Date: 6/10/2001



Why did Prince Dipendra MASSACRE his own parents and family on June 1, 2001?

Look at all the dust the world is throwing into our eyes. Not one will come to the point.

“He was refused permission to marry his sweetheart,” says one Western reporter.

“He was drunk,” agrees a clueless secular Hindu with three PhDs in his hand.

But it’s a COVER UP nobody will talk about. It is a conspiracy of the Western world to suppress the Truth.

This cover up helps them keep the inferior “Asian” world in check. It helps them stay on TOP of Hindu heads.

This cover up suits the President of India whose gods are anything but Hindu. This cover up also suits his wife, an import from Burma, since all the native Hindu women are so INFERIOR.

This cover up conceals the fact that all the “BANDITS” (Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Priyenka and Rahul) went ABROAD for education. So did Prince Dipendra of Nepal.

A country the size of India, which can spend trillions on producing nuclear weapons, will NOT establish a single university which could be as good as the one in Cambridge, nor a school as good as the ones in Eaton and Harrow.

That is where the RULING families of the inferior Asian world send their children for knowledge and many OTHER things that are INVISIBLE.

This puts all these “many other things” (attitudes, outlook and perceptions) that are invisible, promptly beyond the comprehension of the HINDUS and the other simple Asian communities which define their own members by VISIBLE symbols.

So, what do the children of our native VIPs, including princes and heirs apparent, bring back from Europe or America on return?

They bring back utter contempt and HATRED of their own parents, their fellow countrymen and even their native religions and customs.

Pandit Nehru who signed off India’s FIVE PROVINCES to Islam without batting an eyelid, was giving a mighty big KICK to the inferior Hindus in his own way. It was not any less dramatic than the assassinations in Kathmandu.

Pandit Nehru saw the Hindus through the eyes of his British MASTERS and ISLAM, through all the literature he read about the British and Mogul GLORY in the past.

He “saw” the former as flies, insects and vermin while treating the latter (Muslims) with utmost reverence. The concessions showered by him and his Dynasty on ISLAMIC East Bengal stand in marked contrast to the BRUTAL repression of the native Sikhs in East Punjab.

How many Hindus can visualise the ambient “imperial” atmosphere that prevailed at the “White & Exclusive” Eton School in England in which Prince Dipendra of Nepal studied for THREE years, basking in the sun of British glory.

Rajiv Gandhi, the mental coolie, brought back his 'social elevation' in the form of Sonia Maino, a girl from Italy. He promptly pronounced himself 'above all those with native females'.

What did Prince Dipendra bring back to Nepal, to raise his social profile among the "niggers" back home?

What did he see and feel on return to his Kingdom?

He saw the King humbled by the Marxists, Communists and the Anarchists, and betrayed by all the Hindus of India. That is what he saw on his return to Nepal. With the Royal family humbled and impoverished, there was hardly any role for the Prince to play in his country. He felt like a parasite. He felt like an extra body. He felt angry and FRUSTRATED. All the expatriate Indians know the feeling!

Hindusthan was, sadly, not the strong backbone of the only surviving Hindu Royal family in the world, but rather jelly- like “pulp” under the foot of sophisticated Italians and the manly Muslims.

All what the whisky did to the Prince that evening, was to embolden him to shoot dead the “rats”, the INFERIOR Hindus.

He had heard of the despicable Yellow Ribbons for the Hindus in Afghanistan and their extermination in the neighbouring South Kashmir.

He was not the devious gutless type like most of the ONE BILLION Hindus living on this Earth. The prince had honourable Royal blood and he was a proud young man brought up in the lore of VALOUR of the Gurkha.

But at the same time the Prince saw his “native” parents and family through the eyes of the powerful British master race, and fellow pupils of aristocratic British family backgrounds at Eton.

He imbibed the respect for the While, and the disdain of the Brown and the Black.

The natives, however elevated, seemed pathetic and hopeless, weak, conceding and apologising like our Prime Minister Vajpayee, who boosts Muslim morale & image by providing Hajj subsidies to his Muslim masters, travels by “samjhauti” express wearing dhoti, and declares unilateral ceasefires when the going gets tough in South Kashmir.

Let us also realize that many an Indian Army subaltern secretly wishes to get a chance to mow down all the three Chiefs of Staff and his Supreme Commander, in one burst of machine gun fire, on hearing of yet another ceasefire ordered from the top. But he did not get the chance nor the few pegs of whisky at the right moment.

After a crushing military defeat a nation loses confidence in its own way of life and religion. So, what is left of HINDUISM socially, after a MILLION crushing defeats in history? Perhaps acute embarrassment of the one having leprosy? That’s how Prince Dipendra must have felt inside.

Ask those who lived through the Holocaust (PARTITION) of 1947 and SAW the Hindus run away from Karachi, leaving their daughters behind, and the Sikhs vanish from Lahore, how they feel. They believe the Jews were the wrong "candidates" for the gas chambers.

No breath left to challenge that bogus Partition or to ask, “What are the Muslims doing in our Partitioned India AFTER partition?”

The question is legitimate, moral and legal but the nation has NOT got the guts to look at it even.

Same is true of JAPAN where English style church weddings, complete with trappings shipped from Britain, are replacing traditional Shinto or civil service, as the ceremony of choice for young couples, despite the fact that few have even a rudimentary knowledge of Christianity. Sixty per cent of marriages are now staged in churches or chapels in the overwhelming Buddhist country, compared with 25 percent seven years ago, according to a private industry survey.”

You see the Japanese’ pride in their native religion taking a dip, and also the kind of “Sonia Jall” (Sonia Holy Water) that all the Hindus in India will be drinking in the near future, instead of their traditional “Ganga Jall”?

The rot started with the anglicised brown skinned “coolie” called Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who saw the Hindus of Lahore through the SAME cold and distant “British” eyes with which Prince Dipendra saw his own parents and their “sham” Imperial court!

Nehru escaped the WRATH of the betrayed native. The King of Nepal did NOT.