Date: 7/6/2001


The Hindu-Muslim "BHAI BHAI" Summit (July 2001)

"GENERAL" Musharraf (Hail!) and "GANDHIAN" (spit!) Vajpayee

A Musalman by tradition, history, Koran and genes is a successful predator. He is conditioned to “go” for territory and sees his strength in numbers, and survival through offensive action.

A Hindu on the other hand, through degradation and slavery over centuries, is tuned and turned inwards. He is totally detached and always neutral, conditioned to confine himself to his own family and his personal wealth. He sees his survival through total submission and surrender.

Now in the above context, look at the SUPREME COMMANDER of Hindusthan, whom the Hindus have voluntarily chosen to LEAD them into every battle. (But lucky are those whose goal is only a ceasefire at the end. They can choose ANY "supreme commander". All he has to do when own troops are advancing, to order his Army, "CEASE FIRE!".)

In this aggressive and dynamic predatory world, when did Mr. KR Narayanan, or his BURMESE BORN wife, ride a horse, do some fencing or archery, fire a gun, or even shout in bed at night, “Akhand Bharat- ZINDABAD!”?

On OUR side is a PRESIDENT who appears to need the ambulance any time to take him to hospital to be kept alive on a drip (the "shivering Buddha", Govind Vallabh Pant, fashion), and on the other hand we see a MAN coming to project himself and his nation, all solidly at his back while he is in Delhi.

One nation is Gandhian, praying for “sab ko sanumati dih bhagwan” while the other nation knows to lunge, creep or thrust forward. It wants to grab SOUTH Kashmir, too, at the earliest.

So, watch out for the ludicrous summit between the one who is EXTINCT in Lahore and VANISHING in Srinagar, and the other who is still all over in Delhi, Faizabad, Aligarh, Secunderabad, ALLAHABAD and even Ayodhya- despite PARTITION.

This is only a split second view of the reality on the sub continent where a whole new century has begun to unfold itself before our eyes.

Yet NO challenge to that bogus Partition? Yet NO voice that could shout, “AKHAND BHARAT, AMAR RAHE!”?

So, watch out for the ludicrous summit between the man with a dagger and the ape with a banana, who is about to climb up the tree- to escape the man with the dagger . . . . Jai Hind**!

(** The “Hind” with Khyber and Chittagong squarely in it or all the Muslims pushed out of it!

- The Hind of the assertive MAN, not the Broken Bharat of the disappearing “mouse”.)


A "politically correst" statistic:

Since March 1947 to date, the (MUSLIM) cat has devoured over ONE MILLION (HINDU) MICE- the vast majority of them in just one year ending December 31, 1947 and another hefty chunk in EAST Bengal, before and after the 1971/72 WAR; and quite a large number in SOUTH Kashmir. There is hardly a mouse to be seen in Srinagar.

How many cats have been downed, drowned or done with, in the same period?

Dear UNITED Nations,

Dear UNITED States,

Dear UNITED Kingdom

May you remain UNITED through your vigilance and wisdom, for ever.

Pray, give us an answer that ought to be OBJECTIVE, TRUE and POLITICALLY CORRECT. "How many cats . . . . ?"

Thank you.