Date: 6/26/2001


Service chiefs will welcome Gen Musharraf like any visiting head of state

NB: Indian "service chiefs" are not the counterparts of Field Marshal Montgomery or Field Marshal Rommel. They are NO different from the rats, dogs, mice and vermin of LOK SABHA who call PARTITION their "independence"!

Indian service chiefs have only excelled in licking ceasefires like a three-year old infant licking an ice cone on a hot sunny day.

By Josy Joseph in New Delhi: Rediff On The Net (Do you have NO Hindu reporters?)

Monday, June 25, 2001

The three service chiefs would be present at the Rashtrapati Bhawan forecourt along with the President (A Dalit CHRISTIAN who is the ally of Mohammedans and ideological ENEMY of the Hindus!) and other dignitaries (sic) to welcome Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf on July 14. (The use of word "dignitaries" for these "rats" is an insult to the genuine breed of men. Does one of them care to know what kind of 'Taliban- friendly' democracy the GENERAL is from?).

They have not raised any objection to saluting the man with whom they fought the Kargil war. (Nor has this genetically deteriorated sub human breed of HINDUS raised any objection to EAST Bengal going totally sovereign! "But EAST Punjab? Oh NO, that MUST be ruled from Union Territory!" And NORTH Kashmir? "Don't mention it ever in this Land of "Sri Krishna In The Box".")

"He would be welcomed as the president," and not as the "villain of Kargil," a senior military official said. (Logic of the beaten "nishkam sewaks" reduced to wear "langoti", and feed on goat's milk!)

On July 14, President K R Narayanan would formally receive Gen Musharraf along with almost the entire top rung of the Indian establishment, including the prime minister, and extend a ceremonial welcome to the visiting dignitary. (Ask 'Mother INDIA' as to what SHE thinks of such behaviour of the INDIAN "cows" out to please the virile Muslim BULL which still occupies NORTH Kashmir and is going for Srinagar!)

Later, he will host a state banquet for the Pakistani president.

An official, closely involved in the preparations for Musharraf's visit, said that the Pakistani president would be given a 'tri-service guard of honour' at the Rashtrapati Bhawan forecourt along with a 21-gun salute. (Isn't that the utmost servility, short of all the Hindus in the INDIAN cabinet giving their daughters to the General and his party to take back home as a "secular" souvenir?)

A tri-service guard of honour is offered only to heads of states or someone in charge of the three services. (That will please Qaid-i-Azam, too, who still exercises such a TERROR on the Hindu psyche, second only to Mahmud of Ghazni and Aurangzeb!)

General Henry H Shelton, chairman, joint chiefs of staff of the United States of America, would be one of the few non-heads of state to be honoured with a tri-service guard of honour. (We strongly feel the honourable American ought to REFUSE this "honour" from the rats and vermin of this earth. He need not LOWER himself to such stinking filthy depths in which the Hindus of PARTITIONED India wallow.)

President Musharraf would also be given a 21-gun salute, which again is accorded only to top dignitaries. (India could make it to 51-gun salute, to prove their "bhai bhai" sentiment. Why 21 gun salute which is also given to the European and the African heads of state?)

The three service chiefs, who are being consulted by National Security Advisor Brajesh Mishra and others for their inputs on the Musharraf visit, have not expressed any reluctance in extending the ceremonial welcome and in saluting Gen Musharraf. (They need to consult the psychiatrists to determine whether the genetic inferiority of the Hindus is curable!)

General Musharraf, it was widely believed, refused to come to Lahore during Vajpayee's high-profile bus journey to receive him with a ceremonial salute. (He behaved as a Momin ought to behave towards a Kafir.)

However, later Musharraf refuted such reports.

"Even at the height of Cold War, whenever Russian and US officials met, they never forgot courtesy and protocol," a senior military official pointed out. (Look at the lowly scum comparing himself with super powers like Russia and the US. Which of them is PARTITIONED, bleeding, and with the ISLAMIC boot up his a_ _ _?)

"If he had come as the chief executive, there would have been some confusion. Now things are clear (sic)," a senior army official said. (Clear to touch his feet and look decent and morally superior at the same time!)

"The Kargil war does not dictate our future relations with Pakistan. Passion and emotion have nothing to do with courtesy and protocol," he said. (No wonder PARTITION is a casualty of this slavish dog's syndrome.)

However, the army feels that the visit could have been 'better timed'. The summer months are testing times in Kashmir with the highest number of infiltration attempts. (What does the army mean? The general and the Taliban will be "screwing" "Madam Hindustan" a bit more tighter then?)

An untoward incident could have a bearing on the Vajpayee-Musharraf talks. (Don't worry. Even Partition was not an untoward incident for the half dead goats and moron of BROKEN Bharat.)

"We don't know the fall-out of the visit and the response of the militant groups," the officer said. He said a visit during winter would have been preferred. (sic).

(The "damn fool" is crying like the Hindu general who lamented, "We always fight in the daylight but the Muslims attacked us during the night. Is it a time to disturb anyone at sleep with his wife?")

"Winter is always the best time for a cease-fire. That is when infiltration is the least, and actions are also less."

(Did you say "cease-fie", you "Son of a Hindu Goat"?


** Not what you might be thinking of the captive HINDUS since the BOGUS PARTITION of their country when they were forced to sign on the dotted line of Hindus' surrender before Islam. Here the appropriate word is "COOTS".

Imagine Hitler turning up in England to receive a 21-gun salute and Sir Winston Chruchill saying to the SHOCKED reporters, "That was WAR, now it is PEACE. Can't you see the difference, you COOTS?"

The question NO Hindu c_ _t** is prepared to ask GENERAL Musharraf, when he lands at the "WITCH'S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, NEW DELHI", is, "How can you be at peace with India with LAHORE under YOUR Islamic occupation?"


** COOT.