Date: 5/23/2001



A WARNING TO THE TALIBAN GOVERNMENT (Comments in brackets by List Owner)

(This warning ought to have been addressed to the GOVERNMENT OF PARTITIONED INDIA if one could just see where this “mouse” is hiding. It is THEY whose “WEAKNESS INVITES AGGRESSION”.

But for the intimidated, ignorant and “reduced” NATIVES (Hindus), delivered to their “Devil of a Sarkar” by fate and “Bandit”, this “mouse” in “maaya” becomes a TIGER, an object of Terror, a Monster.

None dares to utter a single word against their misdeeds, corruption, nepotism and dereliction of duty. The enslaved Hindus in Bharat KNOW that Mayawati’s, Laloo Prasad’s, Mulayam Singh’s and Sonia Gandhi’s “Muslim vote banks” will NOT swallow Secularism, and the Italian-born spouse of BOFORS CHOR and the Burmese born spouse of the President will not QUIT INDIA! Thus WE have never seen the wretched Hindu Pandit, Swamy and Mahatma without the yellow cloth of his damnation since 712 AD

Since the very Government of India is “bashing” the Hindus ROUND THE CLOCK, the whole world is now doing the same to the Hindus. Even impoverished “tin can “lungoTa / soTa” Islamic republic” of BOGUSdesh kicks the Hindu and then disappears.

The whole world knows the dictum, WEAKNESS INVITES AGGRESSION, except the “baboons” of LOK SABHA in New Delhi.)



The tiny population of Hindus have been asked by the Taliban Muslims to wear a yellow cloth to identify themselves as non-Muslims according to the Shariat law or face prosecution.

(The Taliban are simply separating the “COWARDS” from the “WARRIORS”. They didn’t let the British set foot on their territory and they chased out the mighty powerful Soviet Union. Whom have the Hindus in Hindusthan chased out so far?

The Taliban recall the Hindus’ defence of SECULARISM, PESHAWAR AND KHYBER PASS in 1947. As a result of the Hindu RETREAT and ROUT, the Taliban now have Pakistanis as their new neighbours- a new breed of Muslims, much despised by the Afghans.)

Hindu households have also been warned to identity themselves by affixing a two-meter yellow cloth outside the house. Hindus and Muslims living in the same house have been forbidden and have been asked to leave within 3 days or face consequences. Hindu women are allowed to visit the market place but now are required to fully cover their bodies with a yellow 'chadder' (bed sheet) with two small holes over their eyes. They must wear a iron necklace. Source: www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A59598-2001May22.html

(Why is the source “WASHINGTON POST” of America? Why not the “HINDUSTAN TIMES” of New Delhi or the “STATESMAN” of Calcutta? And what about the Indian ambassador in Kabul? Has he been unceremoniously kicked out?)

HinduUnity.org and its' allied Hindu organizations deplore these new rules set by the Taliban. What has happened is inhumane and falls under extreme bigotry and religion persecution. We ask the leaders of the world (sic) to step in and apply pressure to the Afghan government to bring an end to this inhumane treatment of Hindus in Afghanistan as soon as possible.

(Leaders of the world? Why not leaders of Hindusthan? What, if the world, too, just like the Taliban, wishes the Hindus to disappear from the earth? What does the word “world” mean? Is it Uganda, Fiji, Bangladesh and Pakistan? And why should the world lift a finger to defend the dignity of the Hindus which is INVISIBLE even to the Hindus themselves?)

This is an injustice to humanity. It is a shame to the civilized world that a society has to face religious persecution in these modern times.

Hindus have a long history of being persecuted in Afghanistan.

(Why? Why don’t the MUSLIMS have a long history of being persecuted anywhere?)

Fewer than 50 families have barely survived the mass Hindu Genocide which is still in progress today. After identifying the Hindus in the above manner, we firmly believe that the rest of the Hindus will face death systematically or be forced to convert to Islam in Afghanistan.

This brings shocking memories of the Nazi era (sic) where Jews in Germany were forced to wear a yellow Star of David as precursor to their wholesale slaughter by the Nazis.

(What about the SHOCKING memories of the Hindus themselves? Was the defeat in Sindh, 712 AD, not shocking? Were the countless invasions by Mahmud of Ghazni not shocking? Was the bestiality by Babur not schocking? Was the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji not shocking? Was the genocide in NOAKHALI not shocking? Why do we mention the OTHERS when we could profusely quote from our own country? Why go to the Nazi era when the whole HINDU era itself is full of shocks?)

Currently Muslims are free to practice Islam in India freely without any problems.

(Why are they free to roam the length and breadth of PARTITIONED India like the “tigers” among the Hindu “sheep”? Is this Hindu collapse not supposed to “encourage” the Taliban to give yet another kick in the back of the Hindus?)

Not only this, but Muslims also enjoy extra-privileges that Hindus do not.

(The pathetic Hindus get “dogs’” treatment in their own country but expect the Taliban to sit at the same table with them.)

The Indian government spends millions of rupees to send Muslims to Mecca for their yearly pilgrimage and this year the designated subsidy was increased to accommodate more Muslims.

(Why does the Indian Government walk BEHIND the Indian Muslims with a brush and a pan, sweeping up in their wake like the camp followers of the past Mogul, read Mohammedan, armies across Hindusthan?)

The secret of India's tolerance is the Hindu belief which is extremely tolerant towards other religions, beliefs and even cults. Religious freedom is every man's right. Unfortunately Islam doesn't recognize religious freedom and has displayed extreme aggression towards non-Muslims in it's 1400 year history.

For this reason, we are issuing a warning (sic) to the Taliban government that if this practice is not stopped and Hindus keep being the targets of Islamic aggression, then no one will be able to guarantee the safety of Muslims in India.

(Dear Taliban, such a WARNING ought to have gone to “Bandit” NEHRU who splattered the face of EVERY Hindu man, woman and eunuch in “cowdung” in 1947 when he conceded an ISLAMIC republic in Lahore but ordered the Hindus to “get lost” in Delhi!

Dear Taliban, the Hindus in Bharat have yet to notice their degradation at the hands of their own NATIVE secular “swine” rulers who would not permit them to stand up in Ayodhya while we abuse the Taliban, Col. Rabuka and Idi Amin.

Dear Taliban, DON’T YOU WORRY about such warnings. Those who hold the longest record in slavery on earth, those who have not yet noticed the absence of Lahore from the map of their Hindustan and the disappearance of the Hindus from Srinagar, but have remained suffocated under the green shroud thrown over them by All-India Congress Party of Sonia Khan, can easily “lump” any insult and indignity hurled at them by you in Kabul.

The Jews who were made to wear a YELLOW Star of David by the Nazis for a mere six years, have now got their own sovereign JEWISH State, even though the size of EAST Punjab, whereas the Hindus, all wrapped up in the green shroud of All-India Congress Party in Bharatvarsha, the size of an elephant, will only DIMISH and DIE.)

Hindu population currently exceeds Muslims by 80%. We can assure you that not even the Indian Government will be able to avoid the extreme communal tensions, violence and aggression towards Muslims of India.

(The Taliban know that when the Turks sacked Delhi in 1192, the Hindus were 99%, with 1% Buddhists. They also know that in 1947 the Hindus chanting “Akhand Bharat Amar Rahe!” and “Mahatma Gandhi Ki Jai!” were again overwhelmingly in the MAJORITY. So, brandishing the figure of “80%” is NO threat or deterrent to the Taliban. However, with the Muslim numbers now reaching 11% to 12%, the Hindus in Hindusthan cannot even afford to sleep at night!)

Innocent lives will be put in danger.

(Two hoots for the “innocent lives”. Those massacred in NOAKHALI in August 1946 were all innocent. So were the Hindus of West Punjab and North Kashmir who have all been exterminated. The two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, too, were innocent. What does the word “innocent” mean to the Taliban? Does it mean the SAME to the Musalmaan as to the Hindu?)

This can escalate rapidly throughout the nation. We thus ask the Taliban government and the Muslim leaders of the world to re-think this issue very seriously. The consequences could be devastating.

(Devastating? Yes, for the HINDUS!)

We truly hope that we can resolve this matter without any blood shed.

(Islam is NOT about resolving the conflicts. It is all about humiliating, degrading, wearing down, converting and killing the Pagans. Their ideological line is SIMPLE and STRAIGHT- just like that!

Did you mention “blood shed”? The Muslims, since 712 AD, have shed 20 tons of HINDU blood for every single gramme of their own. Read the figures again!

So, what does “blood shed” mean to the Taliban who are ALL ABOUT bleeding the Kafirs, strangulating the women and destroying the Buddha statues.)

-Jai Hind

(“Hind” needs defining. Is it the shrunken damn thing between Amritsar and Dhaka, or the glorious land that until recently stretched from Khyber to Chittagong?

Now, in the context of PARTITIONED India:

“God said to the lamb, If you don’t eat the tiger, then the tiger will eat YOU.

This profound logic means, “O Hindu, if you don’t “kick” the Mohammedan in his rear, the Mohammedan will feel encouraged to exterminate you in Lahore, persecute you in EAST Bengal, expel you from Uganda, and make you wear the "dog collar" (YELLOW label) in Afghanistan!

And everywhere else there is the "Ku Klux Klan" of Jesus, with the "Sword of Islam" waiting in the wings for YOU.”