Date: 5/23/2001


Establish a Counter KILLING force

"Hajpayee" (Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayhee, the Prime Minister of India, a great sponsor of Hajj travel of his MUSLIM "vote bank" in PARTITIONED India) behaves like the leader of a Muslim nation

Bharat has been provoked more than enough by the Pakistan terrorists to justifiably warrant attacks on Pakistani terrorists' camps. But with his continuing cease-fires, Hajpayee has repeatedly shown that no matter how many of our soldiers are killed in Pakistani terrorist attacks, he will not change his policy of inaction and appeasement.

Those nationalists who want to protect the Hajpayee government at any cost, have fallen prey to this conflict of interests, and have shown that they care more about partisan gains than the security of our nation.

In the beginning of the year 2001, when America bombed Iraq, all the Muslim and Arab nations, and China condemned America. This attack did not concern Bharat at all. Leaving aside our personal views on this issue for the moment, how did this attack go against Bharat? In fact any action that goes against Islam, or against any force which rises up against Islamic terror is good for Bharat. Because only then will the world realize the deadly truth about the Islamic Jehadi terror.

Bharat should have shut her mouth and watched the fun from sidelines.

Hajpayee is practically behaving like the leader of a Muslim nation by protesting over this attack. It seems he has forgotten his own statement made in year 2000 declaring Bharat and U.S.A. to be natural allies!

Instead of developing partnership with the new Bush administration for weakening our enemies China and Pakistan, Hajpayee always speaks for the enemies in the name of peace.

One must not forget that Hajpayee, on his Lahore trip, had wished a strong Pakistan. And now Hajpayee is imposing ceasefire on our forces when the enemy is causing havoc and committing massacres in Bharat.

Now even Bangladesh has kidnapped and murdered Bhartiya BSF soldiers brutally. (India should have promptly launched a devastating air strike on DHAKA to teach them a lesson. But they got away the first time. Therefore, they will come again, and again and again! Yes, even the impoverished BOGUSdeshi fox will come again and again and again at the Indian elephant till it BLEEDS TO DEATH. Doesn't PARTITIONED India know the mind of the Musalmaan-Beiman yet? WHY NOT? -Web site owner.)

If a sick man is lying down in the gutter, even stray dogs come for a bite. There is no point in blaming Bangladesh for attacking BSF posts and occupying Bhartiya villages. Bhartiya Prime Minister Atal Bihari Hajpayee has made Bharat a text book example of soft state (target!).

He released terrorists for hostages held at Kandhar. He gave safe passage to Pakistani infiltraters in Kargil. He did not punish the aggressors. He imposed unilateral cease-fire on our armed forces in Kashmir, ensuring that the Pakistani terrorists have nothing to worry about. He took away, and broke, our stick, while speaking softly all the time. No wonder even Bangladesh dares to attack Bharat and occupies our territory.

Don't be surprised if Sri Lanka and Maldives do the same tomorrow.

Recently, the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva took up a United States sponsored resolution to censure China for its torturing and killing members of the spiritual group Falun Gong, raping Tibet's culture, imprisoning foreign nationals, routinely using mental institutions and labour camps for re-education and incarceration of its opponents, and demolition of thousands of unregistered churches and temples.

Among those supporting the resolution were European nations, Canada and a couple of South American nations. Approving China's brutal oppression were its "Communist allies Vietnam and Cuba", Arab and African bastions of democracy from Libya, Syria to Algeria and Liberia, as well as China's ally Pakistan and wonder of all even soft and easily targeted and badly intimidated Bharat.

Even when China invaded and occupied Tibet, driven over a hundred thousand Tibetans and their leader Dalai Lama from their homeland as refugees into Bharat and even when China also invaded Bharat, and is still occupying some 55,000 square kilometres of Bhartiya territory, and again, when China supplied nuclear weapons and missiles to Pakistan, which has been long bleeding Bharat - then how is it that Hajpayee's government is siding with China and opposes its natural ally America?

What a shameful conduct from the "intimidated" RSS-groomed Hajpayee!

No non-Christian country wanted to allow Pope to visit their country, but Hajpayee went out of his way to facilitate his visit to Bharat, where he (the Pope) openly expressed his desire to convert whole of Asia into Christianity.

Is Hajpayee a prime minister of a Christian country or a Muslim country?

Hajpayee is one the most unworthy and unsuitable leader Bharat has ever got. He is no better than Prithvi Raj Chauhan who kept letting his enemy go scot free after defeating him repeatedly instead of punishing him, the act which ultimately made Bharat a slave country for centuries, and even Jai Chand who was treacherous to Bharat and Hindu causes.

If RSS produces such bastards and weak minded persons, unworthy Bhartiya politicians like Hajpayee then some thing is definitely wrong with the RSS way of working inspite of their good philosophy.

Hajpayee has shown the world that Bharat has no self respect and will not rise to defend itself. As long as there are bastards and weak minded persons like Hajpayee, such a situation will persist for long.

He tolerated corruption in the defense establishment without openly punishing the guilty and cleaning up the system.

Establish a Counter Killing force

Pakistan is the severed limb of Bharat through Islamic High Treason that is still to be punished by a manly secular Bharat.

It is still our Sindhudesh, Punjab, and the sacred land of Hindus as described in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Pakistan is still the part of thousands of years old history of Akhand Bharat.

Nowadays the severed limb of Bharat called Pakistan is being desecrated and humiliated by those who never knew any civilisation. The only culture they learned from their holy book was the culture of loot, plunder and bloodshed.

Pakistan is a false state. Pakistan is a fake name given to a stolen property. Pakistan is a fictitious name given to the forcibly partitioned land of holy Bharat land. If some ruffian kidnaps our mother, holds her by force, and changes her name to obliterate her identity, she is still our mother.

Arms of our motherland have been amputated. Beautiful Bharat has been rendered handicapped.

Partition of Bharat took place due to impotency and unworthiness of Bhartiya leaders like Jawahr Lal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi who were actually curses for Bharat.

Compare the behaviour of Bhartiya politicians and people to that of Israel. Once there was Israeli scene on T.V., where after a deadly terrorist bombing, the body pieces of victims were being removed. A group of Jews were dancing at the scene, celebrating the attack on them.

Arguably, the Jewish settlements in Palestine areas are on stolen property. The Jews living there would know that they have no legal claim on their homes. Yet they dare to live in such places, unafraid of the regular terrorist violence. They have staked claim to that land, and whether legal or not, they will keep it. Nothing scares them.

In contrast, the 350,000 Hindus thrown out of their ancestral homes in Kashmir in the last decade have meekly walked out of their homes, leaving behind their possessions. The Pakistani terrorists, with support from local terrorists, continue to kill and expel the remaining non-Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir.

But instead of standing up to the terrorists, our people feel glad to walk away and live elsewhere, and the politicians feel relieved as if nothing had happened.

Even Bhartiya government, instead of killing the source of terror inside Pakistan, declines to fight in the name of ceasefire.

This lack of will power to defend ourselves shows that Bhartiya people and politicians are no better than cattle, who cannot defend themselves.

The people don't want honesty from their politicians otherwise they would never have elected and re-elected corrupt politicians like Jayalalitha and Lalu Prasad Yadav. The people do not want accountability, otherwise people would have buried Congress Party, if not at the time of independence, then at least long time back. And the people don't want political reform or they would have stopped accepting the status quo from politicians long time ago.

It is for this reason that Communist party keeps getting elected again and again from Bengal. The BJP is the party which developed its entire platform on a foundation of reforming the system. They promised to give our representatives a chance to actually represent us, but they followed the footsteps of congress party of being corrupt and weak minded and for appeasing the vicious minorities, thus maintaining the status quo of running the government.

There can be little doubt that serious reform is needed so that the taxpayers can take their country back from the bureaucrats and corrupt politicians, but we just can't get there from here.

Until a revolutionary, independent-thinking party gets into power, the "old boy network" will continue to call the shots and nothing will change.

The media will expect everything to work the way it always has, and will pounce on anyone or any party that goes against the grain. And we, the people, will continue to act like sheep by accepting it all as inevitable.

It is for this reason that Bhartiya people elected Communist party for the sixth straight time in Bengal, and AIDMK party in Tamilnadu and the proved corrupt politician Jayalalitha as its chief minister.

Noted Bhartiya defense expert Sunil Sawant has called for the formation of a strong killing force. The idea is to use this force to eliminate the heads and other important figures of terrorist organisations in neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The recent brutal killings of BSF personnel by members of Bangladeshi armed forces and the killings in Kashmir by Lashkar-e-Toiba, a Pak based terrorist unit clearly indicate the need for such a force.

A frequent and systematic elimination of terror heads and their family members should keep these organisations from settling down and from becoming too powerful.

Israelis have used this method effectively over the years with good results. In the olden days Bharat used this method, when Afghanistan and even Maynmar were part of Bharat.

-Shri Mohan Gupta


Due to centuries of SLAVERY, their spirituality soared high up in the sky, close to heaven.

But their MOHAMMEDAN masters riding on their backs, drove down, and sank, their Ideology and COLLECTIVE 'Will to Survive' in the stinking cesspit.

The wisest scholars on earth have become DAMN FOOLS.