Date: 6/3/2001




First it was the uncalled for, unjustified, illegal, illicit, undemocratic, extremely belligerent, bullying & provocative act of creation of Pakistan which enabled the Muslim Fifth Column in India to smash the backbone of their Hindu compatriots.

Suddenly getting two extra-long arms and hands, the Muslims of India, now turned Pakistani "bastards", decimated the Simpleton Sikhs, reducing them to “langar serving nishkam sewaks”, defining one another by VISIBLE symbols.

Thus while a Shri Damn Fool in Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra did not know whether any Hindu was still left alive in North Kashmir, and a "Sardar" ZALEEL Singh in Chandigarh had NO clue as to how many of his kind were slaughtered in Rawalpindi within three weeks in March 1947, the Mohammedans, now ‘well enabled’ in their Pakistan, PENETRATED the HINDU Kingdom of Goddess “Nepal”, from FRONT and BACK (Pakistan and Bangladesh) with utmost ease.

Where there was none, now there stand, erect and tall, hundreds of minarets of mosques on the sacred HINDU soil of Nepal where the mullahs and imams, putting Arabic above Gorkhali, ‘spit out the fires of hatred’ of Koran, swearing “Death to the Kafirs, Pagans and the Hindus”, day and night.

Next came the Reign of Plunder unleashed by Sonia an import from Italy, and the Reign of Terror, unleashed by the BOFORS CHOR. Hammering of Nepal intensified and the Fall of Nepal accelerated.

Then it was Sonia's Wrath, upset with Nepal's main Hindu Temple, denying her entry, that nearly toppled the Kingdom and ended with India's BLOCKADE of Nepal which drove the poor people to near starvation. It was the last act of uncalled for banditry and hostility towards our Hindu Nepal by the Loafer of Dynasty, appropriately called “BOFORS CHOR” turned Catholic by Faith who wanted to starve the simple Nepalese to death, or force them into submission, and also teach the Sikhs and the Tamils a lesson.

Unlike in Sri Lanka where his Army returned with a bloody nose, here in Nepal Rajiv Gandhi’s economic attack brought him success.

Nepal dumped her Hindu Constitution to "tow the mongrel dog's line" of Bharat with regard to her HINDU identity.

A year later Rajiv himself vanished under God’s Will, and there have been no more attacks on Hindu body or Operations “Blue Star” against the Sikhs’ holy shrines.

The "castrated Hindu Jagat of one billion" looked on.

All these years we saw technical aid going to Nigeria, and goodwill missions flying to PLO in the Middle East, and food baskets on their way to Ethiopia and Rwanda, but not a grain of rice from India to Nepal.

The Hindu Jagat in the "dog collar" of Bandit Nehru's slavery looked on, on its own family being smashed, crushed, demoralised, divided and destroyed.

There was one thing the Hindu was to get in abundance: CORRUPTION, and two things he was strictly "verboten" and FORBIDDEN: EDUCATION and COMMUNICATION.

Now this tragedy in Nepal (June 1, 2001) that is beyond words to describe.

The Daily Telegraph, London, of Sunday 3rd June 2001 published two photographs side by side on page 3. The choice is rather significant but will escape the entire Indian "coolie" press.

The caption under the photograph on the left reads: “King Birendra, ....." (names of all the family), and the caption under the photograph on the right reads: “Crown Prince Depindra handles a rifle in Pakistan in 1998.”

Please draw your own conclusions, and VERY FAST.

The Hindu jagat is VANISHING, being overshadowed by the Pope and Pakistan on EACH side, and the Taliban FROM THE TOP.

The NOOSE around the neck of the clueless Hindu and the ignorant Sikh is tightening up fast.

India's East and West wings are already ISLAMIC jaws, (WHY?) Nepal in the North and Sri Lanka in the South now complete the TRAP. One can clearly see the last remaining Pagans on earth perishing.

The “clueless sea of human cattle” of the vast but disunited Hindu Jagat either needs a “HINDU RASHTRA” in view of that Partition, or a powerful “Institute of Hindu Ideology” in New Delhi, that could assess the repeated quantum drops in Hindu status, image and numbers across the globe, before it is too late.


The Muslim world is united in its concerted global advance on earth and one victory anywhere is a bolt of joy across the entire Islamic body throughout the world, whereas the Hindu world is disunited and decomposing and one Shri Damn Fool in Tamil Nadu does not know whether any Hindus still live in Nepal, or how many are left alive in South Kashmir.