Date: 6/4/2001



A correspondent wrote to The Daily Telegraph, London (March 15, 2001, “Letters to the Editor”), Sir, To compare the sorry fate of the Buddhas at Bamiyan to that of the Euston Arch(leading article, March 13) is to underestimate both the position of these massive sculptures in world culture and the situation within Afghanisan.

The equivalent to the Western world of the desruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas would perhaps be the deliberate demolition of the Parthenon in Athens or closer to home, Stonehenge.

These statues were not destroyed on the supur of the moment. They have been threatened with destruction for the past three or four years.

Unlike the Euston Arch, or Soane’s Bank of England, they were also a symbol of an ethnic minority and, furthermore, at the time of the destruction of any of the buildings that you mentioned, England was not in the sorry state that Afghanistan finds itself in- torn apart by war, earthquakes and famine.

To compare the looting of Kabul museum to the supposed “dumbing down” of our museums is ridiculous. The contents of the museums, including the fine numismatic collection, were deliberately stolen and then sold on the black market to appear in northern Pakistan, Geneva and London.

This has happened at archaeological sites across Taliban controlled Afghanistan with bulldozers used to dig for coins and treasures, which either end up on the black market or melted down into gold and silver bullion.

-Adam Wilminson, London SW1.


“Like levelling Stonehenge”?

This phrase is for the people of the United Kingdom only who know what Stonehenge is, where it is located, its religious significance, who made it, and how old, AND SACRED, this historic structure and site might have been to their revered ancestors. The modern British do NOT regard them savage brutes, living in spiritual darkness, waiting for some Mohammed to arrive from Arabia, to lighten their divine world.

But what do the TALIBAN, the PERPETRATORS of that crime of destroying the Buddhas, understand by this phrase? To DRIVE HOME the point, TO MAKE THEM understand, one would have to say what is Comprehensible to THEM.

Now, get ready YOU Taliban and the World of INDIAN Musalmaan-Beimaan, (who did MATRICIDE of their own Motherland in 1947 when she lay DEFENCELESS on ground):

“The attack on Buddhas was like levelling the KA’ABA, like SHOOTING AT MOHAMMED (peace be upon his VICTIMS!), like BURNING the original handwritten copy of the KORAN*.”

(*To the Taliban and the Paki Musalmaan, "Do you normally say “Sharif”, as opposed to “Bad-ma’ash” for Koran?" For every Indian patriot, the word “sharif” could rightly and truthfully be used for Koran only after LAHORE AND NANKANA SAHIB ARE SQUARELY BACK IN INDIA under Secular flag, where they were, when your "Koran-Inspired" Qaid-i-Azam MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah and his friend Poet Laureate Sir MOHAMMED Iqbal were born.)

YOU, Taliban, need to respect the OTHERS as YOU would wish them to respect you, and your Koran, and your mosques across the world.

What you do to the others, THE OTHERS WILL DO UNTO YOU!

Who is your teacher if you did not know this? Yes, WHO is your teacher who inspired you to do this black misdeed?

YOU might say, “Light came to Arabia when he was born,” while the others will assert with double the conviction, “Intellectual and Spiritual darkness totally enveloped Arabia when he was born.”

Ever heard of Sri Krishna, Moses, Jesus, or Guru Nanak Dev? Did THEY go about asking and exhorting their FOLLOWERS & BELIEVERS to murder, convert and DESTROY?

“Now be prepared for what is coming to your Koran & Kabul!”