Date: 6/17/2001


US lawmakers say: 'We are Hindus'

By Aziz Haniffa

India Abroad Correspondent in Washington Rediff On The Net via News Plus

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Several influential lawmakers Wednesday wore yellow badges with the inscription 'I am a Hindu' in solidarity with the minorities in Afghanistan, as the US House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the Taleban's anti-Hindu edict requiring them to wear a yellow badge as a mark of identity.

The bipartisan "Sense of the Congress" non-binding resolution, originally authored by New York Democrat Eliot L Engel was approved by a vote of 420-0.

The lawmakers slammed the Taleban for its decree and said the despicable order was analogous to the Nazi persecution of the Jews,who were forced to wear a yellow star of David as a mark of identify.

They called upon the Taleban to revoke the order immediately and abide by civil and human rights standards laid out in the United Nations Covenant on Human Rights and other international accords regarding the protection of religious minorities.

Tom Lantos, California Democrat and a Holocaustsurvivor, who is a member of the powerful House International Relations Committee, said: We cannot allow the Taleban to systematically repressits Hindus in such an eerily similar manner.

The lawmakers ridiculed the Taleban's defense of the decree that the yellow badges were for the protection of the approximately1,700 Hindus in Afghanistan from the strict religious conduct required of the Muslim majority.

Besides Lantos, leading the verbal assault on theTaleban was New York Democrat Gary Ackerman.

Ackerman, the brain behind the yellow badges worn by lawmakers in the House, said this in some small way would show the tiny Hindu community in Afghanistan that the Congress was aware of the human rights violations being perpetrated against them by the Taleban.

Ackerman said he hoped that on the day the Taleban edict comes into force, all members of the US Congress would wear the yellow badges all over again. "On that particular day, we will all become Hindus, so that the minority Hindus in Afghanistan will have a source of strength," he said.

Earlier, Lantos said he would aggressively pursue Washington's concern over Pakistan's support to the Taleban when Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar visits here next week for a meeting with US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

He said he would urge Sattar to make sure that the Pakistani government puts pressure on the Taleban to withdraw the edict.

Taking part in the debate, Eliot L Engel said: "I cannot express in words my utter shock at this act. This resurfacing of tacticsused against Jews in Nazi Germany reminds all of us that we must remainvigilant when it comes to defending human rights."

He said he was particularly concerned "becausethis is not the first time the Taleban has singled out Afghan Hindus. Prior to1992, Afghanistan had a population of over 50,000 Hindus. Most fled due to anti-Hindu violence. There are now approximately 500 Hindus left in Afghanistan.

Another founding member of the India Caucus Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown also slammed the Taleban edict and said: "Contraryto the Taleban's claims, such an action is a sign of religious intolerance and marks a dangerous trend for the minorities living in Afghanistan.

Several lawmakers also castigated the Taleban for its destruction of the Buddha statues in Bamiyan despite widespread international condemnation.



If only they knew the CONTEMPT of the Hindus in the minds of the Taliban!

This is due to perception of WEAKNESS of the Hindus. So, WHY are the Hindus so weak?

Three hundred and two years ago, Guru Gobind Singh, an astute observer of the native scene, classified people inhabiting India, whom earlier, all the Hindu sages, sants and gurus had regarded "equal" without any difference or distinction, into jackals and lions, sparrows and hawks.

But he went further, “The jackals of this world have the free choice to raise themselves to be lions.” And he performed a miracle and did just that. The first Five Hindus (none was a "SINGH") went into the small tent and emerged as LIONS. That was the Birth of Khalsa.

Today, over three hundred years later, if only that Founding Member of the India Caucus Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown cared to find out as to why the Hindus, ALL THE HINDUS, submitted so quickly like the "jackals" to the mutilation of India in 1947, NEVER TO LOOK BACK AT, OR CHALLENGE, THAT PARTITION, why there has been no clamour in India to recover North Kashmir, and why they ALL kept quiet on the second surrender of EAST BENGAL to Islam in 1972 instead of bringing the territory under our own SECULAR flag.

But can one expect Mr. Brown to be serious about the Hindus or their Hindusthan when the Hindus themselves care two hoots about their DIGNITY or India?

Would he care, too, to find out if the Taliban would give an INCH OF THEIR TERRITORY in that manner of the gutless Hindu “jackals”?

So, let us compare likes with likes- not the tigers with the sheep. Of course, in this case he can help the sheep become tigers. There is that precedence of April 13, 1699 that he could grasp. Would he remind the President of India and his Burmese born EVANGELIST “brat” of that?

The writer is beginning to feel the same contempt for these US Lawmakers and the “India Caucas” as the Taliban have for the Hindus.


"I am a Hindu!" said the American politician to get sympathy votes of his Hindu constituents. May be, some had donated huge sums of money to his Party to buy his favours. That is what politicians thrive on. Rajiv Gandhi had a lot of obligation towards the Swedish Gun manufacturers after receiving the Bofors commission.

The world of the Hindu is an arena where all the eunuchs gather to see manly sports like football, fencing, rowing, and intrepid canoeing in fast currents.

The world of the Hindu is of "over-80" eunuchs who watch blue movies in private clubs, or on computers at home, to derive the satisfaction that is otherwise denied to them.

The world of the Hindu is the vast sheep pen into which occasionally a wolf jumps in, over the fence, and then devours a few of them, the others stampeding into the far coners.

The world of the Hindu is secular as per Nehru’s Constitution that he wrote up AFTER surrendcering one third of India with all the Hindus in it, to Islam, never to look back.

The world of the Hindu is to celebrate PARTITION and the MASSACRES and GENOCIDE of Hindus, calling it Independence.

The world of the Hindu is to forego celebrating ANY victory over the enemy, including the rare capture of Delhi from the hated Moguls (TALIBAN of the day) and;

The world of the Hindu is to consider all mankind "equal and friends". "All" means all the wolves and the tigers who EAT the sheep, as well as the sheep, their food.

The world of the Hindu is to lie reconciled under a Constitution which cannot see who is bashing, battering, slaughtering, abducting and converting the Hindus, a thousand a day, on their own patch of earth.

The world of the Hindu is to accept the present artificial boundaries created by the British to satiate the Islamic wolf.

The world of the Hindu is to drop the concept of AKHAND BHARAT as ordered by a “Bandit” and a “Mahatma” where the Bandit was on the side of the wolves and the Mahatma was clearly smitten by wish for COLLECTIVE suicide.

The world of the Hindu is to hear only of defeats and disasters and of the Mujahideen exploding bombs on OUR territory and the militants killing off the security forces and blowing up troops on THIS side of the cease-fire line- not once on the OTHER side, where the wolves prowl and are waiting for the Hindu to do his halaal, to drink his blood.

The world of the Hindus is to feel proud of secularism whereby the ENEMY is a friend, if not outright “brother” to be embraced and fed.

The world of the Hindu is to get slapped in the face but never retaliate, never react, never protest, never fight back.

The word of the Hindu is to appease and surrender ("tyaag" and RENOUNCE), and RUN FOR LIFE.

The world of the Hindu is a DARK HOLE where he can be attacked, thrashed, beaten up, beheaded, abducted, raped or put in the Yellow "dog collar" any time.

The world of the Hindu is of full TERROR in which he can get his "marching orders" any time, anywhere, even in South Kashmir which is part of his own Hindusthan.

Into this World of the Hindu the ignorant coot called Mr. Sherrad Brown, the American Congressman has stepped in with blinkers covering his eyes to block the view of the flag that flies over EAST Bengal, North Kashmir and Lahore and worse still, of the ruins of the Grand Temple at Ayodhya.

What kind of a "Hindu" is he, who only joins them at the feast and runs away, seeing a pistol in the hands of a Mujahid? Would he like to show up in Kabul?

The American Uncle Sam is playing the clever statesman now. Arouse the Hindu and see him go and take on the Taliban.

Congressman "Coot" is mistaken. The Hindu is not aroused by the ruined state of his Grand Temple in Ayodhya. Will he be aroused seeing the tiny yellow ribbons on ever shrinking Hindu minority in distant Afghaistan?

Were they 500,000 or 50,000 once. Are then 500 or 50 now? Were they once close to 100 per cent of the population, later to cover the whole mountain range with their BLOOD to give it the name of HINDU-KUSH?

What have the Hindus done about it for the last 1,000 years?

Congressman Coot hopes to put some spirit into the rabble. But why could Guru Gobind Singh only inject that Spirit into the toe nail, and not into the brain or the head of the Hindu?

What is the Hindu Head today? Does Congressman Coot know? Surely he cannot be as IGNORANT!

Congressman Coot, Sir, the Hindu Head is the PRESIDENT of India and he is a CHRISTIAN. He, too, shares the Taliban’s CONTEMPT of the Hindus and wishes all the Hindus dead or converted. To augment his Hindu Soul-Killer Mission, Mr. KR Narayanan brought his spouse from Myanmar. He needed an evanglist in his bed for that injection of spirit which Guru Gobind Singh FAILED to give him and the rest of his Dalit clan.

So now, here is how American Congressman Coot could show some guts to prove that he is DIFFERENT from the Hindus he wishes to please:

1. Write a letter to the President of India, copies endorsed to his Burmese born wife and the Italian born President of All-INDIA Congress Party, to embace Hinduism in order to give some respectability to Hinduism. The Taliban will take due note of that.

2. Show up at Sangham at PRAYAG, at the next KUMBH MELA and divert a couple of million of those “sadhus” and “sants” to AYODHYA and lay the foundation of the Hindus’ biggest ever Temple on earth. Congressman, are you still listening?

3. Go to New Delhi and ask the Prime Minister to summon both the Houses of Parliament, just as Rajiv Gandhi commanded them, in order to listen to his Goan born Catholic friend Keith Vaz, MP from the United Kingdomin 1986.

Yes, address BOTH the Houses of Indian Parliament and encourage the “sheep” to repeal Article 370 of their Constitution. By the FORCE of this Article, even the President of India, being an “Indian” by definition, cannot buy any immovable property in Kashmir, nor can any Indian soldier in uniform fighting and DYING in that State. Did your Hindu friends not tell you that?

If you are still serious, Congressman Coot, then ask them to amend their COOLIE’S CONSTITUTION to put the following Article in it:-

The Muslims in PARTITIONED India will remain persona non grata and the Koran banned so long as that Act of Bogus Partition of 1947 stays.

This Article will be abrogated upon UNITED INDIA (AKHAND BHARAT) coming into existence again.

And Congressman, since you have declared yourself to be Hindu, although just for ten minutes, how about distributing a print-out of this message among all the Congressmen and women in Washington DC, since NONE among your Hindu friends is likely to muster guts and courage to do so. Hence those yellow ribbons for their despicable sheepish kind in Kabul.

Finally, how about reminding all your Hindu friends of the FACT that the Jews created their own sovereign State called ISRAEL within five years of that Holocaust. When will the Hindus muster guts to establish a "Hindu Rashtra" in what is now left of India since PARTITION?

This then is the way to pursuade the Taliban to repeal their law on the Hindu sheep. They are simple people like the Sikhs, and define a Muslim by the length of his beard. But they are extremely patriotic and brave. We saw what the Sikhs did to Indira Khanum at Halloween, 1984, when all the HINDU world lost its feeble head and went into mourning.

The British could sujugate the Khalsa and Indira Khanum could give the Sikhs a "bloody nose", but none can come near the Taliban as you should know, being a friend of the Hindus.

The Taliban respect the brave and SPIT ON THE COWARD. That’s what they have done now. Would you like to stand in their way? Well, you can safely do so, as long as you stand on your own blue Christian soil. Step on the yellow Hindu soil or the red Islamic soil and the perspective becomes clear.

Now how about commending the greeting “SAT SRI AKAL” to your Hindu Caucas? That, too, might help remove those Yellow Ribbons which are visible in Kabul but invisible in Delhi.


POSTED 17 June 2001. (It was “TAG DER EINHEIT” in Germany, but Broken Bharat could not be inspired! Germany has united while India has remained fragmented due to Hindu WEAKNESS. When will the MAJORITY community of India become MANLY.)