Date: 6/8/2001


While the NATIVE can see his family being slaughtered and killed, his territory shrinking, the official "sarkari" line that comes out of New Delhi is that

China is seen as a long-term security challenge;

So, let us see WHO is this "eunuch" in New Delhi and how much of him is native or "Hindu". After all, the land is called Hindusthan!

One will be SHOCKED to discover that either there is NO Hindu in Hindusthan, or the Hindu in Delhi is DEAD.

So, one "India watcher", who has seen her frontiers shift from Khyber to Amritsar in one second on a MIDNIGHT in 1947, and EAST Bengal vanish twice in his living memory, reacted to the above line as follows:-

"BALLS!" to all the strategists of BROKEN BHARAT, or PISS (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE) which cannot see its defences SMASHED in East Bengal and North Kashmir, with not a single Hindu living in Srinagar, and the "DOG COLLAR" of a YELLOW RIBBON around Hindus' necks in Kabul and the entire HINDU ruling family BLASTED in Kathmandu and every Hindu EXTERMINATED in West Punjab, Baluchistan and NWFP, where they were safe until 1947.

Yes, "Buddhist" China is her strategic ENEMY just because Uncle Sam thinks so and says so, twisting the tail of the INDIAN MULE- but NOT the perennially VICIOUS and HOSTILE Islam that has already chewed up India's "balls", head, leg and left arm right up to the shoulder (from Karachi to Gilgit), and is about to devour her from within, and penetrate her from OUTSIDE (back and front), too.

It was mutilation of "mother" India in 1947. Now look forward to her imminent "rape". The ENEMY is to the East and to the West and rampant WITHIN, while my Indian "sparrow" in cage is fearing the one from across the Himalayas whom she has only seen once since the times of Lord Buddha. And will the HINDU BASHER Government of India ever lift a finger to improve any relations with Hindu Nepal or Buddhist China?

NO, she will look at China and all the splendid world to her EAST through the eyes of Uncle Sam, the Imam of Jama Masjid and the Pope. That is my India's point of view.

Islam is not in the reckoning of this brainless India just like in those days of Bandit Nehru's firm ideological anchor; and PLO is HINDU India's best friend while one has to be very wary of ISRAEL, or the ISLAMIC ghost of Bandit Nehru will turn in his GRAVE if we had a football match with an Israeli team in Delhi or Mumbai.

(Yes, why can't the Israeli choir sing in Talkatora Gardens one fine evening?)

East Punjab cannot get what EAST Bengal has and South Kashmir cannot have the flag of North Kashmir.

How OBVIOUS is the disintegration, yet this frozen "statue of MUD" called India, under a CHRISTIAN President and his Burmese born alien wife, and under the TERROR of Italian born Sonia Gandhi, the CATHOLIC Leader of OPPOSITION in Parliament in New Delhi, says, "its foreign policy is sound and on course."

I will advise all those still living in such India to GET OUT FAST before it EXPLODES.

The India Watcher continues,

"I challenge "one billion bleating goats" to PROVE ME WRONG!

I am still waiting for a Hindu stalwart to say in public (as I would!) , "Pakistan was a fraud on us and since it was IMPOSED without referendum, undemocratic, and since India recognises and salutes the ISLAMIC flag over Lahore and Dhaka, somebody has mounted this gentle Hindu cow, and our Secularism in Delhi is MUCK- plain and stinking MUCK."

Now go and tell it to Uncle Sam, the newly discovered friend of Chacha Nehru. Marshal Stalin used to be our own Chacha's Uncle, until our Chacha died of syphillis in 1963, and the wife of Feroze KHAN took over his mantle calling herself "Mrs. Gandhi".

There were enought FOOLS on hand, nearly half a billion of them, to be turned into DAMN FOOLS overnight. THAT then was, and is, India's "defence"!

Prove me wrong!"

Thus said the India Watcher who will surface one day when the Hindu surfaces in Delhi, and stands up in Ayodhya.