Date: 5/21/2001


Will the Pope go to Hell?

Most certainly YES, if he and most of his followers believe that the Infidels, Kafirs, Hindus and PAGANS will go to Hell.

Most certainly YES, if he thinks that any prayer said in a church or cathedral built on the very site of an old TEMPLE, is approved by God.

Most certainly YES, if he does not do what the Son of God would command him to do, as hereunder.

The Pope, as the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, is obliged to OBEY His Lord’s commands.

Only the other day (May 2001) while in Syria, he apologised to the MUSLIMS for the excesses done against them by the Catholics in bygone centuries. We hope he did not do so seeing the big and long Islamic “CHCHURRA” (dagger). The top Indian leaders, Mahatma Gandhi included, promptly agreed to the unconditional surrender of five provinces of their country, seeing it in 1947.

But the Pope showed his moral courage. He could have said, “That WASN’T me! I was not even born then. Go and “catch” them!”

In this he could have easily copied the “inferior rats” (MOHAMMEDANS) of India who deny all responsibility for the Partition of their own country in 1947.

This is what a PAKISTANI and a BANGLADESHI, having very good “secular” time in England, France or Denmark, would say today, “We have, indeed, come to Paradise!” They jolly well KNOW that if these countries, too, became ISLAMIC like Qaid-I-Azam’s Pakistan and Taliban’s Afghanistan, and their very own Pakistan and Bangladesh, they will RUN FOR COVER.

But when it comes to dismantling NAPAKISTAN and BOGUSDESH back home, they say, “Go and ask Qaid-I-Azam. It wasn’t us who broke up India and put the lethal dividing line between Lahore and Amritsar or Calcutta and Dhaka!”

The “bastards” leave you speechless.

But the Pope has acted honourably. So have the German Government which acknowledged the guilt of their earlier NAZI generation under Adolf Hitler.

Jews by the thousand are applying for, AND GETTING, compensation from the present German Government.

Similarly the Korean “pleasure girls” are getting compensation, AND A WORD OF APOLOGY, from the Japanese government.

But what about the PAGANS OF LITHUANIA?


Dear Pope, the PAGANS of Lithuania fought ferociously for over 150 years to defend their FAITH and territory from the marauding CATHOLIC armies from Germany but finally accepted the ALIEN Roman Catholic Faith in order to escape ANNIHILATION, or, simply to survive.

Thus they were defeated, degraded and humiliated. It was UNFAIR, CRIMINAL and SINFUL of your Church then to have encouraged, supported and encouraged those invaders and KILLERS.

It is even more atrocious of your high office, regarded holy by the world, that NO bishop or cardinal has ever gone into the sufferings and loss of the innocent Lithuanians who were, after all, living in their own country. They were NOT sacking Berlin or Rome, setting fire to churches and cathedrals there, raping local girls and converting the vanquished to their own Pagan religion by force!

Do you understand what we are trying to get at?

Whose insult really lies at the bottom of all this? Of the Pagans or of the Pope? Who has SINNED? The barbaric invaders bearing Cross and Bible, or the innocent victims in Lithuania?

Their villages were burnt down, grand temples were destroyed, literature and holy books burnt and no trace is left of their glorious PRE CHRISTIAN past.

Among the worst barbarities was the destruction of the High Temple of the Pagans that stood in the city of Vilnius. After its destruction, a cathedral was promptly built upon the very site, to add insult to the injury.

Yes, those were barbaric days and the Catholics took their lion’s share in plunder, destruction and bloodshed of the innocent, all in the name of their Lord who must be weeping!

The Muslim invaders in India did exactly the same bestiality. The grand temples in Ayodhya, Mathura and Varanasi were razed to the ground and MOSQUES built upon their ruins to instil TERROR among the natives.

You are aware of the destruction of the two glorious Buddha statues in Afghanistan recently. The Pagan massacres and the destruction of their temples in Lithuania was a million times more sad, brutal and reprehensible misdeed of sin and mischief. It hit the actual living people and left them crying helplessly. There were NO “Allies” or the United Nations to come to their help!

Any idea of the terror and grief among the Pagans of Lithuania when their HIGH PRIEST was killed in Vilnius and their sacred Temple destroyed?

A parallel could easily be drawn for the Catholics across the world if The Vatican was to be set on fire and razed to the ground to make way for a Muslim mosque or a grand Hindu temple!

Please do visualise such a tragedy for the CATHOLIC world.

Since the day of destruction of the Grand Temple of Vilnius, NO Catholic prayer uttered in there has ever been accepted either by God or His Son.

Please give us ONE reason why God and Jesus Christ should feel otherwise, or rejoice over the profanity and vandalism of the Catholic invaders who did that sacrilege.

We urge you, Sir, we APPEAL to you, to strongly advise the Catholic Church in Lithuania, and the Government of Lithuania, to RETURN that Cathedral in Vilnius to the Pagans of that country.

A plundered thing ought to be RETURNED to the rightful owners even if the stares of a thousand angry Catholic eyes make them cringe in fear right now, holding them back from stepping forward to take back what is RIGHTLY and MORALLY theirs.

Until the native Pagans are encouraged to come forward to hold their prayers in that TEMPLE-turned-cathedral, the building ought to be kept empty, with all the Catholic objects of worship or adoration REMOVED.

The government and Parliament of Lithuania are much beholden to Your Holy Office. They will most certainly heed your earnest counsel to RECOGNISE Paganism as the original native RELIGION of the State and accord support to it to flourish, and actively encourage it to survive and thrive.

Sir, the answer to the question at the top now lies in YOUR own hands. We have spoken the Word of God as His Son would have spoken.