Date: 6/30/2001


Since the Sikhs were once the SWORD ARM OF INDIA’S DEFENCE, they need a closer look. 90 years under the British BOOT and 50 years under the Congress HAMMER & SICKLE, have inevitably taken the guts and sense out of the community, leaving it in the sorry state in which we find them in Partitioned India today.

The Sikhs share the inferior genes of the Hindus in many ways. The fate of one in West Punjab is the same as the fate of the other in Kashmir and East Bengal. The reasons are common to both.

The main reason is the lack of any ideological IMPULSE. Sikhs and Hindus are an INERT mass of human bodies. There is no impulse or current running through them all.

Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF was a great ideological impulse. It moved the nation UNITED and FORCEFULLY in one direction. So is the repeatedly emphasized message in the Koran, to CONVERT or SLAY the KAFIRS, which MOVED armies of Ghazis, Mujahids and Islamic FIGHTERS across the globe from one end to the other.

The Christians, too, share this chip of insecurity with the Muslims. A good Catholic like Sonia Khan, aka Gandhi, in Bharat will not rest till the last Hindu is converted and the last Sikh is killed. She is sticking to India for a good reason, not only for her (India’s) material plunder and her (Sonia's) political high office but as the flag bearer of Vatican. She is more the Woman of Pope than the Daughter of Bharat. Of course, the clueless natives can delude themselves to the utmost ludicrous limit, and even beyond in trusting, feeding, fattening and embracing her. She has been called anything from “Rashtra-bahu” to “Rashtra-mata” by the entire Indian media.

To see the decomposition of Hinduism in Hindusthan, a close study of the Sikhs can be revealing and relevant. Please see how close are the Sikhs to the Hindus mentally and GENETICALLY, despite the deceptive appearance.

The following input is by invisible SPIRIT as against the force of visible symbols.

To start with, it reflects the agony of an India watcher over half a century, who has seen the community divided, confused and astray.

Being astray means that many clean shaven Sikhs, mainly the Sikh youth, living in India and ABROAD, have their existence as Sikhs wiped out by the so-called Sikh Code of Conduct (RehatMaryada).

NONE spares a thought as to who wrote it, when it was written and what political climate prevailed in the Punjab then?

Was it composed by free thinking scholars with global perspective, graduating from world’s top universities, or semi-literate peasantry of Punjab?

Was it for the crushed British “coolie colony” of India, or also meant for the rest of the world, including Britain and Canada?

This excommunication of the “mona intellectual" is appropriately EXPOSING the rotten NATIVE genius in India due to which the country holds world record in slavery.

Many Sikhs even feel “proud” of those disasters, like the caption under the picture showing Guru Arjan Dev Ji being tortured to death. It echoes the 'Will of the defeated and the crushed HINDU Nation'. It reads, “Thy Will is SWEET!”

How disgusting! There was NO man in the vast Mughal slave colony, who could BLAST such a “Thy Will”, or turn it in the Hindu’s favour!

Millions slaughtered and BOOTED OUT of their ancestral homes at PARTITION, also got promptly reconciled to their calamity by chanting in tears, "Thy Will is sweet, O Lord!"

What nonsense! Why were the MOHAMMEDANS not struck by the killer "Sword" of such a God's Will?

The intellectual Sikh is now challenging the extremely low calibre of the SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee) who stubbornly stand for this out-moded, even discriminatory and offensive, “Rehat Maryada” which, at the same time, is also extremely divisive and destructive. Some “AQAL” of the fools!

Needless to say that the RULING establishment of Broken Bharat (PI, or Partitioned India) will fully back this “Rehat Maryada”.

Anything that unites the nation under their jackboot is a big pain to Nehru Dynasty and their Congress Party who exercise great terror upon the land. (Who surrendered Lahore UNCONDITIONALLY to the enemy? Who planned and launched that malicious "Operation Blue Star" in 1984? Was it some well-wishing benign PATRIOTIC “Sarkar”?)


The biggest fools are those who can boast of the most massacres and the biggest surrenders of territory.

By this yardstick the SIKHS of the Punjab (now reduced to a fragment of EAST Punjab) would carry away the “Prize” with flying colours.

Just think where-all you could see a proud Sikh in January 1947. He was all over, from Chittagong to KHYBER. But what happened within weeks?

The first surprise was (the damn fools are always surprised by their smart enemies!) the general massacre of the Sikhs, street after street, village after village, town after town, in Rawalpindi District in March of that year. Thereafter . . . . . .

The badly beaten and DECIMATED Sikh Panth fled in all directions, leaving farms, houses, businesses and gurdwaras behind- in numerous cases, even daughters and grandmothers.

The biggest fools are those who forget their disasters in a second and go about as if 'nothing happened' and, "All is well".

By this yardstick again the first prize ought to go to the Sikhs.

With the last Sikh thrown out of WEST Punjab unceremoniously, they promptly shut and sealed their brains and lips. There is NO trace of the Year of JINN; who devoured them by the million.

The biggest fools on earth are those who do NOT commemorate their dead. There is not one memorial to the memory of ANY of those million Sikhs massacred, and the millions more turned refugees overnight.

Was there not one Sikh warrior throughout West Punjab, who might have declared, "India will be cut upon my body," and then stood firm by his declaration, even sacrificing his life, UNLIKE Bapu Gandhi who fizzled out?

Think of the USA, still crying after the dead of World War 2, Korea and Vietnam!

Yes, there is NO memorial to honour those massacred, not even that brave warrior who fell in battle to save India and her Secularism, anywhere on earth, not even in EAST Punjab.

The biggest fools are those who just don’t bother about the ideological orientation and spiritual commitments- often deadly serious, of their RULERS.

In the case of India, the vast range of this ideological disorientation extends from ISLAM on one side which would love to re-appear throughout PISS (Partitioned Indian Secular State) and become the future TALIBAN in Hindustan, in order to levy Jezia tax on the Hindus and chop up every Sikh, limb by limb, to the sweet Catholic cats at the other end, who entice the genetically reduced clueless NATIVE Hindu/SIKH mice by pretending to be asleep near a piece of cheese.

The biggest fools on earth are those who overlook all the enemies around them, and start clobbering their own kind. The Hindus will disregard all the Muslims of Aligarh, Secunderabad, Allahabad, Ghaziabad and Faizabad but go for one due to his different caste or region.

The Sikh will go for the other if he is a mona or patit. These labels are derogatory like “Pagan” given by the marauding 'killer/converter' Catholics in Europe in the Dark Ages when the light of free (Pagan) spirit went out and everybody’s soul came under the big foot called The Vatican.

In the 1960s a Sarkar-instigated bitter feud between Panjabi and Hindi was raging in Jalandhar while BOTH had been devoured in Lahore- a slap in their faces.

The biggest fools are those who put “langar” above LITERATURE, and become fanatic for long recitations of marathon Akhand Paths instead of spending five minutes to explore the Faiths of their RULERS. Do the Christians have such marathon readings of their Bible, lasting 48 hours? How are THEY worse off, or candidates for Hell?

Leave aside the Hindus, even the Sikhs do not know the names of a dozen PATERNAL relatives of Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s husband, Feroze KHAN.

Was Feroze Khan, aka Gandhi, a Parsi? Which synagogue did he go to, in Allahabad? Could we see its photo printed in any Indian newspaper? Who are his first cousins? What key posts at the top do they hold? What new Operation Blue Star are they planning? Which country on earth has FOUR generations of the same dynasty still at the top?

How many Sikhs know what Sonia Gandhi, now representing them in Washington DC (June 30, 2001), and what the Supreme Commander of India’s Armed Forces, a Christian Dalit KR Narayanan, think of their Gurus?

Thus the biggest fools on earth are those who offer their loyalty voluntarily and with eyes closed to anybody. They are often more loyal to their ENEMIES than to their Panth or Province.

The biggest fools are those who do not notice the disgrace of their own rulers and leaders. Now how long has the ONLY Sikh chief minister in India been sitting, confined to UNION Territory, outside his State- a territory, which he also must share with the Chief Minister of Haryana?

Is it donkey’s years? Then what is Mr. PS Badal?

Yet at the same time, the Rashtramata of Hindus, the uncrowned Queen of Hindusthan, is in Washington DC, saying, “We have the well-being of the Kashmiri Muslims in our hearts.”

How come, she had to travel that far just two weeks before the arrival of her ideological brother from Pakistan, General Musharraf!

Which SIKH organization is going to catch her by the palloo of her fake sari and shout, What about the well-being of the Sikh widows and orphans of 1984? And what about the well-being of all the HINDUS in South Kashmir, East Bengal and North Kashmir?

And who will ever ask, “Why did your mother in law, Empress of India, Indira Khanum, return EAST Bengal to the ENEMY after capturing it, while planning to give a damn good BLOODY NOSE to her own Sikhs in EAST Punjab?

Indeed, the cursed soil of India, where such questions are not asked, is like QUICKSANDS which has seen many a brave Rajput, Sikh, Maratha and Khalsa pulled down and disappear.

If fake Sardar Badal does not have the courage to ask tomorrow's Prime Minister cum Empress of his Hindustan (Sonia), then here it is for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE- the dark side of the Sikh AQAL which “promises” another great Genocide of the Sikhs in the very near future. We do not yet know whether the Hindus will remain sitting on the fence, clapping and rejoicing, or will themselves be engulfed by the deadly flames of yet another Hindu Holocaust.

The trusting Hindus have yet to notice the jaws of the ISLAMIC crocodile in the East (Bangladesh) and West (Pakistan and Afghanistan).

The biggest fools on earth divide their own kind voluntarily. Look at the deadly divisions between an Amritdhari Khalsa and a clean shaven Sikh? Were they not both given the same boot in Lahore at the same time, and in the same manner?

The biggest fools on earth generously fund all the world causes and charities, except their own.

Sikhs are well known for donating plenty for the uplift of everyone- from Bangladesh to Sudan, Nigeria and Ethiopia, while charities in SIKH hands are hardly known, disorganised, chaotic or downright frauds which don’t inspire confidence of the donors. How many can we count in EAST Punjab? What support do they get there, compared to Red Cross? What new charities has any chief minister, or any minister, in EAST Punjab founded since 1947?

One is reminded of the great Sikh Maharajah, Ranjit Singh, whose general hoisted the BHAGWA over KHYBER. While he saw the British East India Company send spies and emissaries to count every gun in his artillery, Maharajah Singh never thought of sending anyone to England to report back on anything.

Trusting in his simple God he died, leaving his Empire to fizzle out overnight. In Lahore, where he sat on his Imperial Throne, now it is Allah-HOO-Akbar all the time with hardly a Sikh in sight within a gunshot.

The biggest fools on earth are quite reconciled to their stagnating, even their reducing, numbers, AND SHRINKING TERRITORY.

Lacking the courage of conviction in their own religion, they dare not commend or convert. They hide behind their Gurus, saying, “Our Satguru Ji said, “DON’T convert!”

The fact is that our Satgurus were not blind to what was going on around them. One of them had been tortured to death in Lahore, and another BEHEADED in broad daylight in the centre of Delhi.

Had they, then, never heard of the conversions by sword by Muslim zealots OVER CENTURIES? How did West Punjab, EAST Bengal and Kashmir all become 100% Muslim, while the Sikhs in their Punjab could never reach even 49%?

The biggest fools are those who have NO collective Will of their own. When Pandit Nehru called PARTITIONED India “India”, every Sikh became a parrot, and called BROKEN Bharat “Bharat” as if nothing had gone missing.

Later, when Indira Khanum created FOUR more Punjabs out of EAST Punjab, the tiny fragment was still called “Punjab” by all the Sikhs and the Khalsa alike. One can say, “The biggest damn fools are experts in SELF-DELUDING and self fooling.”

The biggest fools are those who see revolutions of all sorts raging, or going on, past them, without noticing them.

Now computers are a revolution on earth. How many Gurdwaras in India are equipped with own e-mail as compared to the churches there?

The churches are on alien territory, the Sikhs are on their own. But the revolution has been picked up by the churches and missed by the gurdwaras.

One can share another observation of the timid and the cowardly fools. All churches in India show brown skinned congregations. How many gurdwaras in Europe show all white congregations? Well, THAT’S the difference!

Who are the Sikh scholars today? Where are they looking any way? Why is there NO talk of that “Run and Rout from Lahore”?

Why is there no memorial to the one million massacred in 1947? How does a whole community, at first stand committed to “AKHAND BHARAT” but then suddenly discard it as dirty linen, never to look back?

How is it that a whole community FAILS to notice the enemies ruling them and planning to give them more “bloody noses” while at the same time returning the conquered territory to the enemy (East Bengal in 1972)?

Why has the Sikh community FAILED to see that there is far less Sikh input at the top in Hindustan than MUSLIM and CATHOLIC input?

So, what kind of future are the fools looking forward to? Would they mind telling their OWN children?