Date: 7/10/2001



Had the 25 States of India, some like Maharashtra bigger than Portugal and Switzerland, been in Europe there would have been 25 more members of the United Nations in New York like the sovereign state of EAST Bengal enjoying full international recognition.

But due to centuries of hammering by Islam and spit of the British colonial masters, the crushed NATIVES have come to perceive themselves as “niggers”, or low down scum of mankind.

They don't mind in the least if a semi-literate Hindu-hater CATHOLIC import from Italy goes to Tokyo, all expenses apid, to lecture on Mahatma Buddha and "Mahatma" Gandhi, or flies off to Washington, DC, all expenses paid, to speak to the Vice President on behalf of the Kashmiri Muslims. No, they don't mind.

Any thought of equality with Pakistan or Iran, or a seat for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu at the United Nations, is beyond their wildest dreams.

It is important to mention this in order to understand the following light-hearted (but noteworthy) scenario of the selection of PRESIDENT of the Secular Republic of PARTITIONED India in its proper context.

The Selection Board was brief. Sonia KHAN in chair and Imam of Jama Masjid as her Adviser. A third member, with only “listening rights”, was a secular Hindu called Sita Ram Kesri. There was also a Sikh “nishkam sewak”, who could come and go. He was responsible for serving food and drinks.

The first candidate walked in smartly, wearing “bhagwa”, tilak on forehead, who greeted the Board with “Akhand Bharat Amar Rahe”.

Foreseeing such a provocative greeting, there was already a heavy police presence under Police Generals Julius Ribiero and KPS Gill. They pounced upon the man and dragged him across to a nearby dry well with 15 foot deep vertical walls, and spat on him.

Gill murmured, “Saala Haraamzaada, Brahmin lagta hai. Sab to Computer dega aur sanmati bhi, Akhand Bharat ka bachcha,” whereupon his colleague Ribiero murmured, “I will arrange to throw some snakes and scorpions down the well and cremate him tomorrow.”

The next candidate to walk in was in Gandhi cap and white dhoti and greeted the panel with “Jai Pandit Nehru!”

His chances seemed bright. But farsighted sharpshooter Soniaji asked him a question, “Tell us something about your wife.”

His countenance fell. He spoke, “She was born in ALLAHABAD, which is a secular name, and is a committed Congress worker. My only difference with her is over her visiting the local Hindu mandir with her mother. But she does so secretly, mostly at night.”

The Imam intervened, “What kind of a man you are, if you cannot prevail upon your own wife? Visiting a temple even at midnight means she is a dangerous fundamentalist Hindu.”

The crestfallen candidate was dragged out and tied to a tree outside, to stand in rain and sun for 14 hours.

The third candidate looked emaciated and walked in slowly with a stoop and a limp. His gait and “downcast eyes fixed on floor” showed that his ancestors had been road sweepers for centuries. That turned out to be true, as he explained his strong points.

“Your Imperial Highness,” he said looking at the feet of Sonia,

“Your Islamic majesty,” he whispered softly, looking at the shadow of the Imam, “I am a humble Dalit.

We have always revered our foreign masters who paid us well, but hated the native Hindus who call us “untouchable”. I have brought my CV and it says that I am a Christian. I apply for the post.”

While the Imam’s heart seemed to melt, warned Sonis, “Wait. Though this Dalit has immaculate credentials, his wife might be a Hindu.”

“No your Imperial Highness,” cried the applicant, face showing a faint glow of victory. “She was born in Myanmar.”

As if to fling the Ace card on the table, he added, “And she is an Evangelist, keen on bringing the misguided pervert Hindus to the holy feet of OUR Lord!”

Having fired his last round the man seemed to shake for a while through excitement like the smoking barrel of a big gun which has just fired off its last shell.

”You get the job,” said the uncrowned queen of Hindusthan.

“I concur,” said the Imam, adding, “The Islamic vote bank will be at your beck and call for any murder, mayhem and mischief. Depend upon me whenever you want a Direct Action. We can do to Delhi in one day what we did to Lahore in three because of the damn Sikhs there.”

The Board adjourned to a light meal. The Sikh nishkam sewak was joined by a few more and there was plenty of food and good selfless service.

The flag of the new President went up on Rashtrapati Bhawan within minutes. It wasn’t “bhagwa” but a mongrel 3-C (three symbols): the Crescent, The Cross and the Charkha.

Does anyone wonder as to why the Pope was invited twice to land at “Indira Khanum International Airport” (Spit in Hindu Face), or why all the militants are taking a heavy toll of life only on THIS side of the cease fire line?

Does anyone wonder why Dhaka stands on sovereign soil but Chandigarh lies flat on “union” territory?

Does anyone wonder why Sri Ram Temple will NEVER come up? (It is due to the threat of DIRECT ACTION- Noakhali style!)

Hindusthan has seen 180 degree contrast. While Guru Tegh Bahadur was “Hind ki Chador”, his name cannot replace that of the political “WITCH” on the New Delhi Inrternational Airport, and the President has to be the ENEMY of the Hindus who wishes them all dead or converted. Upon the ruins of this decomposing civilisation of Kafirs and Infidels, he wishes to resurrect the Kingdom of his own Lord.

He is an ally of the Imam who wants the Crescent to move down from Lahore to Delhi.

KR Narayanan is the only “supreme commander” on earth whose orders to his armed forces are clear: “You will never cross or violate that ceasefire line that divides Kashmir. Stop in your tracks if you are advancing; and return any territory promptly to Islam should you capture an inch of EAST Bengal or North Kashmir! Keep on bleeding till you are thoroughly demoralised, and perish.”

Do we know of a “PRESIDENT” anywhere on earth like “Our Man in Delhi?

A Hindu who thought he could change the system, called a meeting to discuss “Action for the Temple and Selection of the President".

But he was shocked to note that they were all islolated, detached, vulnerable and weak individuals set against the powerful UNITED establishment of Nehru Dynasty, still holding India to ransom and keeping the lid on the Hindus while letting the enemy thrive and flourish- even enjoy sovereignty as in Lahore and Dhaka.

The businessman said, “Array Yaar, I cannot help you or India. I will be implicated in some bogus income tax fraud and my premises will be locked up for months.”

The advocate said, “Na Bhai, they will send goondahs at midnight to drag me out of my home and beat me to unconsciousness in the woods.”

The NRI from the United States said, “I can’t take the risk. They will arrest me on arrival next time, and beat me up in the presence of my wife and children. Who will listen to me even if I cry hoarse?”

The professor said, “They will call me leftist and put a black mark in my dossier. I could even lose my pension and starve in old age.”

The Sikh got up to go, saying, “NO. Veerjee, I don’t want another Operation Blue Star. We are already labelled terrorists in Bharat.”

That then was the meeting of The Enlightened Hindus in Bharat that was called at midnight to discuss the reform of Indian politics.

The aspiring applicants for the post of the President, should this one be put on life support system in a hospital, are preparing their CVs. One wonders who can beat the present incumbent, KR Narayanan.

He is not a Hindu but a Hindu-hater. He is not a Dalit any more but a Christian (Christians have NO caste system!). He is married to a wife who was NEITHER born in India NOR is a Hindu. He is a silent observer as the fires in the North East and North West (South Kashmir) consume Hindusthan. He is even willing to clean the toilets of his Imperial mistress, one up on his predecessor, Giani Zail Singh Zaleel, who could only sweep the floors of BOFORS CHOR. And finally, he is quite happy to tie his generals’ hands behind their backs.

Who could beat that?

The NRI’s living in the FREE and FEARLESS climates of Europe and America spit at two places when they are in India- at the signboard, “Indira Gandhi International Airport” upon landing and at the Mongrel tricolour when they go past the Rashtrapati Bhawan. They can’t be arrested and beaten up for just clearing their throats in dusty Delhi. Can they?

Patriotic Hindus (you can count them on the fingers of one hand) have also been seen clearing their throats at three more places:

(1) At the bogus Baburi “masjid” in Ayodhya;

(2) At Taj Mahal, the site of the original vandalised palace of Raja Man Singh’s wife Tejo (Tejo Mahila); and

(3) At No 10 Janpath, the Imperial Residence of India’s No. 1 Security Risk, the worthless“White Elephant” from Italy who has DEGRADED every native female in PISS (Partitioned Indian Secular State), as founded and defined by barrister-at-law from England, “BANDIT” Jawaharlal Nehru, in 1947.

They say, “He was a great friend of Marshal Stalin when the Soviet Union was liquidating all opposition to Communism, and forgot that England was in UNITED Kingdom and had FREE broadcasting.”

How is the PRESIDENT elected or appointed in YOUR country?