Date: 7/6/2001


Opportunity India cannot miss.

Here is a unique opportunity for the leaders of the two countries engaged in an exhausting, debilitating "tug of war" since 1947, to invite the leaders of Bangladesh, too, to a summit of the former united India.

It is high time to shed immaturity and hard boiled prejudices in order to go over all the losses and wastages, in men, materials, wealth and opportunities, and to draw a balance sheet on the question, "Who did that Partition benefit?"

The lot of ordinary Pakistanis couldn't be nice if tens of thousands of Mohammeds are running away in utmost poverty to all sorts of countries abroad and the same goes for the Indians and the wretched inhabitants of the break away impoverished EAST Bengal, sinking in poverty in direct proportion to its uncontrolled and irresponsible fast breeding rate.

The Indian race looks very inferior to the world due to something we all share: our impoverishment, exploitation by dynastic rulers, militancy, neglect of education and social services, and mutual hostility.

Ask anyone: It is NOT a decent or civilised way of co-existence among those who were all living in ONE country until recently. It is vulgar and obscene. We all look (damn) fools, if not idiots.

The leaders of all these artificially created three countries have to look into the future and share the horrible prospects of continued friction and enmity among them. How will Kashmir dispute be solved eventually?

How will Bangladesh overcome its flood problem, poverty and the natural danger of its gradual disappearance in the sea?

Will the Muslims of Kashmir ever accept post-partition disfigured "Hindu India" if the Muslims of Lahore are not willing to even "spit" on it, and all the State establishment and Koran madrassas in the two bogus Islamic republics REINFORCE this hatred of the Kafir, Pagan and Hindu, day and night? The Kafir, the Pagan and the Hindu have to look strong and manly, too, not appeasing, retreating, surrendering “rats” and “vermin”.

One has to be realist, and when one wakes up, he need not be honour bound by the treacherous old pledges and agreements gladly signed by the captive Indian leaders (“coolies”), “educated” in England and being led by the nose by their Imperial masters from Britain.

Let us ask, "Why was a well-running peaceful land like India partitioned? Why, and for what? How long can we all AVOID asking this question in a most cowardly and deceitful manner?

Asking one another this question needs courage and wisdom and tolerance.

But if this opportunity is missed and the summit ends up in smoke, leaving Bangladesh OUT, and the two parties bickering over Kashmir, then the world will know that the natives had neither courage, nor wisdom nor tolerance.

How ridiculous: The Pakistani MUSLIMS are quite willing to come to America, Denmark and Germany to sweep the roads and clean the toilets but they will not wish to live with any Hindu in a decent environment in one country?

Will we look decent, intelligent or wise to anyone on earth, despite a 10,000 year old civilisation that we all share?

Now, who will "bell the cat"?

I think, Mr. Vajpayee, by virtue of being the leader of India. The others are the junior partners being the leaders of "break away" fragments- undemocratic and ISLAMIC, by virtue of their Constitutions, which violate the Human Rights Charter of the UNO that firmly lays down that a “Hindu equals a Muslim” anywhere and everywhere.

Let us see if Mr. Vajpayee plays a leader's role or a slave's.

It's only ten more days for everything to become clear.

We do understand the presence of another undesirable muddy factor in the Hindu-Muslim equation.

The biggest enemies of any peace accord to be worked out between India and Pakistan are none else but Mr. KR Narayanan, the President of India, and Sonia Gandhi, the aspiring Prime Minister of India- BOTH CATHOLIC, and utmost loyal to the Pope in Rome. By every rule of commonsense, they must wish India and the other "republics" to perish.

They need the ruins in order to raise the Kingdom of their own Lord. If the natives are smart and clever, their prayers will go UNHEARD and their dreams will be SHATTERED.