Date: 6/24/2001



No other nation resembles the world of animals like the world of Indian "serfs & coolies". Still serfs and coolies- despite Independence more than half a century ago!

It is the world of monkeys, dogs, donkeys and BABOONS. So let us look closely at the “BABOON OF UNION TERRITORY.”

In the next few days (mid July 2001), a WOLF from Rawalpindi (ISLAMABAD) will fly over the BABOON’S territory to meet the COW on heat in Delhi. There will be appeasements, surrenders and Hindu Muslim “bhai bhai buckwaas”.

Wouldn’t you have thought that they could be bhai-bhai ONLY when Lahore is BACK IN INDIA and Bengal UNITED under a secular flag?

They are in fact, ENEMIES, with Kashmir torn and bleeding between them- with the victorious BULL on attack and the cease-firing COW on defence. What then is the TRUTH?

No other nation is pre-programmed for massacres and wars as this nation of Indian coolies. The last slaughter struck the baboons who were totally surprised at the viciousness of a VIXEN. None had any clue to the Vixen’s ISLAMIC connection and her secret adoration of Aurangzeb Alamgir.

Earlier the dogs, donkey and cows had been subjected to unprecedented SLAUGHTER from Karachi to Gilgit and from Noakhali to Chittagong (Read: “Freedom at Midnight”).

But our BABOON (“Sardar” Parkash Singh BADAL) on Union Territory will look up, putting his hand on turban to prevent it falling into dust below, and see the plane carrying the SULTAN of Hindusthan, flying overhead to INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. The BABOON hasn’t lodged a protest yet with the COWS and DOGS of Lok Sabha over this provocative obscene name.

The bhai bhai slogan was coined by a GOAT and quickly taken up by a FOX to be made popular among the donkeys, dogs and baboons.

Now, watch out for the animal fraternity in India. The baboons are sore like the brother who is beaten up soundly by a bully but then takes it out on his younger brother. They will enforce “visible” symbols with a vengeance upon the younger brother but NOT on their RULERS who plan their extermination day and night. So, be careful not to offend the beaten big brother. Why is he sore? The reason is historic.

They had a big chief once who ruled territory up to the Khyber. But he was also a “nishkam sewak ass” who lacked guts, courage and conviction to commend his native religion to anyone who brought his “holy” Book from across the Khyber.

If he gave five rupees to a mandir or gurdwara, he gave ten rupees to a mosque to win allies among the wolves while "proving" his secularism among the goats and baboons.

He was not very different from today’s Hindu “neta” who eats Iftar, sends Eid cards and even “shows off” a Mohammedan son-in-law, to prove his secularism.

The word “partition” is taboo among the cows, sheep, rats, donkeys and baboons. That Lahore was once in India is not to be seen in any school textbook because the teacher will have to explain, “Then why did it fall off?” The “teachers” in India are rats and vermin.

Apart from the CARNIVOROUS wolves we have the HERBIVOROUS cows. The BABOONS are in between, a cross between the two ideologies of Islam and Hinduism. They are quite a crossbreed mongrel product.

Thus while carrying “kirpans” they do not commend their Sikhi to any Tom, Khan and Sonia having free langar at a gurdwara. While insisting on visible symbols upon their own kind, they care two hoots if the RULERS are Muslim, Catholic or Secular.

While sharing grass pastures with the cows, they occasionally make a kill of chickens. Feared by their enemies as spirited lions, they can also be driven from one pasture to another. They are as much at home in EAST Punjab as they were in WEST Punjab. Not one is perturbed over the loss of territory.

They have heard of Sonia’ Sovereign Vatican but do not care to press for such elevation in status for Nankana Sahib and Amritsar. Being genetically inferior like the rest of the NATIVE herd of cattle, they do not mind such indignities.

Their top BABOON is the only chief minister in the whole country ruling his State from “union territory”, but there is NO stir among the baboons over their leader’s disgusting political status.

In contrast to THAT political status is the WOLF from Rawalpindi who is flying in, to receive the Guard of Honour by cease-firing funks of Indian Army who have yet to cross the cease-fire line into NORTH Kashmir.

What is ironic and vital at the same time, is the FACT that the Head of State of the Pirate ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan was BORN ON THE SOIL OF INDIA, IN NEW DELHI. Let this fact not be lost on any cow or baboon in Bharat.

So, is he then coming to show off to those wretched fellow Muslims, who were “left behind” in the quagmire of cow dung, that he has “made it” abroad?

He is like those countless Hindu “coolies” who “made it” in America and England, but were frustrated to death and sickness in their own BHARATVARSHA due to hidden Islamic designs of Nehru Dynasty.

The Baboon on Union Territory cannot think. So let us do so on HIS behalf. Had that “great” Maharajah been more committed to his Sikh Religion than the naatch and mujra girls of his Imperial Court, Sardar Badal could have been the sovereign head of the People’s Republic of Punjab today.

His status would have been the same as that of sovereign Islamic Republic of EAST Bengal, and that of his Amritsar would have been that of The Vatican. But his “Punjab” is YAKAB today and his Amritsar duly received Operation Blue Star which killed off at least TWENTY TIMES more innocent Sikhs than those at Jalianwale Bagh in 1919 which is said to have brought tears to GOAT Gandhi.

Theoretically then, it would have been Sardar Badal flying in from Lahore to “Prithvi Raj Chohan International Airport” in New Delhi, to sign a multi-million dollar wheat export deal with the “langoti & dhoti posh” leaders of cows and rabbits in starving Bharat.

But THAT is one of the “ifs” like, “If the Hindus of Sindh had COUNTER-ATTACKED Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712 AD, and chased him back to MECCA and stayed put there after hoisting their BHAGWA with TRISHUL on it, what might have happened to the world?

In the event the Moguls of Afghanistan invaded India, destroyed every grand Temple, converted millions of Hindus by sword, created their separate mongrel URDU language (mother tongue of Gen. Musharraf!) in the brothels of Lucknow, and stayed put in Delhi until ousted by the British in 1857 AD.

That is how the history of BABOONS of Punjab took an ugly turn with the big Sardar confined to Union Territory who will be looking up at the blue sky above to see the aeroplane bringing the WOLF from Rawalpindi.

The wolf is a MILITARY man and he is not secular either. He took over his bogus State (established in 1947 by “Treaty of Treason” that was signed by the cows and goats) without debate, argument, referendum or plebiscite- just like that Partition IMPOSED on the blind Hindu bats and the Sikh baboons without referendum.

And where was this wolf born? If you asked a thousand Hindu PhDs this question, you will draw a blank. He was born in New Delhi.

While the Commonwealth Secretariat in London is debating his recognition as Head of State, the Land of Cows has already conferred it- unreservedly, unconditionally and totally.

The British Foreign Secretary said he was “deeply concerned” by the general’s moves. “There is bound to be widespread anxiety that this represents a setback in the transition to elected democracy.”

But nothing of the kind was heard from the seniormost cows in Bharat who were rolling out red carpet to welcome the Islamic bull approaching from behind. The cows will be dragged deeper and deeper into the Islamic den till their escape is impossible. All the cows in Lahore have already vanished.

Accepting Partition unconditionally was like signing the unconditional Surrender of Secularism and India at the same time- and till eternity!

Is there to be NO cause and effect? Are the cows above the Laws of Nature by which water flows downhill and Partition means Surrender? Doesn’t that show the GENETIC quality of the cows through evolution lasting centuries? The baboons of EAST Punjab are no exception. They too, paid the second instalment, in 1984, of their COWARDICE of 1947 towards Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Watch out for the cows and wolves meeting on July 14-16, 2001. Instead of an apology from the wolf for devouring a million innocent Hindus and one third of India’s territory in 1947, the topic will be KASHMIR, the logical extension of “Act of Partition, 1947”.

The Muslims of the sub continent have been given to understand that Islam of Wolves is vastly superior to the Secularism of cows. This gives total legitimacy to their question, “Are the Muslims of Srinagar any different from those of Rawalpindi? If not, then WHAT THE HELL is Srinagar doing in decomposing HINDU India when Dhaka and Lahore are OUT?”

The word “decomposing” is appropriate since the BOFORS CHOR imported a wild cat from Italy to increase the rate of decomposition, demoralisation and conversion among the cows and baboons.

She is also the wolves’ NATURAL ally against re-building Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya which will give the HINDU coolie nation “ideas”!

She is carnivorous and can eat beef and halaal as against the vegetarian diet of the cows and "jhatka" of the baboons.

There is another implication of the FACT that General Musharraf was born in New Delhi. Ask a thousand Hindu PhDs to throw light on this, you will draw a blank. That is what the Indian degrees are worth- DUST.

Born in 1943 in New Delhi, he moved with his family to Pakistan after partition of the subcontinent in 1947. He joined the Army in 1964 and fought in two wars against India. What did he think of the INDIANS when was fighting those two wars? No cow in MUTILATED Bharat will discuss this.

The implication is that NO Muslim can be loyal to India which is his place of birth. Just look where General Musharraf was born. He fought two wars against his own land of birth. NO baboon has grasped this, either.

Furthermore, the Mohammedan is still the top cock in the Land of Cows where an expatriate can return safely to say “Salam u alaikum” to his kith and kin left behind and go to Jama Masjid and Ajmer Sharif for namaz. Which baboon or goat from Bharat can show up with such pomp at Gurdwara Shahid Ganj in Lahore or in Bhagat Prahlad Temple in Multan?

Now, once again spare a thought for the BABOON of Union Territory, looking up at the sky to spot the plane bringing home the “Rascal from Rawalpindi”. Spare a thought, too, for all the baboon scholars, more engrossed in discovering the objectionable contents of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib than looking at the bitter reality on earth.

Spare a thought for the SGPC, the main religious authority of “baboons” to whom it is far more vital to sit on floor, instead of chairs while eating langar, and the visible symbols, than all the invisible SPIRIT of their Tenth Master.

Here you begin to see the causes of ROUT of the SIKHS from Lahore and their terrible punishment in 1984. The cows’ fate in Karachi and Sylhet is no secret.

Baboon Badal would have heard of Sweden where the government is determined to put a computer (with broadband access!) in every home and link up every Swede through Internet and e-mail. Baboon Badal has this capability to do likewise in his EAST Punjab just as the Chief Cowherd Vajpayee has the capability of giving each college in Bharat at least ten computers. But have they seen a computer? If not, tell them to go to their uncrowned queen Sonia Gandhi’s State Residence at 10 Janpath, New Delhi, to see how many computers are linked to Vatican and the rest of the world round the clock.

And, will you REPORT BACK your findings to the nation of cows, dogs, rats, goats, donkeys and baboons?

No massacre, holocaust, war or beheading of a holy man, is out of the blue, or unexpected. Scholars can FORESEE them in advance. There are just a few simple LAWS OF IDEOLOGY like those Three Laws of Motion discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. But those whose heads are always down, grazing on grass, cannot look up to see them.

Would anyone like to KNOW the future of Partitioned India? A very simple observation is what any cow, rat, donkey, goat and baboon needs to make.