Date: 6/12/2001



There are two kinds of “dog collars” of degradation. One is visible and the other invisible.

This vital realisation travels up along the line of development of collective intellect of a community, based on broad global experience.

In a surprisingly striking manner, this perception is comparable to the chronological growth of humans.

The infants play with concrete objects. Communication within a community at this level is by visible symbols, objects and repeated rituals. Who hasn’t heard of the community that is still at the Infants’ level of intellect who fired tank shells at the totally harmless giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan and have banished the women from roads? They are not unique on earth.

Later, at adult level, we begin to understand and use abstract ideas and concepts which are invisible, e.g., loyalty, patriotism and courage.

Communities at this level know the worth of mutual support and collective IDENTITY. They also remember, and commemorate, their defeats and disasters in order to be forewarned about the next.

Those who are NOT moving along the road to extinction also manage to have it all written up, directly or indirectly, in their school curricula and in their Constitutions which are the expression of a people’s collective Will and aspirations.

The Constitution of India, written by clever traitors for the ignorant people of PARTITIONED India does not mention the biggest ever victory of Islam and the biggest ever DEFEAT of the Hindus in their entire history.

On the other hand, it safeguards the rights of the Muslims- both individual and collective in India, after PARTITON that reduced a Hindu to the status of a “dog” in Pakistan and third class citizen in his own partitioned India.

In the present social and constitutional hierarchy in Partitioned India, the Muslim is at the top, the Catholic, notably the Italian, is No. 2, with the Hindu No. 3 at the bottom.

The whole weight of Constitution and Legislature is to "bash and batter" the Hindu (and the Sikh!) through neglect and humiliation, to death and extinction.

The Hindus went under the heavy “yoke” of slavery when the Arabs invaded, and conquered, the Hindu/Buddhist province of Sind in 712 AD. The Hindus are still under it.

The Sikhs were put in the “dog collar” on 15 August 1947 when Lahore and Nankana Sahib were taken away from under their feet without any referendum, challenge or fight. They promptly forgot Partition, calling it Independence.

Surprisingly, neither the Hindus reflect on their degrading and demeaning “dog collar” nor the Sikhs notice their slavery in the present pseudo-secular set up in India.

-Utterly amazing.

The world of the “Indian coolie” is utterly amazing and unfathomable. It does boast of scholars. But what sort and calibre?

The first primates began walking, looking up, and they stood erect. The Hindus have learnt to walk with their eyes down and they are stooping more and more. Ultimately they will complete the cycle of evolution by walking on all fours.

Since Partition none has looked up and that is more than HALF A CENTURY of walking with heads and eyes DOWN.


One year of slavery drastically reduces the gene count of a nation. A nation that has been slave since 712 AD dare not put Guru Gobind Singh in its Constitution.


The difference between the Royal family in the United Kingdom where he studied and the Hindu Royal family back home in Nepal, was obvious to Crown Prince Dipendra. On June 1, 2001, he acted in THAT light, not in Pagan darkness.