Date: 7/4/2001


Continued from the previous.

Then let us all propose something concrete to reduce the shadow of Islam that wears the garb of PLO in the wavering unsure Israel, and of the Muslim Mujahid in the terrified bleeding Hindusthan. We see the Hindu dying in South Kashmir and kicked in Fiji and NONE coming to his aid, while the whole Islamic Bloc is crying their hearts out for the PLO bombers and assassins.

Israel must be protected from the relentless onslaught by the very same IDEOLOGY that has devoured one third of secular India to establish ISLAMIC Pakistan in 1947 and shows NO sign of receding, relenting or repenting. It is LETHAL brutal banditry- plain and simple, and a serious challenge to the shrinking FREE-thinking world. There is NO freedom of expression in the entire ISLAMIC world.

The Anglo Saxon tribe regard the MOHAMMEDANS as their natural allies against their ideological enemies like the Russians (Greek Orthodox Church), the Chinese & the Japanese (Buddhism) and the Indians (Hindus).

Thus NATO, the extension of Anglo Saxon tribe is bent upon creating an Islamic republics (Bosnia, Kosova and Albania) in the body of the Serbian world, and they were very keen on the creation of Pakistan on the soil of India, and on the separation of EAST Bengal to turn it into an ISLAMIC land in the middle of Hindu/Buddhist world, in sheer defiance of democracy, decency and secularism. It was a case of one INVADER rewarding ANOTHER invader on the eve of his departure from India.

The land route along which ISLAM had come to India is saturated with the BLOOD of Pagans, Buddhists and Hindus. The whole mountain range called HINDU KUSH bears witness to the Islamic barbarity towards the peace loving Hindus. "Kush" means SLAUGHTER in Persian.

The Sikhs were BETRAYED in 1947 and left devastated, uprooted and with a broken spine in West Punjab since they were perceived to be a part of the Hindu/Pagan world for which there was NO love on the part of the departing British. Understanding their masters' mind was beyond the ability of the best Sikh scholars then, and now.

The NATIVE brain, smashed over centuries of oppression, persecution and slavery, is very dull when it comes to understanding the minds of their RULERS. Hardly any subservient Hindu "coolie", the son of soil, has a clue to Italian-born Sonia Gandhi's mind. See the native "scum of mankind" eagerly licking up to the ex maid from England, who as a committed Catholic, sees them as "devil worshippers" and wants them all (including the Sikhs) converted or DEAD.

That then is the Eastern wall of defence of Israel.