Date: 6/5/2001


I S S S S . . . . . . . . . . SHUCKS!


Please concentrate on the POINT this writer is making and not be sidetracked by his diplomatic language.

Make a SIMPLE observation on two horrific anniversaries this week (first week, June 2001). (1) Martyrdom of Guru Arjan dev Ji and (2) the Massacre of innocent Sikhs, including women and children, and the desecration of Golden Temple by Indira Khan’s mercenary Army of “Eunuchs” who have yet to kill a “mujahid” on the OTHER side of the cease fire line in Kashmir, show up in North Kashmir, or protest over the unconditional return to ISLAM of our own EAST Bengal which they captured in 1972.

There will be plenty of moving accounts, tributes, great speeches, “kirtan”, “Akhand Paaths” prayers, and, of course, the “langar” everywhere.

But NOT one speaker, or scholar, will soberly tell the captive and unquestioning “sangats” and congregations and the listeners, that when the top RULERS are spiritually aliens or foreigners, you must expect your balls to be chewed.

Whether it was Babur, Jehangir, Aurangzeb, Lords Curzon and Mountbatten, anglicised Indian “coolie” Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Khan* or Rajiv Roberto**, they were all NON Sikh/NON Hindu, who wished all the Sikhs (and Hindus) to vanish from earth.

(* Sikh scholars have immersed themselves in scrutinising the authencity of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, but ask them to name the father, the uncles, the aunts, the first cousins and even the grandfather of the man INDIRA married!

** Rajiv, the loafer, who later became notorious as BOFORS CHOR, was born a MUSLIM, pretended to be Hindu, and later secretly converted to the CATHOLIC Faith on marrying Sonia Maino in Italy. His bogus "cremation" was a political farce, or a cheap "tamaasha", to gather sympathy votes of the CLUELESS Hindus.)

It is only when we IGNORE this fundamental Law of Nature (“a cheetah will protect its own offspring but devour that of the sheep”), that we are “REDUCED” to commemorating all the “Shaheedi days” with great enthusiasm, or totally suppress other shamefully embarrassing events such as (dare one utter the word?) PARTITION.

The mere mention of the word dries up the guts of our Sardars like the guts and breath of all the Hindu stalwarts and elders in Bharat.

Do you see the connection between the senile father and the errant and wild young son with a lot of "josh" but little "hosh"?

The Sikhs all over the world protest, “Choosing the day of attack to coincide with the anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s martyrdom was extremely insensitive of Indira.”

YES, but why didn’t any Sikh in the world realize that the timing was just RIGHT if you were the deadly ENEMY to inflict maximum number of casualties among a proud and martial people, destroy their Pride in Religion and leave a long lasting residual trail of TERROR in our psyche?

One could shout at all the Pagans on earth, “FOOLS, why didn’t you expect Aurangzeb to kill off the little boys of our Tenth Master?”

“You FOOLS, why didn’t you expect the Taliban to put every Hindu in DOG OLLAR?”

“You FOOLS, why on earth will the committed Catholic Italian import, Sonia Gandhi, love the Hindus and their Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya?"

"You FOOLS, why will GOVERNOR PC Alexander wish the Marathas well?"

"You FOOLS, how does President of Hindusthan's Burmese born EVANGELIST wife relate to our DIGNIFIED Sikh PRINCESSES and all the DEGRADED Hindu women and girls throughout India, if not the world?"

"How the Hell, YOU DAMN FOOLS?"

Are we crying over our total lack of guts or total lack of Brain?

How many martyrdom anniversaries are the Pakistanis, or even the Indian Muslims commemorating? How many of them, and how often through the centuries, have THEY been slaughtered by the Hindus, or by the Sikhs, on our own TERRITORY?

So next year when the Sikhs gather to lament their tens of thousands of DEAD, and commemorate Shaheedi Gurpurbs, leave them alone to their fate, and WALK AWAY. Some communities wear those "yellow ribons" voluntarily, while some clobber their OWN kind while ignoring the enemy all round.

Whisper to them, if you will, “YOU FOOLS, did you expect Jehangir to bestow a saropa on the Kafir?”

"Did you expect Indira Khan to spend money on EDUCATION of your children, or utter the word “Akhand Bharat”, or name Palam International Airport as “Guru Tegh Bahadur International Airport”, or free Broadcasting from state control, or ban Koran (which inspired Mr. Jinnah to attack his own land of birth in 1947), or demolish that “Jinnah House” in Mumbai (as the honourable Germans did to Spandau Prison in Berlin) or even to take "Amrit" to call herself "Indira KAUR"?"

"Did you, you FOOLS?

Just wait for the NEXT onslaught."