Date: 7/4/2001



ISRAEL is where the EASTERN frontier of the American and the European FREE WORLDS lies. The country wishes to get on with its life and to develop and prosper as per the genius of her people. But a vicious minority within her frontiers has other designs on her peace and future. Surprisingly, while the Indian HINDUS in 1947 could not count upon even "Hindu" Nepal, every Islamic republic on earth seems ready to go on Jehad on their behalf. Some have pledged before their Allah to continue the FIGHT till Israel is finally pushed into the sea. Will they rest thereafter? We doubt it since they will find Jews living elsewhere on globe!

But where are the Eastern frontiers of ISRAEL herself?

They are INDIA, or the much battered, profusely bleeding, mutilated and semi conscious HINDUSTHAN.

If Hindusthan (INDIA) decomposes or disintegrates further, perishes or goes under the SWORD of Islam (once again), and the GUN of Vatican (BOTH are equally interested in the DEATH or CONVERSION of the Pagans), then there will be the DARK and VIOLENTLY TURBULENT AND ANGRY SEA OF ISLAM stretching from Syria and Iran, across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia, right up to the southern tip of the Philippines.

So one can see the ENCIRCLEMENT of the Eastern FREE WORLD by the savage and brutal forces of ISLAM which literally EXPLODED from the desert of Arabia in the late 7th/early 8th century AD, to cover the entire land from Morocco to Malaysia within a hundred years of the DEATH of Mohammed (Peace be upon his VICTIMS) and his alleged "ascent" to Sky from (of all the places on earth!) JEWISH Jerusalem.

A despicable scenario is taking place quietly and unnoticed to the EAST of Israel.

All the clever watchdogs and far seeing intelligence eyes in the West, including Israel, are busy only in the West. But to overlook or ignore the spread of Islamic GANGRENE to the East (which suddenly REDUCED secular India by ONE THIRD in 1947) is to subject our coming generations to relentless repeated onslaughts and persecution, and eventual wholesale SLAUGHTER.

Let us watch Macedonia bleeding now (July 2001) after the death of Kosova, and let us watch the acts of terrorism in Southern Philippines and the decomposition of India which is total in Kashmir and proceeding apace in the rest of the country.

Today, the bravest of the brave HINDU leaders declares with utmost APPARENT courage, WE ACCEPT PARTITION (of 1947).

We know that Partition of India was the MATRICIDE on the part of the Indian Muslims who once called India their "Motherland"; and who used to sing her praises and glory. So how is it possible that a HINDU leader should echo the Will of Allah?

Please look closely at this scenario:

The Hindu leader is facing a vast screen. Behind him is a Mohammedan Mouse. Close behind the mouse is a powerful light which casts the SHADOW of the mouse on to the screen.

Now the shadow is so enormously big that it shows the tiny mouse to be the size of an elephant with large carnivorous teeth.

The Hindu leader gets ‘sh*t scared’ and declares, We accept Partition.

Let us hope ISRAELI leaders do not echo the Voice of Allah like this.

The Anglo-Saxon race (UK and USA in the forefront, with European Union wagging behind like a dog's tail) is expert in putting up the screen, projecting the shadow of a mouse and making the appropriate accompanying noises which can scare the sh*t out of any stalwart.

Let all the honourable, patriotic, secular, democratic, PEACE LOVING and far-seeing scholars in our shrinking FREE world contemplate this scenario.

There is another "MEIN KAMPF" on earth that SO CRUDELY divides mankind into "Believers" and "KAFIRS", and defines a Hindu in Bangladesh like the Jew in Third Reich.

Is that as per UN Human Rights' Charter of equality of all mankind? What do we see in the case of WOMEN, pillar of any civilisation, in Afghanistan or in Saudi Arabia, as per this unchallenged "MEIN KAMPF"?

Then let us all propose something concrete to reduce the shadow of Islam that wears the garb of PLO in the wavering unsure Israel and of the Muslim Mujahid in the terrified bleeding Hindusthan.