Date: 6/4/2001


Jews Denounce Afghan Yellow Stars

By Rachel Zoll, AP Religion Writer, The Associated Press, via News Plus. Wednesday, May 23, 2001

New York -- Aaron Krell was 12 and living in Poland when he was required to wear a yellow star with "Jude," the German word for Jew, on his clothes.

On Tuesday, Krell was reminded of that humiliation while watching a news report about a nation he has no link to. Afghanistan's Taliban militia announced it was requiring Hindus to wear a yellow piece of cloth on their shirt pockets to distinguish them from Muslims.

"When I saw it on television, I am only wondering one thing," said Krell, now 73 and living in New York. "In those days a lot of people didn't care what happened to the Jews. Would it be today that people wouldn't let it happen to the Hindus?"

Some Holocaust survivors, and many Jewish organizations, see parallels between the Nazi yellow badges and the Taliban yellow cloth.

The Anti-Defamation League in New York called the order, "a stark reminder of the exclusionary tactics employed by the Nazis as a precursor to genocide." The American Jewish Committee, which monitors human rights, said Wednesday that Jews should be particularly angered by the action.

"We thought that this kind of outrage belonged to the last century and certainly if it recurred in some form that the international community would not for one moment tolerate it," said Shulamit Bahat, director of the New York-based group.

Israeli legislator Michal Kleiner issued a statement saying "the suffering of the Hindus in Afghanistan is an issue for all Jews and the whole world."

Uma Mysorekar, president of the Hindu Temple Society of North America, scoffed at the Taliban claim that the yellow cloth was meant to protect the nation's more than 500 Hindus from being forced to obey Islamic law.

"It's not an acceptable explanation at all," she said from her office in the New York. "It's almost like Nazis, making them wear an identity on the street to find out who they are."

Mysorekar, noting Afghanistan's long history of human rights abuses, said she was pessimistic that the United States or United Nations would be able to prevent mistreatment of the Hindu minority.

"This particular nation has always stood separately from the rest of the world. They've persecuted their own people," she said. "It's very disturbing and very disgraceful."

Krell said the order raised his memories of wearing the yellow badge and people pointing and saying, "There goes the Jew."

"To say it was degrading is putting it very mildly," Krell said. "It is below degrading. It gives you the feeling you're almost subhuman."

Rose Conrad was 16 and also in Poland when she was forced to wear the yellow star. She said she "resents with a passion" any nation that tries to single out religious minorities.

"Nobody should go through it," said Conrad, now of New York. "You have the feeling that you have to look around. Who is going after you?"

Despite the comparisons to the Holocaust, Conrad does not expect the international community will take action in Afghanistan.

"I get angry," she said. "The world doesn't do anything, exactly like they didn't do anything in our case. (sic)"



“YOUR CASE” was totally different than the case of the Hindus in today’s Afghanistan. Which country in the 1940s had a BILLION STRONG Jewish community living in it? What was the state of the Jews on earth in those days?

Now look at India, called HINDUSTHAN, the LAND OF HINDUS. Not one Hindu is lifting his little finger to warn Kabul of dire consequences if they did this or that.

The “civilised” world has buckled down under, before the BRUTE. Is it because their "Arab cousins" have the petrol for our motor cars and manly grooms for our girls?

There was a girl raped in the bus and not one passenger dared to intervene. It happened in the most civilised country called England. Our UNO is THAT bus as far as the "rape" of Hindus in Afghanistan, East Bengal, North Kashmir and Fiji is concerned.

Due to the hammering received in the centuries of SLAVERY in the past, there is NO unity, NO link up, no empathy, NO spirit left in the Hindu world. They have all become the passengers on THAT bus.

What a pity! How amazing! What a SHAME! The President of India is a CHRISTIAN and his wife an evangelist import from Burma! UNKNOWN to the Hindus, they both share views on the Hindus with the Taliban.

Theoretically, if one billion Hindus “pissed” together facing Mecca, the city will sink. So WHY should the world come to their aid when their own Big Brother is as much as a DEAD GOAT?

In contrast, how does the United States react if even one US citizen in put in jail by Saddam Husain, kidnapped in Philippines, or missing in Vietnam ? Hasn’t India got eyes to see? Does she want the JEWS to shed tears for the Hindus in North Kashmir, South Kashmir, East Bengal, West Punjab, Sindh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Kabul?

A patient who was seriously injured in a road accident due to his own fault of being drunk, had such brain damage as a result that he lost his memory. Can a nation, too, lose memory? YES ,IT CAN, if it proceeds like the Hindus- and the simpleton Sikhs (Don’t overlook these fools, too! They have NO “Lahore Memorial Day” in their calendar.)

If you look at the Hindus, spread across the earth, the point of their being extremely clever at individual level, but “damn FOOLS” at the collecive level, is proved beyond doubt. It seems to be mandatory for the Hindus to forget every disaster, defeat and HUMILIATION.

Not one college or university in India speaks of the defeat of1947 when they surrendered FIVE PROVINCES unconditionally to Islam? Does THAT surrender have a parallel in the entire human history?

In 712 AD when that “damn” MOHAMMED bin Qasim, the first ever impoverished Mohammedan predator from Arabia to desecrate the soil of Hindustan, invaded Sindh, and brought it under the MOHAMMEDAN flag, the neighbouring states of Rajputana (or Rajasthan), Punjab and Maharashtra had the ability to CHASE the Mohammed back to Mecca, set fire to the city and behead every Imam, Maulvi and Mullah there and bring home at least ten thousand Arab female slaves as concubines.

But they did not. As a result the Hindus of Sindh were put under “DOG COLLAR” and in COUNTLESS later invasions of India, tens of thousands of Hindus were SLAUGHTERED, temples destroyed and tens of thousands of their girls were taken across to Ghazni, Kandhar and Kabul to be stripped naked for sale at public auctions. Schools and colleges in India have torn out these pages from curriculum due to TERROR of Islam. Instead, there are chapters upon chapters on the “glory” of MOGUL (MUSLIM) rulers prior to the arrival of the British in India.

Thousands of HINDUS who were slaughtered in Afghanistan gave the name HINDUKUSH to a whole mountain range. Thus the Hindus are still in dog collar.

Jews may denounce the latest Afghan step of putting the Hindus in yellow labels, and PARTITIONED India may rejoice at this voice of sympathy on their behalf, the UNO could have done something more than mere denounce.

The Jews cannot be THAT ignorant not to realise that while they were a small and extremely vulnerable defenceless MINORITY in every Christian and Islamic country on earth, the HINDUS are still in a vast and big MAJORITY in at least one, that is called Bharat.

The Christians could (however wrongly) hold the murder of Jesus against all the Jews but the MUSLIMS cannot hold the murder of any of their holy men- Mohammed, Hussain and Ali included- against ANY Hindu on earth. Nowhere in any Hindu scripture do we read, “KILL THE NON HINDU!”

So why should the Hindus feel so ashamed with guilt complex that has resulted in INFERIORITY complex vis a vis the Mohammedans in India?

It was due to this INFERIORITY complex that they agreed to the partition of India post-haste, to give ISLAM its own big chunk of TERRITORY, acquiring the political rights of “dogs” there.

Mohammed did not die in peace, but FIGHTING the Christians and the Jews in Jerusalem and if there is anyone with a grudge AGAINST the Mohammedans, then that should be the Jews and the Christians- till eternity.

The Jewish grudge is compounded when you think of the Grand Temple of Jerusalem now turned Al Aqsa Mosque, an eyesore in the Jewish/Christian world and a profane mischievous act by any yardstick. What connection did Mohammed of Arabia have with that spot on earth and that Temple, except war, desecration, bloodshed and subjugation?

Regaining their own Spirit, Pride and Conviction, the Hindus could set a shining example of “recovery from bandits” by raising the Temple to Lord Rama in Ayodhya. If the Saudis prohibit the entry of a Hindu in Mecca, then the Hindus, too, are, with double justification, entitled to prohibit the entry of any Muslim in Ayodhya, Mathura and Varanasi. Wouldn’t that be EQUALITY? Wouldn’t that be SECULARISM?

Thus while the Jews were FORCED into a tight corner that ended up in Holocaust, the HINDUS in Hindusthan are VOLUNTARILY the "dogs" in their own world if their Constitution overlooks the ALIEN ISLAMIC flag over Lahore, Karachi and EAST Bengal, and still declares MUSLIMS TO BE EQUAL TO HINDUS in Partitioned India.

One can see the voluntary FALL of the Hindus on earth and those who fall so deep down (and voluntarily!), get exterminated as in Lahore and put under dog collar as in Fiji and in Yellow ribons as in Afghanistan.

God is not so forgiving in case of the "damn fools" on earth who are SEEN sitting so helplessly and powerlessly about their pathetic PLIGHT.

The Hindus are LUCKY to be allowed to move about in the open in Afghanistan in yellow ribons. When luck runs out, they will be chased out, slaughtered or converted.

No power on earth can save the Hindus, even in their own shrinking and reducing Hindusthan EXCEPT THEMSEVES.

Do we see a Will to survive among them? They would have rushed to AYODHYA to raise their Grand Temple in two days, and any Muslim objecting would be asked, “What the Hell are YOU doing here after Partition?”, or to pack up and go to his Islamic Land that INDIA CONCEDED in 1947. The Muslims in LAHORE did not give the Hindus even two minutes' notice to disappear!

The Hindus have a Saviour even in this tight corner but they dare not utter his name, leave aside enshrine Him in their Constitution. The Hindus will remain the “sheep & goats” until they put the name of GURU GOBIND SINGH in the Constitution of India and TELL their ITALIAN BORN uncrowned Queen Sonia Gandhi and the Imam of Jama Masjid, and all the PLO and their friends and well-wishers in Partitioned India, as to WHO GURU GOBIND SINGH WAS.

At this time of crisis for Israel, HINDU India could have been her eastern defences. But decomposing Hindu India is being trampled into pulp by her Muslim Fifth Column and the Pope who supports PLO. Where is the genius of India and Israel?


“Niggardly Hindu Crow” & the “White Jewish Swan”

Yellow ribbons for the ‘sub human’ Hindu.

Earlier, one heard of a tin pot dictator called IDI AMIN in Uganda putting the Indians in “yellow ribbon” and then KICKING the lot OUT.

Then we heard of Col Rabuka of Fiji, the size of Ferozepur district in West Punjab in Partitioned India, putting the Indians in “DOG COLLAR” and then kicking the lot out.

Even earlier one had heard of Mahmud from Ghazni in Afghanistan, invading Hindusthan SIXTEEN times in as many years, each time putting the entire Hindu race in YELLOW ribbon.

Then we come to a momentous event in history of India that is UNMENTIONABLE under the orders of Jawaharlal Nehru, the “Field Marshal of the Dogs”. It is called PARTITION when the entire Hindu race was put under the “dog collar”, or the YELLOW RIBON. More than half a century on, the nation is still STUNNED in shock. Is there a sign of protest anywhere? Where?

The President accepts it. His wife from Burma accepts it. The Prime Minister and his entire cabinet accept it. The future Prime Minister, a semi literate female from ITALY, accepts it. And the LOK SABHA, too, accepts it UNCONDITIONALLY.

If you cannot see a Hindu in YELLOW ribbon in India, then please get your eyes tested for blindness.

Now what is the “way of life” in decomposing Land of Hindus, where you cannot tell a Catholic from a Buddhist, is not the norm in Afghanistan where they wish to clearly identify the KAFIRS in the world of MOMINS.

The Afghans are amazed at the Hindu collapse and lack of interest in their Identity. They expected the Hindus to put all the MOHAMMEDANS in their PARTITIONED Land in the “yellow ribbon”!

For not doing so when the Muslims were SLAUGHTERING the Hindus from Karachi to Gilgit and from Chittagong to Sylhet, the Hindus of Bharat are relegated to the bottom wrung called “Scum of Mankind”! They (sic) are as amused as the Court of Lions would be at the barking of a mangy pariah dog. (“They” refers to the Taliban who RULE Afghanistan, and not the UNO or the “eunuchs” of Lok Sabha who have yet to hold a sitting in Srinagar.

There are some low down smart “dogs” in this world who compare this measure to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews in Germany in 1942. But hark! Jews created a sovereign JEWISH State for themselves in 1948. How many “centuries” of degradation of wearing of Star of David is THAT from 1942?

A MERE SIX YEARS? Now look at the Hindus. Firstly, being in a MAJORITY in India, they invited and accepted the licking of PARTITION. Secondly they did not dare to expel the Muslims or put them in the “dog collar”. Thirdly, they PAMPERED the Muslim minority to no end. Prime Ministers went down to eating Iftar and being widely photographed with their Muslim vote banks. Hajj facilities were increased. Article 370 remains IN FORCE in South Kashmir. Does the world know that according to this Article in India’s Constitution, the President of India himself is in the YELOW dog collar of disgrace since neither he, nor any of his Indian soldiers can buy any immovable property in the State! And so on, and so on.

So to mention the Star of David of the Jews in this context is a matter of thrill for the Hindu “nigger” who feels great being spoken of as a VICTIM like the Jews in 1942.

The Hindu ought to have TORN HIMSELF AWAY from such a shared fate! The Hindu is ONE BILLION, the Jews are a mere 12 million, the size of Sikh community which Mrs. Indira Gandhi tried to get under her own YELLOW ribbon with the entire Hindu world reduced to being onlooker “eunuchs”.

So, who cares for the Indian protest? Firstly, India being a SECULAR country has NO right to speak to an ISLAMIC country. Secondly, when did India see the degradation of a Hindu in EAST Bengal and NORTH Kashmir? When? Thirdly, are the Taliban AFRAID of their “Hindu vote bank” as the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA are, of their Muslim “vote bank”?

In the end, we have to have a word of cheer for the Hindus since, since Partition, they are ALL wearing the yellow ribbon of surrender before Islam. It is, “CALL GURU GOBIND SINGH JI THE “DEFENDER OF HINDUSTHAN,” and put it down in your Constitution. You will see the brilliant “Sun of Shakti” rise over your dismal dark land.

Let nobody mention the Jews in Third Reich again. Long ago they created a SOVEREIGN JEWISH STATE of Israel. How far is the Hindu in Hindusthan from his “Hindu Rashtra”? Then the “BLACK CROW” Hindu will join the club of “White Swans”.



JLN (Jawahar Lal Nehru) University in New Delhi is the most prestigious post-partition citadel of “Islamic Secularism” as Aligarh Muslim University was the most renowned citadel of “Islamic Separatism” in India until ‘its work was done’ (mission accomplished) in 1947.

Reading DUTIES OF PRESIDENT of India in the previous posting under the same title, a luminary of JLN University asked,

“What if the Supreme Commander of India cares two hoots about your abuses and regards them merely as the “barking of dogs”.

“Yes, a good question when you think that the Hindus have been cursing and ABUSING their almighty “Hindu bashing” Congress Party and Sarkar for over half a century and still nothing much has changed in their world.

Lavish Hajj subsidies are still being paid to the PERSONA NON GRATA, Sri Ram Temple is still not off the ground. The Hindus have yet to return to their homes in Srinagar, the Sikh has yet to get adequate compensation for the loss of his grandfather’s house in Rawalpindi, and there is no sign yet of BHAGWA flying over Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhawan, and so on.

But hark! Out there in the murky dark world of the Pagan, groaning under the foot of their “Hindu BASHING / Sikh KILLING” rulers, there is a proud Rajput somewhere who will notice that in NO other country on earth except Hindusthan is the Head of State from a DIFFERENT religion than that of the majority community.

Is Pakistan ever likely to appoint a Hindu President? Is the United Kingdom ever going to have a Buddhist King or Queen?

So why is Hindusthan the only “nigger” State, so low down as to kiss the foot of any imported Italian, Albanian and Burmese female that is quickly IMPOSED on the whole nation to be admired and licked? Why?

And if this son of a PROUD Rajput still does not find a suitable explanation, either for the TREACHERY of the President or for the PARTITION of 1947, then he is going to walk straight up the secret ENEMY agent called KR NARAYANAN, the President of India and the Supreme Commander of her Armed Forces, and pull the trigger.

That is the NEXT stage beyond Abuse “No. 4” (See a previous posting under the same title on the four classes of abuse)!

“Is there a precedence for such a barbaric act of ASSASSINATING the President of India,” you ask.

“O YES, there is. All the three Gandhis, including the one regarded the modern HINDU version of Son of God, were profusely ABUSED before being assassinated.

“That, my dear scholar, is the precedence in the world’s last surviving (and rapidly disintegrating) Pagan Land!”

The Hindus MUST now roll back the tide.


Of course, sometimes there are tricky situations due to Partition. Take the KOH-I-NOOR, the world renowned diamond, for example. If the British were to look at the PLACE where they took it, then it is LAHORE. But if they look at the PEOPLE from whom they got it, then it is the SIKHS who were the rulers at that time. But there is also another “Gandhian Goat” which collapsed when expected to defend Secularism in Lahore but now claims Koh-I-Noor. While you might consider the claim of Pakistan and any future KHALISTAN, you would wish to SPIT on New Delhi in utter contempt.

You also have the awkward feeling that if returned to New Delhi, it will be conveniently stolen through State design or bribe to the Prime Minister and then, decades later, surface in Sonia “Gandhi’s” household in ITALY or among the State Treasures of Vatican.