Date: 6/16/2001



The pyre was lit and the body of a young HINDU bride, barely 19, was placed on it. Mourning around the flames, leaping up to the sky, were her grief stricken wailing parents and a couple of close friends. None of her husband’s side was present.

She was the UMPTEENTH victim of dowry deaths in a land where girls are named “devis” in the old lore of Pagan Purity.

But not in today’s bleeding partitioned headless India. Here the culture of corruption fanned by Nehru Dynasty and the violence, gangsterism and immorality imbibed from the big screen with actors like Mohammed Yusuf Khan (Dalip Kumar), Akbar Khan, Sah Rukh Khan and all the other Khans, who should have been pushed out to Pakistan, have reduced the Hindus, even the Sikhs, to utter levels of moral bankruptcy, depravity, poverty and crisis of confidence.

The burning bride was not a lone case. Mothers-in-law were universally poor and greedy and the grooms were universally dreaming of marrying someone from Italy like their uncrowned prince from the House of Nehru, Rajiv Khan (alias Gandhi).

India, once the “golden sparrow” for all the foreigners to plunder, given the “eunuchs” who called themselves HINDU, who were supposed to defend DHARTI, DHANN AND DHEE (Territory, Wealth and Daughters), and given the Culture of Greed and Corruption fanned by their RULERS and happily taking the insult to Hinduism in Constitution while Islam was allowed to raise its flag sky high in Sialkot and Sylhet for no rhyme or reason, and given the universal adoration of foreign females, this native Hindu bride was ZERO.

The Inferior have a deep and strong wish to perish. “Mahatma” Gandhi, the Hindu, had this profound wish to lead Akhand Bharat to collective suicide. He shared this wish with Adolf Hitler in the last closing days of “Third Reich” as he yelled, “Germany, that is unfit to beat the enemy, must perish.” So did our MK Gandhi declare silently, but clearly, on that particular Day of his “Moan Barat” (the Day of Silence and Death Wish) in the last closing days of Raj, “Let the manly Muslims take away FIVE provinces without a single condition in turn. My INFERIOR fellow Hindus must perish.” And they did.

What is left of Gandhi’s India after the unconditional surrender of Karachi, Quetta, Hyderabad, Multan, Montgomery and Lyallpur (now under demeaning Arab names!), Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Attock, Peshawar, Hoti Mardan, Gilgit, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong?

No flesh but bones. No heart but a battery operated pump to keep the mutilated body of India breathing, with decreasing life.

That burning bride, in the prime of her life and beauty, was a victim to this strong “Death Wish” of her crushed race. The Sikhs, apparently warriors, have a “limb missing”. That is intellectual limb. They ought to know that the “throne” of Hindusthan can easily pass to (What’s his name?) Wadra, the husband of Priyenka KHAN (now “Gandhi” through grandmother’s DECEPTION). Why did Wadra’s grandfather turn to Christianity when in his own native Punjab he had TEN “sons of God”, two of them martyrs in the manner of Jesus of Narazeth? (Ever heard of Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Tegh Bahadur ji?)

The native “niggers” may have heard of their names but could not muster guts to give the name of Guru Tegh Bahadur to New Delhi’s International Airport which went under the BOOT of Dynasty with its present provocative, insulting and controversial name of Indira.

The “nation of eunuchs” seems lying dead in mud. Someone from the same nation of eunuchs set fire to the body of this young Hindu bride paying for the crime of birth in a Hindu family.

Oh! Had she been from Myanmar, the doors of President’s palace would have opened wide on her. And had she been Italian, she could have sat in front row in the midgets’ Parliament where the leaders, spokesmen and representatives of ONE BILLION eunuchs sit.

The world has to wait for many a century before some of them show up in Srinagar, the others in Ayodhyha and some are-even re-born in Multan.

Yes, the female loss has profound effect on the genes and morale of a nation. Who is keeping a count of all the brides who PERISHED in this manner and of the others who ended up in bed under a MUSALMAN, admiring his Arabic for Namaz, halaal for lunch and his aunt’s black burqa while packing her manly conqueror’s suitcase for his trip to Mecca? After all, the daring Musalman openly took his Hindu bride without any fear, with one billion bleating “sheep” standing around unconcerned, or just looking and “grazing”.

The Hindu leaders have better things to do than worry about dowry deaths or about their status in Srinagar, Karachi and EAST Bengal.

And the Sikh leaders are busying coining definitions of a Sikh which throw out more than take in. Like their Taliban counterparts in Afghanistan, they are busy measuring a Sikh by his beard. Some “AQAL” behind all that “Shakal”!

No wonder they received their “marching orders” from Lahore and received bombs and bullets on Golden Temple in June 1984. Such disasters are not mere accidents of history. They are clearly foreseeable and also preventable. But does the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Sikh and the Pagan have such a ‘fine tuned brain’ like that of the Jew, the Muslim and the Christian?

Can’t we see one advancing, the other retreating?

Independence from the British in 1947 was meant, at last, to enable the HINDU slaves to recover their crushed dignity. But it was not to be so in their case. Each day of slavery had drastically REDUCED their gene count. Slavery by now was accepted with the ease of breathing. Hindu and Sikh slaves in the British colony of India had, by now, become Zombis and Morons. They still are.

The genetic quality of the natives of India had touched zero much before 1947 due to the previous ONE THOUSAND YEARS of hammering, bashing, beheading, kidnapping, rape and forcible conversions. They never saw their masters smile at them, nor anyone appreciate their culture and religion. They went about with tremendous inferiority complex. They could not perceive of doing anything right. They believed to be always in the wrong.

The Muslims, whether from abroad or at home, have always made the Hindu/Sikh GIRLS their special target. There are good reasons for this. It gives them the thrill of conquering a Kafir. It gives them the thrill of DEGRADING the defeated race of Hindus. It gives them marry several of them or overload them with child births to increase the Muslim Umma’ tenfold in ten years. Furthermore, given the whole weight of history, a Hindu girl will perceive her human and civic rights less than one tenth of her Muslim master’s. Could a girl from the degraded SLAVE RACE dream of equality with a MAN from master race? A Hindu bride is also “expendable”. Her parents are hardly going to add shame to embarrassment by taking the Muslim bloke to court.

The women of the WEAK are especially vulnerable and are easy targets. This was the point of entire Hindu history since 712 AD. It’s a chapter that the cowards have closed unilaterally. In Ghazni, the pupils are told of Mahmud’s great victories over the Hindus and the public auction of Hindu maidens in the bazaars of Kabul, Kandahar and Ghazni though Indian schools may not even mention the name of Mahmud.

In modern times, the savage and sudden attack on unarmed and innocent Hindus in Noakhali District of Bengal in August 1946 was the Muslims’ first “probing attack” to see the Hindus’ reaction and defences. There was NONE. It was like thrusting a long knife into a body carved out of soft mud. Not one Hindu or Sikh leader cried out, “My God, these fellow citizens can behave like beasts in this manner!” Not one “DAMN FOOL” Sardar or Lala realized what “language” the MOHAMMEDANS were speaking to them. The Muslims got away scot free. Not one was caught, jailed or hanged to death. There was NO retaliation in Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra. It was as if the limbs of Hindu body were not connected to any central nervous system. It was as if the Hindus had NO collective brain. In contrast, the Indian Muslims showed their UNITY by attacking the BOGUS concept of “Akhand Bharat” in 1947, and decades later, destroying hundreds of “mandirs”- from EAST Bengal in BOGUSdesh to Birmingham in the United Kingdom- in prompt retaliation for the destruction of that vulgar “mosque” built by invader Babur (from Afghanistan) that had been erected on the very spot of the Grand Temple of Hindusthan in 1526 AD.

So the massacre and rapes of Rawalpindi, March 1947 followed. India was still under British rule but the massacres and rapes were “allowed” to take place through government connivance. What was worse, the MOHAMMEDANS forced their way into Hindu and SIKH homes, killed off the males, caught the girls and gang raped them on the spot. They then pushed them out in the street, tore off their clothes, mocking and laughing, and made them march in shame to the beat of drum, shouting Allah Hu Akbar. Many Muslim women shut their windows in utter disgust at what they saw.

That was the degradation of Hindu and Sikh women. As a further proof of their cowardice, the nation has put a lid on that chapter. Why is there NO memorial service to their betrayal by whole of Hindu nation? The writer has a photograph of that scene in his possession but it is too vulgar to put on Internet. What about the media at that time? Were they all “sons of bitches”? Where are the names of towns, dates and pictures or photographs? But NO. We are still proclaiming to the rest of the world, “We Hindus are the SCUM OF MANKIND. Only worth remembering are the Jews who died in Holocaust, the Armenian Christians put to sword by the Turks and the Lithuanians who were sent off to Siberia by Stalin.” India is truly “Partitioned Indian Secular State” (PISS) if she does not commemorate the ONE MILLION killed in 1947. There ought to have been the Day of Dignity of Hindu Women. There isn’t any. What good are the symbols of Sikh and the wealth of Hindu to the nation as a whole?

In 1947 one ought to have known that 1984 attack in Amritsar was coming, to claim TEN TIMES the number of lives that were lost in Jalianwala Bagh due to British firing in 1919. In 1984 the “damn fools” ought to have foreseen the Rape of South Kashmir. But such things are NOT possible without a collective Head and a collective Brain. Lord Ganesha had the head of an elephat. One can say that the HINDUS (and the SIKHS) have the Head of a Donkey? Prove it wrong! Those Hindus slaughtered in Sindh and those Sikhs killed and raped in Lahore were NOT the “rats and vermin” that WE OURSELVES ARE, even now in the year 2001.

Today the Hindus, who have turned their backs on the Dignity of their Women, adore Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English as the languages of superior races while looking down with embarrassment at their own Hindi as something inferior. They avoid Sanskrit altogether.

It was perfectly all right to let the Islamic flag cover Dhaka and Lahore but the natives imposed a ban upon themselves, saying, “NO saffron (bhagwa) flag over Delhi. We are “bhangis” if not “baboons”.” The Sikhs have spent enormous amounts on “langar” but very little on literacy or literature. How many gurdwaras are on Internet? How many MLAs at State Legislature in Chandigarh are graduates? Do they have e-mail address? Do they know what RELIGION Khanum Indira Gandhi professed? Do they care? Do the Hindus know what their Italian born “Rashtramata” thinks of their NATIVE religion? Do they care? The PERISHING Pagans.

Hindus in Partitioned India are so LOW DOWN in their “gaurav” and commitment to Faith, that their religion is NOT to be seen in the Constitution. That is why all the defeats and disasters are out of memory and PARTITION is “Independence”. There is NO official record of who or how many died in the civil war of 1947. There is no count of how many girls and women were abducted or hacked to death. In the defeated and degraded India the feasts, banquets and celebrations go on as usual. Look at the expense on the wedding of an Indian “coolie” whose bride is no patch to any European female as all those dowry DEATHS show.

The biggest opponents of the idea of raising the profile of Hinduism in Hindusthan are the Hindus themselves. There runs a shiver of terror through the Hindu spine over the very idea which, it is feared, will bring the wrath of the whole world upon them.

They are not prepared to fight another civil war. Neither the brave Arabs nor the proud Europeans would like to see a Hindu flag flying anywhere in Hindusthan. By acting meekly under the powerful Foreign Will, the gutless Hindu coward has CONDEMNED himself to slow death on his own patch. Just think of those 70 million Hindu bodies that came together at Sangham and then within hours FIZZLED OUT. They could not recover even one Hindu bride from a Khan in Allahabad, nor set fire to all the name boards of the city and paint PRAYAG, instead. That “grass eating, dust smeared, mantra chanting” useless Hindu “holy” rabble, SEVENTY-MILLION weak, was at the level of awareness of the animals with regard to Dignity of Hindu women in Lok Sabha, and “Rashtrapati Bhawan”. (There is one from Italy, and there is another from Myanmar, overshadowing every Hindu and Sikh’s mother, sister and wife in Bharat).

As part of conditioning of the slaves’ minds, the Hindus feel safe whenever there is a Muslim or a Christian among them, or on top. This is true of the legislatures, commissions, ministries and institutions all over India as of the Parliament in New Delhi. Nehru never said, “Brown is beautiful!” Did he?

In that “donkey’s” climate, the grand sounding “Bharatvarsha”, that once had Afghanistan and Myanmar in it, is only a degraded “Coolie Colony” now, and all its Hindus have come to acquire leaders who are either preaching, “Love thy Imperial Masters,” or “Serve the Foreigner!”

These native Hindu leaders had such a halo around their heads that they appeared semi gods to the Hindu masses. In reality they were downright cowards, selfish and corrupt, who had NO idea of patriotism and the defence of territory and principles. They became objects of blind worship by their ignorant and illiterate following. They rose head and shoulders above the pygmy nation of Indian slaves. They alone could speak to the British rulers and Viceroys while the rest were shooed away from the White man like the pestering dogs.

With literacy at about 7 per cent and education at close to zero, the nation of Hindus went straight under the jackboot of autocrat Jawaharlal Nehru instead of noticing the Sword of Islam that was suddenly out of its sheath, and shoved deep into the soft Hindu flesh. The Sikh “Kirpan”, in comparison, seemed a mere kitchen knife.

The consequences of holding back the Hindus while boosting Islam with the FREE gift of five provinces with all the people and natural resources & bounties in them, was to put a question mark on the survival of Hindus in Pakistan, even the Rest of India.

India’s new Imperial Sultan, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, immediately set about his “Islamic” task. A three-pronged attack on the collective Hindu body as follows:-

1. Outlaw Hinduism from Constitution. Thus despite partition Hinduism became “filth” constitutionally, on its own territory. This was a blow as severe as Partition itself when one third of India vanished from the map.

2. Kill individual genius and initiative. Everything came to be controlled by State thus either forcing the intelligentsia to flee or become morons, “towing the sarkari line”. The intellectual difference between a Hindu and a Musalman and between a Hindu’s freedom of spirit and the Taliban style repression was obliterated.

All means of production were controlled by the State. All initiative was killed and broadcasting put under Nehru’s direct control. It was vital for him to brainwash the nation, take huge commissions and secret bribes, and obliterate all memory of Partition.

He succeeded in turning Partition around as Independence. In reality, it was “independence” of only one man- the “bastard” himself. His daughter Indira was to return EAST Bengal to ISLAM after its capture by her “secular” troops, and then attack Golden Temple in Amritsar as her ultimate act of High Treason. The entire nation had their eyes gouged out. None could see her strategic designs- not even the Chief of Army Staff who is still clearing the mess in South Kashmir after receiving a “bloody nose” in Northern Sri Lanka.

Since this had been the Hindus’ “way of life” in the previous millennium, they lapped up slavery like a hungry dog lapping up milk. Pandit Nehru could visibly and openly groom his own daughter for his high executive office after his death. There was no resistance, no assassination of Pandit Nehru, since the Indians were led to believe, “Nehru Dynasty is Democracy”!

3. Degrade Hindu womanhood.

Not once was Pandit Nehru seen in the company of a brown skinned Hindu lady. Not once did he say, “Treat the native women with dignity. Be proud to be Hindu.” Not once did he encourage literacy and scholarship among them. His soul, heart and mind were pining for Edwina Mountbatten, the married woman.

Instead of touring the Indian countryside to see the problems of illiteracy, poverty and ignorance first hand, our Pandit was invariably on foreign jaunts- dining and wining with his “superior” gods in London, Washington, Cairo and Moscow.

Jawaharlal Nehru was a genius in the art of chatting up foreign females, and BEGGING. This crushed the spirit of the nation, its self-esteem and sense of dignity. The Indian and his India became dependent, impoverished and orphan of the world.

The inferiority complex ridden people “shrink” in every dimension. Theirs is not the motto, “Dare and Win!” but “Survive through licking up to all, free langars to all, and nishkam sewa to all!”

Degradation of native Hindu women resulted in increased abduction, seduction and “nikah” of Hindu girls by Mohammedans. No count has been kept of the rapid drop in Hindus’ self esteem.

Many a “damn fool” Lala and Sardar was led to believe that having a Mohammedan son-in-law was a seal on one’s Secularism, a rise in social standing, even promotion in job. The Hindu-Muslim “nikah” in PARTITIONED India (invariably a Muslim “bull” and a Hindu “cow”) became a one-way traffic, to benefit the Mohammedans by raising their gene count and INCREASING THEIR NUMBERS.

Even Sikh girls have started dreaming of Muslim lovers and husbands, and seem to slip easily into the culture of “beef, halaal, huqqa, burqa and namaaz”. But you will not see anyone unduly perturbed over this degradation. The climate of resignation created by the “Hindu basher/Sikh killer” RULERS of India makes all repeat, “What can we do?”

That was Pandit Nehru’s India, in which once again the Hindu became proud of his “dog collar”!

A logical consequence of the spread of ‘culture of greed’ and the social downgrading of Hindu girls, is a rapid increase in “dowry deaths”. It means REJECTION of native brown skinned brides by their husbands.

The gutless Hindu male follows the examples of Nehru’s love of the British female, Indira’s love of Muslim men and Rajiv’s preference for the Italians. None has cared two hoots about the IMAGE of Hindu females in Bharat, the adverse social impact, and the neglect, even insult, of the native Hindu women.

Many native Indian women have DIED heartbroken through rejection by their men whom they were brought up to worship as “Pati Parmeshwar”.

Native Hindu men in PARTITIONED India are dreaming of European females. Rajiv Gandhi felt a “proud cock” when going about in public with Sonia. She raised the “Indian coolie’s profile” in the small city of Cambridge in England, and on arrival in India, gave Rajiv a mighty big social edge over all the “miserable” husbands of brown skinned native spouses. He was so enamoured of the Italian beauty (correspondingly so DISGUSTED with the native Indian beauty) that he even converted to her foreign Faith without batting an eyelid. That was a devastating blow to the Hindu pride. But since the Hindus have NO concept of “pride” none felt its loss.

In the land of demoralised, pulverised and “secularised” HINDUS, none spared a thought for the IMPLICATIONS of such a marriage, and CONVERSION, solely on Italian and Catholic terms. His was unconditional surrender before Sonia like grandfather Nehru’s unconditional surrender of Lahore before Mohammed Ali JINN.

Needless to say, the ignorant infighting Sikh is totally out of this equation. What is invisible, does not even exist as far as he is concerned. Hence the very definition of a Sikh is by his VISIBLE symbol- not by Spirit or Faith.

Now if the Prime Minister’s son was so low down rotten in spirit, soul and patriotism, one can imagine the “dog’s morale” of an average Indian with respect to upholding the dignity of his native Hindu spouse.

With regard to honouring native women, Hindu India is a “DOG COLONY”. Look at the THREE top women in the country. They are-

1. The Italian born Catholic Sonia Gandhi, who will neither touch native Hinduism even with a barge pole, nor QUIT INDIA. (Why should she if a million Hindus are ever ready to polish her shoes?)

2. The First Lady of Land, Ms. Usha Tin Tin Narayanan, the BURMESE born wife of the President of India.

3. A Mohammedan, Najma Heptullah, the Chairperson of the Upper House of Parliament of India for donkey’s years.

In which other country on earth is the native female so DEGRADED as in HINDU India? Would the Italians tolerate a Hindu female in front row in their Parliament in Rome? Will the Germans in their Bundestag in Berlin? Will even the Americans in their Congress in Washington?

“Bandit” Nehru then wrote up a Constitution that is inflicting such a big TERROR upon the Hindu stalwarts that none dare speak up on the topic of Degradation of Hindu females in Hindusthan. To do so in public would land the stalwart into RIDICULE and TROUBLE, if not in JAIL.

It was the 300th. Hindu bride whose body was alight in flames that year, burning down to ashes. She was a sacrifice to her betrayal and neglect by the entire nation of “eunuchs”. That included the proud Rajput, the warrior Maratha and the sword carrying Sikh. It was not just her death. It was the DEATH of Hindu nation, crumbling down bit by bit, body by body.

When I passed the pyre at around midnight, there was the “glow of freedom” for that wretched soul that Bandit Nehru had boasted of when he replaced the British Viceroy.

I went home to sleep. The Hindu nation was asleep, too. Only their enemies were awake, wide awake, creeping up slowly, to smash the skull of the last Hindu on earth. That will be the day of their Victory, like the victory of Taliban over the Buddha statues, like the victory of German Knights over the Pagans of Lithuania.

Of course, the death of this Hindu bride was not as spectacular as the DEATH of the Nepalese Royal family. But cumulatively it was a MILLION times more deadly.

Each dowry death of a Hindu female is DEATH of the Hindu and a tiny step taken by Hindusthan towards the ultimate noose of slavery that is descending from Nepal, Dhaka, Lahore and Vatican, creeping closer and closer.

The damn fool who went off to sleep with all doors wide open, cannot blame God for the robbery that took place that night, leaving him lying in his “langoti”, next to a bowl of green grass.

So the next time you see the sad face of a Sikh woman, or the body of a Hindu bride engulfed in flames, burning on pyre, reflect on their BETRAYAL by the entire degraded and dishonourable INDIAN race.

Her death is not an individual tragedy, but the ongoing tragic story of slow DEATH of the entire Hindu nation, and of the Sikhs, “reduced” to symbols.

The DEATH of this proud Hindu girl is a SLAP across the face of every Khalsa, Sikh and HINDU who does not have a CONSTITUTION of his own but lives by the crumbs written up by Bandit Nehru and promulgated on the same date in 1950 (January 26) when the State of Gujerat, celebrating the “Constitution Day” of PARTITIONED India, was devastated by Divine Vengeance earlier this year.

For the crime of BETRAYAL of Hindu womanhood, Bharat is going to get even worse punishment in the near future. Get ready for the final Calamity of the Hindu.

This text is dictated NOT by God (What a lie that God can dictate!), but by the departed soul of that Hindu bride, still clad in her bridal dress.