Date: 6/24/2001



(Courtesy: "The Daily Telegraph", London, Saturday, June 23rd. 2001, p. 20)

Russian Orthodox priests plan a hostile reception when the pontiff arrives today, writes Askold Krushelnycky Kiev.

The Russian orthodox priests, in their black robes, had the appearance of overweight, malign ravens yesterday as they led a throng of mostly elderly believers to the centre of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

The protesters, incensed by the Pope’s visit, which begins today, carried banners calling him the Anti-Christ, while priests compared his tour to Hitler's invasion, which began 60 years ago yesterday.

One of the priests, Fr. Pavel, said, “The Pope has proclaimed war on the Russian Orthodox Church, and he is a destroyer of men's souls.”

The Russian Church said yesterday it would mount an all-night prayer vigil to ensure that the Pope would stay away from its most sacred sites when he visits the former Soviet state.

“This visit will only split our society. It won’t bring us peace as promised, but only problems,” said Bishop Mitrofan of the Orthodox Church.

Such views are expected to fuel widespread demonstrations during the frail, 81 year-old pontiff's five-day visit, making it one of the toughest tours he has made and take a further toll on his health.

But the first papal visit to Ukraine is one the present Pontiff has longed to make for many years.

He has said that he wants to pay tribute to the country's Catholics, whose Church was outlawed under communism and many of whose priests and faithful were jailed or executed.

The head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Cardinal Lyubomyr Husar, said that the Pope also sees the visit as an important opportunity to continue his policy of trying to reconcile the Catholic and Orthodox churches, including the Russian one.

Earlier this year the Pope faced large-scale demonstrations in Greece, whose population is almost entirely orthodox. He defused tension there by apologising for Catholics sins against the Orthodox.

There are 6 million Catholics among Ukraine's predominantly Orthodox population of 50 million.

Some 5 million of those are Greek Catholics who follow orthodox Christian ritual, but profess allegiance to the Pope. The other one million are Roman Catholics.

The Pope is entering a potentially explosive religious mix. Ukraine's complicated religious matrix includes three orthodox churches. Two are independent Ukrainian churches while the third, and largest, is loyal to the Russian Orthodox Church. It is this last that has fiercely opposed the Pope’s visit. The head of the Russian Orthodox Chruch, Patriarch Alexy, has accused the Pope of proselytising. He and his clergy in Ukraine have refused to meet the Pope.

Police are mounting an enormous security operation because of fears that demonstrators will try to disrupt the Pope’s visit. There have also been intelligence warnings about a possible assassination attempt.

Whatever the religious opposition, the Pope will receive a warm welcome from President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine, who will meet him at the airport in Kiev. He will be hoping that the Pope's visit will restore a presidential image tarnished by allegations of corruption and complicity in murder.

Up to two million people are expected to attend the four open-air masses the Pope will celebrate in Kiev and Lviv. (end of report).



The Pope was given a red carpet welcome on TWO occasions when he landed at New Delhi’s airport named after a political WITCH of our time.

How is that NEGATIVE vibrations did not hit the Pope in the face, if he is a holy man?

Obviously the Pope is NOT a holy man. Ask the victims, TENS OF THOUSANADS OF THEM, who were killed during Indira Khanum’s Operation Blue Star in 1984 and during the subsequent state sponsored massacre of innocent Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in November the same year. Ask the thousands of Tamils massacred by her son’s “Eunuchs in Uniform” in Northern Sri Lanka. They were merely asking for one tenth of the autonomy that Indira Gandhi had granted to the EAST Bengalis.

Verily, the BOFORS CHOR was the unworthy son of a very unworthy mother. Would you not agree that the witch had produced a devil? Yet the Pope did not get the negative slap from God! Amazing, if he is a holy man above the murderous DIRTY POLITICS of ordinary mortals.

Obviously the Catholic Pope was not a “Guru Tegh Bahadur” but an accomplice of Congress Party & Nehru Dynasty, who was masquerading as a man promising “deliverance & salvation” to everyone in the clueless PAGAN world whose own Divinity and Holiness is second to none on earth.

But alas, the Pagan world is an orphan. It has allowed the foreigners to plunder its wealth and the Pope & Imams to rob its souls.

The Pope did not offer any apology for the massacre of Hindu priests in the Goan colony of Portugal. And he has yet to offer an APOLOGY to the Lithuanians whose ancestors were converted by force. The Lithuanians were degraded spiritually when their temples were destroyed or converted into churches.

Should the Pope not know or realise that such conversions cannot be acceptable to God as an act of service to the “Lord”? What kind of a terrible Lord is this Catholic Lord!

Generations have passed since those days of horror and bloodshed for the Goans and the Lithuanians. So, how can it be right to see their FREE souls in the “dog collar” of ideological slavery of Rome?

Let the Pope roll back the Catholic aggression from the sacred PAGAN soil of Bharat and Lithuania who need to honour their own ancestors by returning to their HINDU/PAGAN roots.

The Lithuanians will RE-CONSTRUCT their demolished Grand Temple in Vilnius, and re-create their lost theology and the great works of devotional art. The Hindus do not have to look up to a Sonia here and an Imam there to take permission to build their old grand temples which lie in ruins now. Sonia and all the Imams are PERSONA NON GRATA, or “foreign aggression”, in PARTITIONED India.

A child may not know that he is being clothed and fed by robbers but the robbers do know it. The Pagan and the Hindu may not know that he is being fed and cared for NOT for love but for the foreign imposed Religion that he is carrying like a mule on his back.

When does a diamond, plundered from a defeated King’s treasure, become the morally lawful possession of the invader?

“With the passage of time,” one would say but only those who are the descendants of the robbers, or their beneficiaries.

Is it not time for the demoralised and cowardly Bharat, which dare not have its own State Religion, to close down the Embassy of The Sovereign State of Vatican since the Hindus’ own temple in Ayodhya is in ruins and the Sikhs’ Nankana Sahib is nowhere near the status of Pope’s Vatican?

On those two occasions when the “Dirty NEHRU Dynasty” welcomed the Pope in Bharat, overlooking the views, wishes, sentiments and feelings of the CRUSHED Hindu majority, there was a SPIT in every Hindu’s face. And to recall that once the Rajputs, the Sikhs and the Marathas had fought the invaders tooth and nail!

Today’s Sikhs are nowhere to be seen after their decimation in 1947 and 1984, Rajputs have been subjugated and tamed like the domestic dogs, and the Marathas are under stern gaze of their Catholic GOVERNOR, PC Alexander, who very much wishes to see the Pope once again in India.

By showing the Pope BLACK flags and demanding an APOLOGY for the past crimes, Russian Orthodox Christians of Ukraine have shown that they are not HINDUS in the “dog collar” of Bandit Nehru’s secularism which is zero in Lahore, filth in Dhaka and obscenity in North Kashmir.