Date: 6/25/2001





“BABOON” Badal of Union Territory. Not once has he thought, “I could have been ruling my State from Lahore. Who displaced me?”


HINDU son to father, “Dad, I believe the website <www.partitionofindia.com> speaks of Pandit Nehru’s High Treason. Am I allowed to see it?”

“You may son, but first look over the shoulder to make sure that no one is watching you.”


“NIGGER” NRI (Non Resident INDIAN, the post-1947 Indian GYPSY of ‘Partition, end product of exploitation of India by Bandit Nehru’s Dynasty) – still WITHOUT his dual nationality. (Even Bangladeshi road sweeper has it!) Not that the Indian “COOLIES” mind it!


“When the British formed an interim Indian government in 1946 preliminary to full independence, by Gandhi's choice Nehru became its prime minister.”

(By Gandhi’s choice? What a rotten judge of men was Gandhi who chose an Inferiority complex ridden "Brown Sahib" who, at the same time, was arrogant, imperialist and dictatorial, and groomed his own daughter for his office!)






1. Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last British Viceroy in India: He came from UNTIED Kingdom but left India as “BROKEN” Bharat. He FAILED to prevent the massacres in NOAKHALI (Aug 46) and RAWALPINDI (Mar 47) that signalled the demise of British power to the Muslims of India. He came to a peaceful India but left her mutilated and bleeding.

2. Mohammed Ali Jinnah (alias MUD ALI JINN), leader of Muslims in India, and President, All-INDIA Muslim League. He was born in India (like today’s President of Pakistan, General Musharraf), swore loyalty to his land of birth but then suddenly ATTACKED her with all viciousness and venom at his command. He called it a “holy ISLAMIC Act, every Muslim’s duty.”

3. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, deceptively charismatic Leader of India, President, All-INDIA Congress Party, who readily signed off India’s FIVE provinces to fundamentalist Islam without dictating a single condition or demanding plebiscite.

4. Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (“mahatma”), leader of all-India stature, barrister-at-law from London like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who FAILED to give a call to resist Partition tooth and nail. This “s.o.bitch” never uttered the words, “my Hindu children” nor showed up in NOAKHALI or RAWALPINDI, but always went to defend and comfort his “Muslim children”. To him Guru Gobind Singh was a “misguided patriot” but Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, a trustworthy bosom friend.

5. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India through NEPOTISM, conquered EAST Bengal where people were fed up with Urdu and Islam but returned all the territory back to ISLAM- and unconditionally. Today EAST Bengal calls herself ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Bangladesh, quite a slap in the face of Mrs. Gandhi’s BOGUS secularism. She was a pro Mohammedan PARTISAN “bitch”, and the deadly ENEMY of Hindus and Sikhs. She succeeded in putting a wedge between the native communities while boosting Islam and Christianity. She kept Broadcasting under her foot and once even declared Emergency to seal everyone’s lips. By promptly admitting an unvetted, unknown, semi literate Italian female (SONIA MAINO) into her Home, giving her a free run of everything as daughter-in-law, she treated Military and State secrets of India as “cow dung”.

6. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India through NEPOTISM and DYNASTIC terror upon the Parliament of India. He sent his Army to Northern Sri Lanka to crush the Tamils OF INDIAN ORIGIN, who were merely asking for one tenth of freedoms that his mother had granted to EAST Bengal after its liberation in 1972. He “slept in office” when murderous mobs went on their bloody rampage killing Sikhs indiscriminately all over India. He even instigated violence with a spirit of vengeance. This “s.o.BITCH” had NO sympathy for all those killed during Operation “Blue Star” launched by his mother in EAST Punjab during June 1984. While pursuing the Sikhs in EAST Punjab and the Tamils in Sri Lanka both mother and son totally overlooked their pledge to recover North Kashmir from the enemy. Though hailed as “Mr. Clean”, the s.o.B. kept Broadcasting under his own control and did not consider grant of dual nationality to the wretched Indians living and toiling abroad. While sleeping with a Italian born FOREIGN HAND every night, he called the Indians, living abroad, "the undesirable foreign hand” that ought to be kept out. Thoroughly incompetent, unpatriotic, and CORRUPT, Rajiv KHAN (aka Gandhi) fanned culture of corruption to the utmost, and misused the Indian Army in Northern Sri Lanka. He is universally known as BOFORS CHOR (THIEF) due to commissions and kickbacks HE TOOK (or, ‘is said to have taken’!) from the BOFORS GUN COMPANY of Sweden. Because of the Terror of Dynasty, the case against him will drag on for years and years with no end in sight. It is due to Terror of Dynasty that the PRESIDENT OF INDIA goes to the cremation spot of this THIEF to pay homage on 21 May every year. The despicable “BUFFOON” does NOT realize how LUDICROUS and DISGUSTING this is to every decent Indian at home and abroad! Rajiv went to England to get a degree but, INSTEAD, he returned with a worthless Italian-born White Elephant who DEGRADED every native Hindu female overnight. Instead of being impressed by Hinduism, she, in turn, converted the inferiority complex ridden Indian COOLIE to her own foreign Faith. He then invited the Pope from Rome on STATE visit to India, to impress his confused, cowardly, demoralised disunited insecure, “secular” (Faithless/ Spiritless/ Gutless/ “Gauravless”) HINDUS. (The Pope, instead of appreciating the native beauty of spirit, warned the Hindus of "fires of Hell" if they did not convert to Christianity! He knew the slave nation of Hindus and SIKHS, lying motionless and bleeding, at the feet of Sonia.) Not one Indian across the globe knows the names of Rajiv’s PATERNAL grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. His whole MOHAMMEDAN tribe in ALLAHABAD has vanished!

What punishment ought the nation** pronounce on these rotten traitors and fraudsters due to whose High Treason India is a much REDUCED and CONFUSED land and her people much divided, WEAK and insecure- on the brink of civil WAR?


** Provided the HINDU nation is not all “sheep, dogs, rats, goats, vermin, coolies, serfs and slaves”, and all the Sikhs are not “nishkam sewak baboons”! For them all, it is time to THINK.

(PS: Dear readers, don’t worry if our simple, unsuspecting, ignorant, betrayed PEOPLE cannot catch the RASCALS who did their WORST EVER to India in her entire history. God has already eliminated them- Mountbatten by bomb, Jinnah by cancer, Nehru by syphilis, MK Gandhi by pistol, Indira by machine gun, Rajiv by BOMB.)