"BEHIND THE VEIL,"  documentary on Afghanistan.

Date: 6/27/2001


Channel 4 Television film on Taliban. 9 till 10 p.m., Tuesday, June 26, 2001 in the United Kingdom.

Did anyone watch that documentary film "BEHIND THE VEIL"?

Will the Hindus of India be allowed to see it? Will the RSS, Shiv Sena, VHP and even Shiromani Akali Dal buy copies and distribute it widely among their members, branches and shakhas to "ennoble" the ignorant Hindus and Sikhs?

While most, who have seen it, would condemn the Taliban, very few will realize that the Taliban are simply the puppets of ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY and staunch "believers" in the way their Prophet (peace be upon his VICTIMS) looked at women.

Even fewer will spare a thought for the FACT that "our own" Moguls, who thrill the Nehru Dynasty and their despicable Hindu stooges beyond all measures, were the ancestors of these Taliban, just as we are the descendants of those Hindus who helplessly watched Guru Arjun Dev being tortured to death and Guru Tegh Bahadur being BEHEADED in the centre of Delhi and the two minor sons of Guru Gobind Singh being bricked in alive in the city of Sirhind.

The genetically reduced nation of Hindu/SIKH morons seems to have come to terms with those bestialities by chanting "tera bhaana meetha laagay!" (O God, I accept they Will happily!)

The FOOLS ought to throw such reconciliatory slavish chants out, but, instead, reflect in utmost SHAME as to why on earth did the "bhaana" (God's Will) turn so dismally dark and brutally cruel towards the Hindus and the SIKHS!

We have THROWN AWAY that knowledge, memory and awareness that was crucial to us, simply to accep the political division of India between Jinnah and Nehru and to live on THEIR "secular" terms.

The Hindus and Sikhs of EAST Punjab are among the MOST IGNORANT communities on earth with regard to their own State and history.

We need to wake up to the fact that Pakistan is the "father of Taliban", a fact that will be dishonestly suppressed in the dishonest "HINDU world" when GENERAL Musarraf is in New Delhi, mid July 2001, just like we all have suppressed PARTITION.

There are several areas under the lethal threat of ISLAM right now. They include Cyprus, the Philippines, Kosovo, MACEDONIA, Sudan, PARTITIONED India, and finally ISRAEL. More areas like South Eatern Europe, Northern England, Southern Italy, and the United States, are to follow.

With regard to Israel, a reporter quotes Mr. Bush as saying that his administration believes "progress is being made" in peace talks with PLO.

This is a lethal trap for Israel and India ought to take note. Isreal is her ideological ALLY while all the Islamic countries which gang up at once for any Islamic cause ANYWHERE are her eternal enemies. Our FREE world knows this, yet it is blind.

So has Mr. Vajpayee of BROKEN Bharat, under attack in South Kashmir, been saying, "Progress with Pakistan is being made."

Worse still, he believes that the INDIAN Muslims are not a TIME BOMB since they have stayed on "loyally" in India after Partition. In order to accept them as "brothers" Mr. Vajpayee has to suppress the word PARTITION despite the FACT that at least a MILLION OF HIS FELLOW HINDUS were slaughtered.

Where is the goddess called "progress", given Islamic "warriors" all round? Can anyone see "progress" anywhere?

If Mr. Bush does not KNOW that Islam will continue to wear down the resistance of Hindu India and Jewish Israel, holding their progress and prosperity to ransom, then either he is a secret convert to Islam or in the grip of a powerful Islamic lobby- possibly enriched by friends in the Middle East, or a "secular HINDU" like Vajpayee. Mr. Vajpayee, by the way, is a "rat" when it comes to the liberation of North Kashmir. He is about to appease Islam just like Bandit Nehru in 1947.

Mahatma Gandhi was reconciled to Partition of India in 1947, believing that progress had been made.

As a friend of democracy, Mr. Bush ought to have told Pakistan to withdraw all the Muslim "militants" from South Kashmir, EAST Bengal (BOGUSdesh) to accept Secularism and join WEST Bengal, and the disgruntled PLO to go to PAKISTAN and settle down there. There is plenty of LAND there, taken from the Hindu kafirs who were given a boot in 1947. Has Mr. Vajpayee ever heard of them? Has "Bhangi" Badal of Union Territory?

Where on Mr. Badal's territory is a monument or memorial to all the SIKHS massacred, killed and raped in Rawalpindi District in March 1947? To Hell with the misleading word "Singh" in his name if he has not thought of those SIKH VICTIMS yet! "Buckree" would be true under the motto of "Satyam Vijayate." He deserves to share this dishonour with Mr. Vajpayee.

In 1947 enough HINDUS were slaughtered in Pakistan to make room for twenty times the no. of Palestinians who are still going about as refugees.

Do we see a HINDU refugee anywhere? Why not?

Because they have better things to do in life that to live on dole and charity like BEGGARS in refugee camps and produce more children to grow up as warriors of Mohammed (peace be upon his VICTIMS), suicide bombers, Mujahideen and Taliban.

It is a clash of civilisations, not just PLO vs. Israel, not just India vs. Pakistan. The Hindu PAGAN IS PERISHING, and the weak is being pushed out of existence- and into the sea.

It is a pity if PARTITONED India is so terrified of Islam that she dare not give any support to Isreal, or KICK her Christian President Mr. KR Narayanan, OUT OF OFFICE, who is merely watching his army being bled to death in Kashmir and wondering why all the Hindus with dark souls, the "candidates for Hell", didn't touch the feet of Pope when he was twice in Hindustan.

Why must everyone look towards the USA for peace in the Middle East? Is it because all the others, especially India, are voluntarily, immorally, or through total lack of guts, PYGMIES on earth? Or, perhaps eunuchs?

How does the world propose to exterminate the Pakistani ideological seed called Taliban from the soil of Afghanistan that was once in peace under Buddhism?

How will God LIBERATE the dughters of Afghanistan from the Cruel Creed of Mohammed of Mecca that descended upon them like a deadly epidemic, wiping out the gentle and the civilised, covering the mountains in the blood of innocent Hindus (HinduKUSH)?