Date: 6/12/2001


The world needs to be EDUCATED on Mohammed's (ISLAM'S) claim over Sialkot in West PUNJAB.

How does anyone explain the city's present misery and wretched status?

Mohammed (peace be upon his victims!) was an Arab. Sialkot is in INDIA. It lies hundreds of miles from Mecca. NOT A SOUL speaks the language of Arab beduines here. Everyone in the city speaks the divine Panjabi language, said to be the favourite of God Almighty and among the highest in the hierarchy of languages spoken on earth.

There are temples and gurdwaras in Sialkot while not one can be seen in the whole of Saudi Arabia.

Sialkot lies in an ancient civilisation which Alexander from Macedonia acknowledged to be among the best on earth. What state of civilisation was Mohammed's Arabia in 325 BC? Any record?

What negotiations took place while deciding the fate of Sialkot? What were the terms and conditions of its surrender? For how long was the agreement to be valid under which Sialkot went down under the uncouth, ALIEN and wild ISLAMIC culture and civilisation without a protest, fight or resistence?

It is amazing the whole Indian race is so DEGRADED that not one soul is perturbed over the ongoing "rape" of Sialkot. Sialkot is the "Daughter of India".

What about the Sikhs? How is it that not one body, individual, organisation or institute is seen protesting over the unconditional surrender of Sialkot?

Shouldn't one have thought of some sign of life in the Rest of India? Why has it become the "Sub Continent of the Dead"? Why?

Didn't one expect all the Muslims interned or expelled forthwith throughout India as soon as they tore down the SECULAR flag in Sialkot and hoisted the separatist Islamic flag in its place?

Shouldn't someone have cried, "BAN KORAN, Mohammed's MEIN KAMPF, which has spread this separatist poison among the INDIAN Muslims who have little in common with the Arabs, but have lived side by side with the Hindus and the Sikhs for centuries, sharing their language, culture, food and dress."

How long is the "Rule of Uncouth" going to sully the beautiful civic atmosphere of Sialkot?

When will the Hindus and the Sikhs return? When will the daughters of Sialkot be able to cast off their demeaning burqa and chador, and walk majestically tall through its streets with unconcealed joy and pride?