Date: 7/1/2001


The GOVERNOR of Tamil Nadu is a MOHAMMEDAN despite Partition. Treacherous pseudo-Secular India is like a JUNGLE ON FIRE. Everyone has his finger up it.

Governors of HINDU (majority) States are CATHOLIC like PC Alexander and MOHAMMEDAN like Fatima Beevi. The Hindu has NO say in the destiny of his own land and NO say in his politics. Does Pakistan (former INDIAN Muslims) appoint a Hindu Governor of any province? Would BOGUSdesh (Bangladesh) have a Sikh Governor? But the HINDUS in PARTITIONED India (PI) are being FORCED to lie flat in dust with anyone sitting on top, even Catholics and Mohammedans who wish all the Hindus DEAD or CONVERTED.

Within months of PARTITION, "BANDIT" Nehru wrote up a Constitution which TIES THE HINDUS' HANDS BEHIND THEIR BACKS with regard to native religions while giving full recognition to FOREIGN religions. He wiped out the word "Hindu" in his Constitution. Thus, while local Shankaracharyas and Sri Singh Sahibs are contemptuously kept at bay, shooed and shunned by the ruling establishment, the Pope got invited twice as STATE Guest to Nehru's COOLIE COLONY and the Muslims enjoy their Sharia Law and are exempt from family planning!

The only Muslim majority State (Kashmir) enjoys special privileges under Article 370 of Constitution which the other Hindu (despicable "NIGGER") states cannot enjoy even in their dreams. This Article also ensures a SEPARATE and SPECIAL Muslim identity of Kashmir, thus preventing its integration with the rest of India.

Wouldn't the "Hindu ship" take water through gaping holes and SINK? The question for the whole world to see is, "Why the Hell does Tamil Nadu, a State as large as France, have a MOHAMMEDAN to misrule it after Governor PC Alexander?"

Unless there is a satisfactory answer, the Hindu in Hindusthan is a "rat" and his ship is on fire, and sinking. The Sikh has already disappeared as a factor.

Why would the rotten, decomposing, fatherless, leaderless, spiritless, INERT, chaotic, corruption and nepotism ridden PAGAN Land (Hindusthan) not BLOW UP eventually? It is defying all the Laws of Ideology. (There are TEN!)

The following news item shows the state of democracy in PARTITIONED India. Tamil Nadu is a large state, the equivalent of world super power FRANCE in Europe. But her people have been kept so IGNORANT and timid that they happily sit in the shadow of their corrupt ministers, and, worst of all, under the close surveillance and dirty gaze of CATHOLIC and MOHAMMEDAN shepherds (Governors) who watch their Hindu "flock" for any sign of virility, letting in a wolf or tiger now and then.

The GOVERNOR of Tamil Nadu is a MOHAMMEDAN female, FATIMA BEEVI unless in that Land of MAYA, Fatima Beevi is a Hindu or Sikh name. In the stinking kitcherie ("EINTOPF") called Bharat, anything is possible!

As per ACT OF PARTITION, 1947, Fatima Beevi, if she is a MOHAMMEDAN, ought to be arrested and deported to PAKISTAN, the homeland of all the Indian Muslims, not only of those then living in Lahore and Dhaka. In PARTITIONED INDIA she is a PERSONA NON GRATA.

Obviously the world can see how the PAGANS ARE PERISHING before its very eyes.

Even UNO is powerless or disinterested in enforcing the terms and conditons of that ACT OF PARTITION which broke up India into three fragments and created a separate Homeland for the INDIAN Muslims. But for the cluelss, de-linked and detached Hindus India is a "filthy joke", PARTITION was a grand "tamaasha" (MONKEY CIRCUS) and the Musalman was, and still is, "bhai-behen". The Hindus live in TERROR of thinking otherwise.

The news item below shows the lack of dignity of a person, including a former chief minister of a state as large as Tamil Nadu. The only person with immunity from trial in that sea of CORRUPTION seems to be the BOFORS CHOR.

Karunanidhi, Stalin arrested

Our Correspondent in Madras

(Courtesy: http://www.rediff.com/news/2001/jun/30tn1.htm)

Former Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi was taken into custody by the crime branch, the criminal investigation department of the state police, in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday and remanded to judicial custody till July 10.

Karunanidhi was dragged, screaming and kicking, out of his residence even as family members and close friends, including Union Commerce Minister Murasoli Maran, clashed with the police party.

Karunanidhi’s son M K Stalin (STALIN? Obviously a name given in praise of "Bandit" NEHRU'S friendship with Marshal Stalin of Soviet Union like all those countless "Sonias" and "Rahuls" and "Priyenkas" now growing up in gauravless gutless faithless HINDU families all over Hindusthan!), and 12 ministers of the DMK government that held power till the recent electoral defeat at the hands of Jayalalitha Jayaram’s AIADMK, have also been arrested.

Journalists who had gone to the CB-CID headquarters to cover the arrest were also detained.

Karunanidhi’s son M K Stalin has also been remanded to judicial custody.

The former chief minister and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam president has been arrested in connection with the Rs 12 crore (Rs 120 million) ‘flyover scam’.

Karunanidhi and his son has been remanded to judicial custody till July 10. The judge further posted the hearing on his bail petition to July 3.

Meanwhile, reports said that the former chief minister has gone on a hunger strike in protest against the administration’s decision to shift him from the Madras central jail to the Vellore jail. The administration has already shifted M K Stalin to the Madurai jail.

Opposition members of the Madras corporation, where the DMK is in a majority, had recently submitted a memorandum to Governor Fatima Beevi alleging irregularities in awarding contracts for the construction of 10 flyovers in the city.

The First Information Report (FIR), based on the complaint lodged by Corporation Commissioner J C T Acharyalu, was filed only on Friday, according to police sources.

Madras citizens woke to graphic images of the Karunanidhi detention. Sun TV, owned by Murasoli Maran’s son Kalanidhi, has been flashing clips of Karunanidhi being dragged from his home, of being manhandled and slapped and at one point, crumpling to the ground.

Sun TV has also been flashing telephone numbers of the Prime Minister’s Office and the chief minister’s secretariat, asking citizens to phone in and register their protest.

In Madurai, hundreds of senior leaders of the DMK, including former speaker P T R Palanivelrajan, city Mayor P Kulandaivelu, Karunanidhi’s son M K Azhagiri, Ramanathapuram Rajya Sabha MP M A Kader and former minister K N Nehru were arrested by the police from their respective residences early on Saturday.

Police said hundreds of senior DMK leaders and party functionaries had been taken into preventive custody, even as tension prevailed in most parts of the southern districts where buses were off the road and shops were closed.

Several educational institutes have also been shut down, fearing trouble.

With inputs from agencies


Further Comment by owner web site:

What is important to note are not the symptoms but the terminal illness of the Hindus- her MOHAMMEDAN and CATHOLIC Governors and their Constitution.

We looked up the word "symptom" in a dictionary: "A persistent cough may be a sympton of tuberculosis."

The fate of the Hindu is in the hands of his ENEMIES. The word "Secular" is being RAMMED DOWN his throat day and night and ENFORCED by "BANDIT" NEHRU'S Constitution only after the surrender of West Punjab and EAST Bengal to ISLAM. With Islam RULING Lahore and Dhaka, Secularism in Delhi and Amritsar is stinking disgusting MUCK.

What then is a Hindu, if not a SHEEP?

Look not at the rampant Corruption, consuming Bharat today but at the CAUSE: The BOFORS CHOR, beyond law. Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, who met Sonia KHAN last week did not ask her, "What then is the progress on the corruption trial against your husband?" Or, even, "When will you QUIT INDIA and return to Europe?"


A subsequent news item shows the Prime Minister's "grip" on affairs:

PM condemns Karunandhi arrest, seeks details Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has sought a detailed report from the Tamil Nadu chief secretary on the arrest of former chief minister M Karunanidhi and related events.

"Prime Minister Vajpayee has condemned the arrest of former TN chief minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi and the treatment meted out by the police to Union Minister Murasoli Maran," a spokesperson in the Prime Minister's Office told rediff.com.

On hearing of the arrest of Karunanidhi and the hospitalisation of Maran, Vajpayee attempted to contact TN Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram.

The prime minister was told that Jayalalitha was unavailable.

(We believe the Chief Minister Jayalalitha would have been available to Sonia KHAN even at midnight! - Owner web site.)

Subsequently, he telephoned the Tamil Nadu chief secretary and called for a detailed report on the arrest and related events.

The PM also spoke to the chief secretary of his concern over the health of Karunanidhi and Murasoli Maran and asked that the condition of both senior leaders be closely monitored.

He further asked the chief secretary to keep him abreast of all developments.

The PMO spokesperson added that Prime Minister Vajpayee was in constant contact with state BJP and DMK leaders in an effort to procure all available information.


The world can see the "MUCK IN HOLE in Hindusthan". Can't it?