Date: 6/8/2001



Why is the world looking at the Afghans only? WHY NOT look at the HINDUS, too?

Here are a few points only.

1. The Hindus did not challenge MA Jinnah over his PARTITION threat. Imperial Britain and the Bully Muslim JINN joined hands and "floored" India's top men. Some say, the TOP MAN, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was on the ENEMY side. He did not challenge the preposterous demand of Partition like a man. He collapsed like a mouse. He could not advance any argument against the unconditional surrender of Lahore and Chittagong. He was a barrister-at-law from London!

2. Hindustan could neither defend nor recover North Kashmir. Hindusthan is RECONCILED to that DEFEAT, and the terrible split situation in which SOUTH Kashmir is suspended so miserably.

3. Hindustan conquered, and then returned EAST Bengal to ISLAM in 1972 yet IMPOSING secularism on East Punjab with a vengeance. A trial for HIGH TREASON must be held against the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who acted like the CONCUBINE of Shaikh Mujiburrahman, the REAL winner.

4. Hindustan attacked Golden Temple in Amritsar in June 1984, to perpetute the rule of Nehru Dynasty. The arrogant Dynasty regarded the Sikhs as serfs & slaves like the rest of "mud-eating" Hindu world. Government of India inflicted deep and painful spiritual and body wounds on the Sikhs for which they have yet to apologise.

5. The Jews after persecution promptly established a JEWISH state. The Hindus have been persecuted much MORE than the Jews, yet they could not establish their HINDU RASHTRA in 1947 inspite of the fact that they had conceded VICTORY TO ISLAM in Lahore and Dhaka in that year.

After PARTITION, the Hindus emerged as "secular MONGREL DOGS", sharing their TERRITORY with the MOHAMMEDANS whom they had already conceded Pakistan!

6. Today the Hindus cannot recover the TOP POLITICAL POSITIONS in Hindusthan. These are: The Office of the President of India, the office of the Leader of Opposition, a CATHOLIC "mem" from Italy. Even the Defence Portfolio was, until corruption scandal broke out and removed George Fernandes, was under a Christian.

We may not know all this. But the Afghans know it all, and, therefore, put the DOG COLLAR around the Hindus' necks.

Anyone incensed over the Afghan action, please explain the terms and conditons of that PARTITION which we all seem to have accepted.

Finally, WHY ARE THE HINDUS in dog collar? Why?

Why can they not declare, "Guru Gobind Singh is our Saviour!"? Why not? Who has cut off their tongues, smashed their brains and sqashed their guts? Who?

Was Guru Gobind Singh imported from Palestine or Arabia?

NO! He was NATIVE to Hindustan, born in Patna, fought in Punjab and breathed his last in Maharaashtra and gave Amrit to all the low caste Hindus, and so on.

There is not a better figure in the entire Indian history. Yet the Hindu in DOG COLLAR dare not touch him!

That is why the Afghans acted, and showed INITIATIVE. They did what many Indians have wanted to do to the Hindus since August 15, 1947 for accepting that bogus partition of India.