Date: 6/28/2001


Most Hindus regularly come across a very re-assuring line (below) from the Hindu media. There is nothing new in what it conveys, but only consternation at what it does NOT convey. It does not convey the knowledge of the silently creeping predators who devour and digest the Hindus. They have done so since 712 AD. In 1947 alone, about ONE MILLION Hindus were "devoured" by JINN.

The sack of Delhi in 1857 sounded the guns of VICTORY of another predator, devouring HINDU flesh, wealth and labour in Hindusthan. Here is the line from a very senior Hindu thinker:-

["I think that many influential people in all south [Asian countries are beginning to realize that the time [for wars among ourselves is over."


Here is the RESPONSE sent to that learned Hindu "neta" by "Institute of Hindu IDEOLOGY":

With all due respect we beg to differ most vehemently. The above statement has just hit us hard in the face, on the eve of the biggest ever WAR that is about to be unleashed in South Asia due to very serious fundamental fault lines beneath the surface.

We have little faith in Jyotish Vidya and all the gods who have always failed the good natives of Hindusthan right from 712 AD to date.

Here is the First Law of Ideology (There are NINE more!):

"Peace and prosperity in a country depend upon its MAJORITY community DOMINATING their TERRITORY in a virile and manly manner."

The HINDUS of India are the "MAJORITY" community of the land, but they are still light years away from fulfilling this Condition.

Hinduism is not a word to be seen in India’s Constitution (“Vidhan”), India lies fractured is three fragments, each with the NATURAL tendency to increase and grow at the cost of the other, and North Kashmir is "going" for South Kashmir with the help of Taliban and Pakistan.

Of course, this all is INVISIBLE to our mahatmas, swamis, pandits and professors. The "HINDU WORLD" is being put to even deeper sleep by lullabies of this kind which re-assure them, just before yet another terrible slaughter, that tomorrow belongs to them.

NO, Tomorrow belongs to our PREDATORS, the Catholics and the MUSLIMS. Even the President of India, a CHRISTIAN himself, could not disagree with this statement.

We need to understand that the fragments come together around the one with the strongest PULL and mass, and not the one with the most divine gurus, mahatmas and Holy Scriptures.

Bismark UNITED Germany by war while India was left DISUNITED and BLEEDING due to her love of appeasement, ceasefires and surrenders.

The line at the very top is defeated HINDUS’ view, not shared by victorious Muslims and Christians.

The plea for tolerance came from Guru Nanak, not from Emperor Babur who put Guru Nanak in prison, and proceeded to demolish the Grand Temple of Lord Sri Ram that was our NATIVE counterpart of their Ka’aba and The Vatican, put together.

The plea for tolerance and universal love, re-inforced by his own subsequent martyrdom, came from Guru Tegh Bahadur, not from Emperor Aurangzeb.

It’s a great pity that an average Hindu is so IGNORANT of those teachings in the madrassas all over the ISLAMIC world around him and banned from sitting at the inner meetings of all the bishops and cardinals.

The Nunceate in New Delhi is the Pope’s eye in the dark and confused Hindu world while the Hindu world has NO such eye in the Christian or the Islamic world.

Hindu eye is BLIND. And the Hindu brain cannot grasp what it cannot see!