Date: 6/19/2001




When did the Hindus lose their TERRITORIAL link, or attachment to DHARTI?

The question is based on the observation that Bharat (PARTITIONED India) has never looked back at the unconditional SURRENDER of territory to Islam in 1947, nor is there any sentiment or wish to RECOVER North Kashmir, nor indeed any deeply moving or binding expression like "MY Bharat" as you will feel among the Czechs, the Germans and the Palestinians.

There was NO pressure on Mrs. Indira Gandhi to retain EAST Bengal EVEN after its capture after an all out WAR. Territory to her (and to the rest of us) was as much worth as to her father Pt. Nehru in 1947 who surrendered Lahore and Dhaka so readily.

In contrast, one can see PLO "gnawing at", or "clawing up" Israel, inch by inch.

By extension, one can also ask, When did the Hindus get DETACHED or DELINKED from one another and why?

This is based on the observation that in Hindusthan nobody is any worried if the Prime Minister is a Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist or even Musalman. Any Hindu objecting, will be laughed at, or put behind bars straightaway, for violating "BANDIT" Nehru's Constitution, imposed on an ignorant nation just like Partition without referendum.

Even the slaughter of up to ONE HUNDRED Hindu pilgrims on way to Amar Nath Cave, or the massacre of 36 innocent Sikhs in South Kashmir, does not touch any nerve of the nation. They will never be recalled or remembered officially. Nor will the over THREE THOUSAND innocent Sikhs killed in Delhi in November 1984.

In contrast, we can see the territorial ATTACHMENT of the Muslims in Bangladesh and Pakistan (going for South Kashmir), and their extreme sensitivity to who occupies the top, or any, State post in the country. Would Sonia Gandhi have a say there even for one second? But in India many DEMOLISHED Hindus and Sikhs feel NO shame or disgrace in calling her "Rashtramata" (Mother of Nation)! Most do not even know she was born in Italy and puts her own Lord to all the native Lords put together!

HINDU scholars and all the "holy" men need to show guts and courage to go into these questions to ensure the future of the Hindus in what is left of India- and with DIGNITY. Otherwise those Yellow Ribbons will be seen in Delhi, too, as earlier, during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb, in the form of Jezia tax on Hindus.

This is not said lightheartedly, although it may "move" no Hindu heart. Ours seems to be the world of "eunuchs", gentlemen and politically correctness, free "langars", visible symbols, marathon recitations of Scriptures and "nishkam sewa". Theirs is the world of Dagger, Shove & Grab for Territory, and extermination (including Yellow Ribbons) of the Hindus.

Comments from the HINDUS invited.


Then the very happy Musalman host boasted to the tourists in Lahore: "This city was largely built by the Hindus and they formed the MAJORITY of the population of the city. We chased them OUT!"

We have yet to hear a HINDU grandfather make a meek statement about the expulsion, IN RETALIATION, of the Muslims from Delhi.

The Hindu is under "marching orders"!

What do YOU think of the "morally superior Hindu?