna in 1683?

NO sir, the whole world stood at the pinnacle of joy & glory at the end of World War 2, flushed with the promise of democracy, individual dignity and women’s freedoms, having overcome the evil of Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy.

Little did anyone know that “Nazism & Fascism”, which had been WIPED OUT in Europe, were waiting to unite and surface in India, as if in a violent nuptial union, and strike the sub continent with vengeance, due to LACK of manliness, unity and awareness of the natives of India.

While Europe said, “NO more bloodshed here,” (apart form its restive Muslim pockets, a filthy legacy of Turkish conquests of the past as the Armenians, the Greeks and the Bulgarians would testify!), a MILLION innocent lives were to be devoured by the monster called ISLAM in India.

Don’t’ let he evil Axis of Congress and Italy intimidate anyone from reading a page of the modern Indian history. Don’t just rejoice with Bandit Nehru, the barrister at law from London, who was not in the least perturbed over the surrender of North Kashmir, and the preposterous imposition of the “Law & Book” of the 7th century Bedouins over our own LAHORE and KARACHI.

To the much glorified and hailed Bandit Nehru, the territory and PEOPLE of India were “dirt”, while the prime minister’s chair was GOLD.

And what did he promptly do on assuming his high office? He inflicted measures to suppress all mention of PARTITION, to control Broadcasting for personal use, ridiculed the word “Hindu”, scornfully ignored the Sikhs, ran down civil administration, demoralised the Army by destroying its pride (first ever cease fire), fanned the culture of corruption, granted immunity from trial for bribery, fraud and graft, stagnated the Education system to produce “babus” and subservient morons as in the past, and reduced the whole Indian race still further, not only its territory, made, what is left of India, an easy target for conquests, and groomed his own daughter to take over his COOLIE COLONY (partitioned India) after his death.

The worst act of hostility towards the Hindus was the Bandit’s Constitution which imposed secularism with a vengeance on the defeated and the impoverished Hindus who had never known a day of Hindu Raj in a hundred generations. Yet they were told, “Islamic Raj over Lahore is perfectly all right, but Hindu Raj over Delhi will start World War 3.

That was the second High Treason of 1947.

Is it true that the city of Lahore had 75% Hindu population? Nehru silenced them for ever.

Speak up fearlessly, O crushed Hindu! Did nobody have a grandmother living in that city? Where are all the HINDU survivors from Rawalpindi? Why have they all gone quiet? Who will think of the COUNTER ATTACK that must PUSH the despicable treacherous "Indian" Muslims BACK TO MECCA?

Reflect: “What lay behind Partition of India?” What, and whose, strategic goal was it the fulfilment? What did it make and what did it break? What did it boost and what did it destroy?

India, that could have prevailed over the separatist, belligerent, hostile, intolerant and crude Islam, has now herself gone down under a question mark.