Date: 6/28/2001



News has arrived (June 28, 2001) that-

"Opposition leader (in PI, or PARTITIONED India) Sonia Gandhi was feted by the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans on Capitol Hill on Wednesday (June 27, 2001) and also met Vice President Dick Cheney at the White House for 25 minutes, during which they expressed their mutual satisfaction over the blossoming US-India ties."


What an EXTREMELY POOR impression Dick Cheney must have of the rotten quality of the INDIANS who need a spiritually impoverished Italian born CATHOLIC, an au pair (house maid) in England, imported into our land of "milk & honey" by none else but a LOAFER, now notorious as "BOFORS CHOR", to speak on behalf of the ancient civilisation of India (HINDUsthan) abroad.

UTMOST SHAME on the one billion genetically reduced INFERIOR race of Indians who watched!

Could Sonia speak on behalf of Bangladesh, or represent Pakistan abroad? WHY NOT, when the great Bandit NEHRU could speak on behalf of all the Indians, including those who spat on his head and slapped him in the face, and left for Pakistan?

It appears that ONLY THE HINDUS will revere any scum and security risk arriving from abroad, touch her feet, drink her u . . . ., and call her "Rashtamata"! ONLY the Hindus.

Could she charm the Taliban in Kabul? Could she win their hearts by her sweet smile? NO. ONLY the Hindus are at everyone's disposal, to be used and cast away, like the HINDUS OF LAHORE AND EAST BENGAL. Anyone recalled them, ever?

Why hasn't Dick Cheney, much tickled by the sight of a "CATHOLIC CAT" arriving from the land of the crushed Hindu "MICE", forgotten the dead of Vietnam yet?

In 1947 Lord Louis Mountbatten spoke on our behalf, too, and we know what state HE left India in. The MUTILATED Indian "cow" is still trying to free her head from the tightly closed jaws of the ISLAMIC wolf in Kashmir! A strict media clamp down and "sarkari" news cover up, or controlling "All India Radio" and "Doordarshan" does not mean the Islamic wolf has run away, or the Hindu BLEEDING cow is free at last! (She will be partly free when Dhaka or Islamabad lick Dick Cheney's secularism for a minute!)

Sonia KHAN alias Gandhi, has yet to leave the Indian "monkey circus", and the PERISHING PAGANS have yet to notice the ever reducing circle in which we are being CONFINED and suffocated on the land of our roots, religion and ancestors, if not birth.

PARTITIONED India, tightly wedged between ISLAMIC Bangladesh and ISLAMIC Pakistan through very superior Anglo-American design, is in the tight grip of a vice. And her wretched clueless gutless & headless HINDUS, floating between their CHRISTIAN Rashtrapati (PRESIDENT) and ITALIAN BORN uncrowned queen Sonia, are, in fact, in the jaws of a very hungry crocodile.

Is Sonia speaking on behalf of the SIKHS, too? What a downfall of their Guru GOBIND SINGH! SHAME ON THE LOT, who only look at each other, and not ABOVE.