Date: 6/5/2001





Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was THE MAN of Century who stood fast, defending the TERRITORY of his ancestors, Gurus and Panth.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma MK Gandhi were RABBITS of Century who ran away from the challenge of defending Secularism in Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka. Then, as the COWARDS and TRAITORS do, they wiped out all references to PARTITION from the national memory.

Don’t you ever let any super smart despicable (secular) stooge from India hoodwink you into believing that Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was a terrorist.

Don’t let the offspring of RABBITS pass judgement over MEN of history.

This Nehruvian “BASTARD” (many have BAs, MAs and PhDs!) is shielding the biggest TRAITORS of the century, who signed on the dotted line at PARTITION. The nation does not know of ONE condition of that “Act of Surrender of Hindu’s Head and Sikh’s Honour”!


The KHALSA of Guru Gobind Singh Ji owes a lot, above all, its visible symbols, to the Taliban of Afghanistan, the direct descendants of the grand Moguls who ruled India as despots for several centuries.

Secular scholars of Hindusthan are fascinated by their life style of luxury (paid for by their Hindu slaves!) and all the wine and song of their imperial courts, ignoring all the Hindu KILLING, ABDUCTION and RAPING they were doing all the time, to reduce the native genetic count. As a result, today’s Hindu is a blind gutless moron who cannot see his “dog collar” in Lahore and East Bengal.

The Taliban’s laws for WOMEN and HINDUS today are the same as they were in India during the reign of Mogul emperors till the British East India Company sacked the last Mogul in Delhi in 1857. Pandit Nehru was mighty upset over the fate of the Mohammedan ruler of Hindusthan who was packed off to Rangoon (to do his namaz, and die, there), and called it the “First War of Independence”. None dares to ask in his COOLIE COLONY even today, “How did the SECOND War of Independence end up in PARTITION?”

Nehru related more to the Moguls than to the crushed Hindus under his jackboot.

Under the rule of Taliban (our Moguls) the Hindus changed GENETICALLY to be submissive, subservient and “ahimsa smitten” morons, and developed tolerance for the predators as we see in a jungle, abundant with herbivorous animals and their flesh eating predators.

With Hindu resistance finally crushed, Hindusthan under the Mogul rule gradually settled down to resemble the balance and harmony of the vast jungle where the beasts and the rabbits co-exist peacefully, each taking the other for granted. It is the NATURAL “balance of life & equilibrium” in a jungle.

Like today, the Hindus LOST all idea of OUSTING the predators who had invaded India from Afghanistan. They clung to their feet, praying, “We are all the children of the same God. We are all related. Do consider us human beings, O Mighty Masters! We love you,” etc. etc. But the master invariably spat on them and kept them in “Yellow Ribbon” which has now suddenly caught the world eye .

Partitioned India is sill the jungle where the vast herd of peacefully grazing “Hindu” cattle aren’t much concerned over the presence, nearby but out of sight, of a Musalman wolf here and a Catholic hyena there.

The predators take their share of flesh and go off to long sleep while life in the jungle carries on as before, and the hares, the horses and the deer carry on grazing.

Muslims in Broken Bharat, as we know, are not an endangered specie despite the brutality of PARTITION but fully protected by Nehru’s Constitution. Prowling Catholic cats are a new type of European carnivorous beasts being accepted with great admiration by the native cows, goats and sheep. At least these cats eat souls, not flesh or babies, like the Islamic wolves. They kill cows in abattoirs, away from Hindu eye, not in open streets.

The NON Hindus, cunningly and silently scheming and planning the demise of Hindus, now occupy top ranking positions. Yet NO Hindu is perturbed over the implications of having NON Hindu masters, governors, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, inspectors, generals, counsellors, advisers and directors.

In such a scenario of Indian JUNGLE, there came a time when the stock of herbivorous animals was badly depleted and threatened with extinction.

Hindus in Kashmir and the Punjab were vanishing faster than ever. There was NO Sikh in sight yet.

The wolves had developed long teeth and tremendous appetite.

At that moment in history a miracle occurred in Sri Anandpur Sahib in the hills of Punjab.


The Taliban of those days, the MOGULS, had to be the yardstick to measure the newly created breed of men.

The motto ran: “Whatever the terrible RULERS do, we will do better. Whatever they have, we will have longer and stronger.” The last resort left to survive was through Confrontation and bold Defiance. (“Choon kar as hameh hile darguzasht , , , , ,”).

The Moguls (TALIBAN today) do have long flowing beards but cut the hair on heads. We will have the full hair all over, so, gain preponderance.

They carry daggers, We shall carry long kirpans. Thus we shall be more than a match.

They ride horses and so shall we, and overtake them in hot pursuit.

They pray five times. So shall we, and our prayers will be much longer, to instil more inner discipline.

They produce “mujahideen”. So shall we.

Come and find out about the real heroes and heroines of India. Take some time off reading the Indian popular trash like “Life and Times of Mr. Clean” or “Indira is India”, or “Nehru, the great freedom FIGHTER!” or, “How Bapu, equipped only with “soti & langoti”, chased out the British Lion single handed!”, or “Prodigy Priyenka, Hindustan’s very own Lady Diana!,” etc. etc.

Come, you smashed cabinet ministers and all the MPs in Lok Sabha in Yellow Ribbons, READ THE HISTORY OF THE CULMINATION OF SIKHS INTO THE FORMIDABLE FIGHTING FORCE CALLED THE KHALSA. Defy the devils by doing at least ONE brave act, naming New Delhi’s International Airport after Guru Tegh Bahadur.

Why do you daily degrade yourselves by landing or taking off from there which bears a very evil name? What are you telling the world leaders who come to India? Don’t they know Indira’s contempt of Hindus, her arrogance, her misdeeds in the South and the North, her misadventure in the Punjab, and the manner of her DYING at HALLOWEEN? Why do you project India as “Congress COOLIE Colony” and 'Indira as India'? Why?

The list defining the Khalsa continued:

Like the Moguls, we shall write martyrdom at the top of our agenda.

They kill by halal. We shall do JHATKA, which means swift deliverance to the animal.

They eat out of one pot. We will have langars all over.

They congregate. So shall we. (Hindu temples had been razed to the ground and a discreet corner in bedroom served as the place for secret puja).

They shout “Allah Hu Akbar”, We shall shout even louder, “SAT SRI AKAL” to take their breath out!”

There were some fundamental differences:

The Khalsa being so few, could NOT hide the women behind chadors and burqa. Nor were they allowed to take concubines and women of the vanquished as per guidance of their noble Gurus unlike the Taliban who could catch any number of women in the battlefield after slaying their men-folk and then distribute them among themselves as per Hadis.

The Sikh women had to be sword wielding soldiers in the battlefield, too, and they did despatch many a boasting Mogul, Khan and Pathan to Hell.

The Moguls forcibly CONVERTED the Pagans to Islam.

Forcing the slaves and the vanquished to CONVERT to the religion of the conqueror was utterly disgusting and beneath the dignity of the brave Khalsa. They were NOT prepared to debase and lower their own fine religion so much.

Perhaps the biggest difference with the Moguls and the Taliban was the lack of TERRITORIAL sense of the Khalsa. Hence while the Taliban defeated the Russians and STUCK TO THEIR TERRITORY, the Khalsa surrendered, and soon thereafter took employment under the British. They were an excellent product, being ferocious in battle like the Taliban yet loyal like the dogs to their regimental officers.

The great Hindu chant of “Dharti Mata” and “Bharat Mata” was by now totally hollow, if not mere “buckwaas”. None is moved by it any more. We saw how the MAJORITY community evaporated from five provinces within days in 1947.

That is what the Khalsa, too, thought of sticking to TERRITORY. Hence in 1947 it was so easy to dislodge them all from the whole of West Punjab within days. Today NO Sikh leader or organisation spares a thought for the farms of Lyallpur or the lands of Gujranwala.

The territorial concept of Mohammed was radically different from that of Guru Nanak.

So, when I see a Khalsa in the Taliban “ROOP”, including the turban and the long flowing beard, and when I hear of a Sikh defined by his VISIBLE symbols, I think of the ancestors of these Taliban in Afghanistan, the powerful MOGULS dominating the territory of Hindusthan, who forced a whole segment of the natives in Western India into their own mould and shape, and rigid form.

What if the Moguls had been from France, Spain, Japan, or Portugal? Would we have had the Khalsa, or even the Sikhs then?



India’s Western and Eastern States again badly need a powerful ideological, spiritual and martial FORCE that is equal and opposite to that of the savage Taliban in order to defend the indefensible, that is, the sinking quagmire called Hindusthan, the human jungle. It is now EXPOSED to the enemy from all directions and from within.

No wonder Bandit Nehru’s Dynasty and Party are the sworn enemies of the Sikhs and the Khalsa.

Lucky for our enemies: The Sikhs believe in going on Internet as much as the Taliban do.

So, ignorance and fear will only INCREASE in Partitioned India, along with a renewed sense of INSECURITY in what is now Reduced East Punjab if the people there do not see the Hindus stir in Ayodhya and Srinagar very quickly.

Is India's Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, again off to the Durbar of his Mogul Emperor in LAHORE?

Lahore is where the KHALSA FLAG flew proudly until 1846 while the Hindu Bhagwa is yet to show up over Red Fort in New Delhi. Could there be any place SAFER for it in the whole of Bharat?