Date: 6/11/2001


VAZ, the Indian who WAS!

How long does it take in India to sack a corrupt minister, or make him disappear from politics? Perhaps ages, if not decades and centuries.

The BOFORS CHOR is still to be tried. There is no verdict on his trial yet. That could be great embarrassment to the government if his widow arranged a “rent a mob” on his behalf to “gherao” the Supreme Court, or if the demolition squads were to turn up to remove his bogus Samadhi where the President has to go in order to shed a crocodile tear on May 21 every year.

But the “devious” friend of Dynasy, Mr. Keith Vaz, the CATHOLIC MP from Goa, did not have much luck in England. He is out of cabinet and presumably FOR GOOD.

Here is how “The Daily Telegraph”, London, greeted his departure on Monday, 11th. June 2001. (Comment in brackets mine):-

“The minister dubbed the “InVazible Man” will finally disappear today from the political front line.

Keith Vaz, 44, the most senior Asian (read INDIAN) politician in British politics, is due to retire on health grounds, thus avoiding the ignominy of being sacked.

It brings to a close a controversial ministerial career that saw him promoted to the Foreign Office only to be criticised by MPs and tainted by allegations about his financial affairs.

During the election campaign, in which he was largely absent, the mention of his name was one of the few things that appeared to put Mr. Blair off his stride.

Cambridge-educated Mr. Vaz was elected to parliament in 1987 but, from the start, was a divisive figure. (Just like friends in Dirty Dynasty back home). Vocal in support of black sections before he was elected, he responded to questions afterwards by saying, “What’s a black section?”

He languished on the back benches for two years before becoming a junior minister in the Lord Chancellor’s department, where Lord Irvine described him as the “best networker I have ever seen”.

Just a few months later, he was promoted to the politically sensitive post of Minister of State for Europe.

There, he used the marbled corridors to host a meeting between a Labour supporting Asian restaurateur and an insurance company that was refusing to pay up after a fire. (There are many bogus fires in “Indian” shops and restaurants in England which result in fraudulent claims from the insurance companies! Was this one like that?)

A £60,000 tour, with the comedian Eddie Izzard, to promote the European Union, ended with him claiming that he had only met two Euro-sceptics- “Dave” and “Ralph”.

So many rang to dispute his version that his telephone number had to be changed and his constituency office transferred its line to the Foreign Office.

Elizabeth Filkin, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, found Mr. Vaz guilty of failing to declare a financial relationship with a City solicitor whom he recommended for an honour.

She cleared him of other allegations but, in an unprecedented move, said she was unable to complete her inquiries because Mr. Vaz and his legal team had refused to answer questions.

She launched a second inquiry after the Tories complained about his links with the Hinduja brothers, although the Hammond inquiry cleared Mr. Vaz of wrongdoing. (There is NO smoke without fire!) Meanwhile the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, among others, savaged him for laziness after discovering he had never visited the Balkans, an area for which he was responsible.

Two weeks ago the BBC’s “Today” programme claimed to have unearthed new evidence that he had failed to disclose the number of properties he owned.. (Properties dishonestly acquired? Right stinking bad corruption, Indian style!).

Yesterday Mr. Vaz was admitted to hospital for the second time since March. A spokesman said, his condition was “satisfactory” and he would be discharged “in the next day or so”.

He was re-elected as MP for Leicester East on Thursday with his majority cut by 5,000 votes to 13,442. (Many of his voters were INDIAN “coolies” in the city of Leicester, who will vote for any brown man in power, not only back home in Broken Bharat, in the hope of receiving some crumbs.)


NB: Will the "genetically reduced" sub human INDIAN scum back home KICK OUT a corrupt politician in the same way as in England? They ought to try with Laloo Prasad, Deve Gowda or Narasimha Rao, or perhaps with an enquiry into Sonia Gandhi’s huge and expensive “dowry” shipped back to Italy. Weren't there any "fodder scams", "banking scams", "defence scams" or any financial frauds by Mrs. Gandhi's very own notorious R.A.W.?