Date: 6/10/2001



The news was routine (Sunday, June 10, 2001), as usual, and boring, damn boring.

Uncle Sam took no notice of it. Nor did the UNO or the vast world of Hindu in the partitioned land of their revered Gandhi, Nehru and Guru Nanak. They were fast asleep upstairs while fires were raging through the ground floor and rising.

1-Jew Killed In Switzerland

2-Jew Seriously Injured South of Beth El

At least one HINDU inhaled the pungent smoke and woke up.

He read the news, and felt the tingling of TERROR in his weak spine. The Jew on his own patch (Israel) was under attack.

It was like the Hindu’s own world-

100 pilgrims to Amarnath Cave massacred.

35 Sikhs killed in Chattisinghpura,

5 Indian security personnel gunned down in an ambush near Nowshera;

Suicide Muslim militant blows up Corps Headquarters in Srinagar; and so on.

It was the perennial one-sided stream bringing news of death to the Jews and the HINDUS.

The Hindu reflected:

How did the MUSLIMS appear in Palestine when Mohammed was a native Meccan? Why did he come charging up with his wild bloodthirsty tribe, burning, tearing down, killing, raping and converting, then finally to die in the middle of battle in the Jews’ holiest city Jerusalem, having ordered God never to send another Prophet down to Earth so that he (Mohammed) stays His LAST prophet on earth?

Yes, how did the MUSLIMS come to claim Palestine from the Jews, the whole of Iran from the native Zoroastrians, the whole of Afghanistan from the native Buddhists who carved out grand and magnificent Buddhas, and the whole of Western and Eastern India as their legitimate ISLAMIC territory?

There was something preposterous with the Muslims who have no shame whatsoever to fly their ISLAMIC flag even over our HINDU Lahore.

And look at this ‘scum of mankind’, the Pakistani, issuing visa in his High Commission in New Delhi to the Sikh to visit Nankana Sahib in the illegitimate pirate State of Pakistan!

(Pakistan can only get legitimacy on TWO counts: 1. Referedum across India over the issue of Partition; and 2. Expulsion of ALL THE MOHAMMEDANS from Partitioned India).

So, the Hindu reflected, “The Jews, too, are in the despicable HINDU situation now.” The Hindu went on to reflect-

Take SOUTH KASHMIR. North Kashmir is already GONE!

India has been crying for decades that she will take it back since its RULER signed the Document of Accession to India in 1947.

But NO Hindu dare ask himself or his Government as to WHY Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru signed off FIVE PROVINCES to ISLAM in the first place, in 1947- and without insisting on Referendum or WAR.

It is he (Nehru) who encouraged the Muslims to chop off the "balls", head, arms and leg of India.

It is he who let the Muslims not only taste, but drink bucketfuls of Hindu blood in 1947. One million innocent Hindus put to sword, starting from Noakhali in August 1946 till the end of 1947, is no mean achievement, even by ISLAMIC standards.

It is Pandit Nehru, the biggest criminal. But LOOK! He is hailed as the biggest hero in Partitioned India. Some coolie colony! Some serfdom! Some despicable loathsome "nigger"! This HINDU India.

NEHRU was squarely on the side of the Muslims and a great friend of Marshal Stalin of the Soviet Union. He never visited the country called Lithuania where one quarter of the population had been wiped out or sent off to Siberia by Marshal Stalin. India’s Pandit Nehru confined his visits only to the great banquets in Moscow and to signing those treaties of eternal friendship. We should have known that and stoned Pandit Nehru to death.

Did he ever visit Israel? Why not? What kind of a “bridge” was he between the East and the West? Surely, a bridge between defeated India and victorious Islam!

It was NEHRU who put the dog collar of his own brand of Socialism around the Hindus' necks leaving them IMPOVERISHED, TIMID & IGNORANT to this day.

Thanks to Nehru, the Hindus today have an extremely LOW genetic quality. He never said, Be proud to be Hindu.

By conceding Pakistan, Pandit Nehru told the Muslims, You are vastly superior to the Hindus. You can fly your ISLAMIC flags over Lahore, Dhaka and North Kashmir, but I will RAM DOWN THE HINDU THROATS MY OWN VERSION OF SECULARISM. And he did. Today every Hindu tiger is a secular ass.

Pandit Nehru reduced the Hindus to the extent that in South Kashmir they are perceived to be INDIAN DOGS.

The Muslims will stay a separate vicious minority in India just as Pandit Nehru AND HIS DYNASTY want them to be. The Pope is forging a nefarious secret alliance with the Indian Muslims AGAINST the Hindus.

Sonia Gandhi, a committed Catholic and the uncrowned Queen of India, has warned the native Hindus against any idea to re-build the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Had Pandit Nehru been on the side of India or even the wretched Hindus, he would have entered the Muslim as PERSONA NON GRATA in his Constitution, not equal to the Hindu and superior to the Sikh!

(Just think of the sovereignty his daughter conceded to EAST Bengal in 1972 and the BLOODY repression and reign of terror she let loose in EAST Punjab!)

Since 1947 NOT ONE Muslim has been killed by the HINDUS on the OTHER side of the cease fire line.

All casualties have been only on THIS (Indian) side of cease fire line.

The Muslim militants have endless supply of suicide bombers and fighters and they are pouring in from every known Islamic country for THEIR holy cause- Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and Pakistan included.

We don't hear of Hindu militants from Gujerat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka or West Bengal operating in North Kashmir, behind enemy lines! Do we?

So the gentle Hindu is being BLED all the time.

We can see Israel in the same situation.

The civilised Jew is being bled all the time.

When did we ever hear of a BOMB blast in Cairo, Teheran or Damascus by a Jewish fanatic? When?

It is only Mohammed's unlimited Army and their deeply entrenched propensity to mayhem, mischief and murder, that is perpetrating bloody crimes against INNOCENT Jews and Hindus and Sikhs all the time.

The way out is to EXPEL all the Muslims from that Jewish State and Hindusthan. That was the fate of all the Hindus AND SIKHS in West Punjab, and of the Jews in most Islamic countries.

By its very definition ‘Hindu India’ cannot have a single loyal Muslim, nor can Israel have a single loyal Muslim as her citizen.

The Muslim is committed to wipe out the Jew and the Hindu.

It is as simple as that. What has been happening throughout history?

This is the HINDU point of view, trying to surface from under the foot of the Italian born Sonia Gandhi, the TOP politician in Bharat, and the Burmese born evangelist wife of the President of India, the FIRST Lady of Land who resides in the former Viceroy's Imperial Palace in New Delhi.

Is any Hindu perturbed over his dog's status in the President's House in New Delhi?

Please speak up. Tomorrow will be too late for you. Try meeting a Hindu in Lahore, Karachi or Quetta. Try seeing one near Khyber.