Date: 7/10/2001



(Voice of Islam in Kashmir)

There was an international symposium in America on Kashmir. Hosts were the Hindus who need symposia while the Muslims spend thought and energy on their KILL.

But what will such international symposia achieve what those long forgotten day-long mammoth sessions of “BANDIT” Nehru’s man in New York, the towering giant of oratory and charisma, Mr. Krishna Menon, could not achieve?

Look at this confusing logic of the HINDU India which sees Kashmir dispute in ISOLATION and declares unilaterally, “I shall give you a pound of flesh but not a drop of blood. The TON of flesh happens to be the TERRITORY stretching from Karachi to Gilgit and from Chittagong to Sylhet.

All that ignoble and humiliating surrender of TERRITORY is considered a “closed chapter”. Why? Because it does not suit those pygmies wearing Nehru’s shoes and misruling India today.

But it does suit the OTHER side that was given the last word on the fate and future of Hindu India.

The Kashmiri Muslims are confused, too. They wonder, “Why they gave Lahore to ISLAM but wish to stick to Srinagar till the nuclear weapons wipe out both Lahore and Delhi?

You see, LOGIC is with the Hindus but DAGGER is with the Muslims.

“What succeeded in Europe in 1945? (Military onslaught against Germany.)

What succeeded in Veitnam in 1975? (Heavy military counter attacks by the Viet Kong.)

What succeeded in EAST Bengal in 1972? (Military invasion by India.)

What succeeded in Kosova and Bosnia eventually? (NATO bombardment.)

What logic did the British East India Company use to catch and banish the last Mohammedan Emperor in 1857? (The GUNS at their disposal.)

But who FAILED to define the Muslims as PERSONA NON GRATA in the Constitution of PARTITONED India?” (The sleeping nation of Hindus.)

Logic is only workable when there is a HIGHER authority willing and ready to ENFORCE that logic. With regard to BROKEN Bharat, we see NONE.

The Indian position acquires ridiculous “ludicrosity” when we see that the INDIANS themselves are happy with their “laddo, pakora and burfi” and expect the Symposia, and expect their American (fair weather) friends and the (pro Pakistan) UNO to act on THEIR behalf.

You may hold a thousand symposia but they will all end up in light entertainment and refreshment unless you SMASH every statue of MK Gandhi and erect those of NATHU RAM GODSE and NANA APTE in their place. That is the kind of “moral superiority” and symposia used by Babur in Ayodhya. As a result, the whole of Hindusthan will be going round and round and round the spot till eternity. That is the kind of “moral superiority” and symposia those few thousand wild tribesmen and Pathans used, to occupy North Kashmir within days with the mission to recover SOUTH Kashmir, too.

As a result, we have “samjhauta” express, cordial summits, goodwill ambassadors and such symposia. The Hindu is busy with what comes “naturally” to him and the MUSALMAN BEIMAN is busy with what comes “naturally” to him, and the TWAIN SHALL NEVER MEET.

A Hindu said, “The challenge for Hindusthan “under Sonia’s skirt”, hiding behind such symposia, is to declare Partition null and void and IMPOSE secular Constitution on ALL, from Khyber to Chittagong.”

He added, “I know THEM since 1675 when they beheaded the top holy man among the Hindus in the centre of Delhi, and went on to celebrate the “Victory of Islam”.

“They also celebrated the murder of two little boys of Guru Gobind Singh ji and the little boy Hakikat Rai.

“What orgy of rape and murder and plunder came “naturally to them” all over Pakistan in 1947 when Allah gave them the chance.”

Kashmir dispute arose only after the surrender of Secularism in Lahore. So the two have to be LINKED. Yes, Lahore and Srinagar have to be linked.

But do we see a MAN in Partitioned India who could do just that, or EXPLAIN the “circular phenomenon” that is bound up with the KORAN?

What is this “circular phenomenon”? The Hindus have NEVER heard of it. Here is the explanation. You see a circle. Generation after generation, while the Hindu FORGETS his defeat, the Muslim is raised in spirit, confirmed in Jehad and redoubled in resolve to attack the Hindu AGAIN.

His new victory confirms the cycle again and he attacks AGAIN, and so on till either he is given a CRUSHING DEFEAT or KOAN IS BANNED in the country that wants salvation from the perennial pest.

PARTITIONED India under Bandit Nehru FAILED to do either. She is paying the price as per Laws of Nature.

It is also a part of vital awareness in life for the Hindus that the President of India is on the side of the ENEMY.

As a supreme commander, he has been concentrating more on holding fire, ceasing fire and even misdirecting fire, than on fighting according to a clear AIM or in the national interest. He has been watching the ongoing humiliation and bleeding of his Armed Forces in Kashmir since October 24, 1947.

Mr. KR Narayanan, the Supreme Commander of India, who was not investigated at this Symposium, is not the cause, but the PROBLEM itself.

He is well reinforced by Sonia Khan and well supported by the Muslim Fifth Column on the Territory of Hindus. (If the world and even India, concedes the “Territory of Islam” in Dhaka and Lahore, then WHERE is the “Territory of the Hindus”, simply as a counterpoise?)

None at the Symposium took this up!

The great mess created by Pandit Nehru’s HIGH TREASON (signing the unconditional surrender of India’s five provinces and retaining the MUSLIMS back even after Partition), will need a lions’ SURGICAL OPERATION to clear up eventually- not the “peace loving cows’ symposia”.

This Symposium (below) makes an interesting reading. In theory it is perfect except that it does not mention the Act of Partition, 1947, or the unconditional surrender of Lahore, at all.


An international symposium was organized by the Indo-American Kashmir Forum (IAKF). Mr. Jeevan Zutshi, symposium convenor, said that the symposium was organized to give greater visibility to the Kashmir issue.

“Right now many things are happening. There are lots of back door meetings that are taking place back in India as well as here. We want to make sure that Kashmiri Pandits are also part of the decision making process. We have to make sure that the Kashmiri Pandits get a fair deal,” Jeevan Zutshi added.


(More of cultural night)

Fremont, California, June 9, 2001. -- A picture may be worth a thousand words, but "Sharnarthi Apne Desh Mein" stirred a thousand emotions among the viewers. Previewed here on June 9, (2001,) the documentary by Mumbai-based film producer Ashok Pandit, brought tears to many eyes.

The documentary followed a day-long Symposium, titled “From Paradise to Ideological Battleground”, where well-known Kashmir experts and policy makers, including U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott, co-chair of the India Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives deliberated on Kashmir problem and the plight of Kashmiri Pandits.

Addressing the symposium, Congressman McDermott said “India is living in most dangerous neighbourhood in the world and Kashmir is the linchpin to solving and stabilizing that part of the world.”

“In my view Kashmir is an integral part of secular India and it should remain as such,” Congressman McDermott said, adding that until the Kashmir issue was resolved, India would not be able to reach its full potential and take its place as a world leader.

India, he said, had potentially great role to play in the geo-political solution to the instability in the region stretching from Iran and Afghanistan up to China and including parts of former Soviet Union.

“When you look at that area on the map you realize how central India really is. If India isn’t able to resolve this (Kashmir issue) it will not be able to grow into a country it potentially can be,” he said, adding that he was of the view Kashmir was an integral part of secular India.

Commending Prime Minister Vajpayee on his peace efforts, Congressman McDermott said: “I was in New Delhi when Prime Minister Vajpayee went to Lahore and I told him later how much I admired him for having done that. The strong always have the responsibility to reach out to the weaker.”

“It was troublesome to me that it was immediately derailed by the Pakistani misadventure in Kargil. A few months ago when I was in Pakistan, I asked several members of Pakistan cabinet why they accepted the Indian hand on one hand and hit it with a closed fist with the other hand. There was no answer. One minister said something like it was probably not very good timing. And I think that is no answer,” McDermott told the audience.

“I think it is time for Pakistan to realize that there is no military remedy to the conflict in Kashmir and accept the genuine peace offers from India. If they do that now, we will soon see an end to the violence and persecution and suffering that has been inflicted upon the Kashmiri people.”

He congratulated the Vajpayee government for extending a hand to Pakistan’s Military ruler General Pervez Musharraf, saying that “Vajpayee made the right decision in reaching out to deal with this government. However, illegitimate it (Gen. Musharaff’s government) may well be, it is still the power that has to be dealt with. I think in some ways Delhi tried to circumvent Islamabad and talk directly to Hurriyat, but with no avail and hence the unilateral ceasefire didn’t work.”

Although congratulating the PM for reaching out to Gen. Musharaff, the Congressman was skeptical of the position that Gen Musharraf finds himself in.

“While his comments are generally positive in the press…. the fundamentalists are making it extraordinarily difficult for him to actually carry them out,” he said reflecting the thoughts of many other noted symposium speakers.

Among those deliberating at the day-long symposium were Yossef Bodansky, Director of Terrorism Task Force, State Department, former U.S. Ambassadors Teresita Schaffer of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Howard Schaffer, and Prof. Raju Thomas of Marquette University, Milwaukee.

While many of the speakers were of the opinion that a solution to the Kashmir issue was unlikely in the foreseeable future, others, including Prof. SarDesai, a professor of history, and Mr. D.N. Munshi, President of the All India Kashmiri Samaj Trust Fund, were of the view that the solution reached should be a long-term solution and not a “convenient solution”.

Prof. D.R. SarDesai of University of California Los Angeles, said "normalcy in Kashmir is situation before 1989 and solution is 1971 (Shimla agreement)"

However, Mr. Bodansky told the seminar “I am afraid that in the foreseeable future, unless there is some drastic change, the world will be eeting again and again discussing the trials and tribulations of Kashmir. I am afraid that right now there is no solution in sight.”

He said Kashmir issue had been transformed into an instrument of Pakistan-run strategy and an evidence of it was the war in Kargil in the summer of 1999.

“Kashmiri Jihad, Pakistani’s will tell you is war for the liberation of the Muslims of the valley. However, the population in the areas where bulk of the crossing over of the border took place was Muslim Shiite and Tibetan Buddhist. What were they going to do there? Who were they going to liberate the – the Shiites who hate their (Pakistan’s) guts or the Buddhist who want nothing to do with them.

He said the main problem of Kashmir was no longer that of a minority fighting for a cause. “In today’s troubled world of international terrorism it is with whom does the minority in question do deals in order to further its own cause.

“The question is not why do they fight, but in whose interest do they fight?” In the case of Kashmir, he said, the problem was not so much that of aspiration one component of the population of Kashmir , but the fact that in pursuance of their objective they had walked into the deathtrap of making deals with countries, international crime, and variety of international ideologies that had since supplanted and taken over their struggle.

“Kashmir is a classic case of Islamic state sponsorship taking over an indigenous movement.”

“The main problem is that in the process of getting involved in Kashmir, Pakistan discovered a way to regenerate the whole problem of Jinnah’s lost heritage. Pakistan in 1980s was a state in crisis. Islam was supposed to be the glue that brought together the Muslim nations and gave them a joint entity. In 1971 Bangladesh was no longer with Pakistan and it was a country in crisis because the glue did not work and it was asking itself why are we there as a state? And the answer was that we are there to bring in Kashmir, the only component that Jinnah was dreaming about and was not in Pakistan hands.”

Prof Sar Desai told the over 200 guests in the grand ball room of Fremont Hilton that the insurrection continued, partly as a separatist movement and partly as an Islamic holy war. He said the situation has been aggravated by the participation of young militant adherents of the fundamentalist Taliban movement.

Hira L. Fotedar, of IAKF, Michigan, said Kashmir had become a deadly battleground between India and Islamic fundamentalists who wanted to take it over.

Looking to the future, Mr. Bodansky said: “We are entering into a period of swing military activity. When the weather is good there will be escalation, when the political conditions are ripe there will be escalation, when there is international pressure there will be reduction in the intensity of military activity and a flare up political activity.”

He said the unilateral ceasefire declared by the Indian government failed because it did not deal with the main issue.

“There wasn’t parallel reduction or containment in the activities of training camps in and around Muzzaffarabad in the so-called Azad Kashmir nor was there any reduction in training camps in Afghanistan or the Taliban preparations to assist the Kashmiri brethrens.”

Mr. Bodansky said, “It is imperative then that the Indians take on initiative militarily and try to contain the subversion at home.”

Mumtaz Wani, a kashmiri muslim lawyer who works in Washington, D.C., was of the view that the problem in Kashmir was one that Hindus and Muslims must resolve together.

The day-long symposium culminated into a cultural evening, with well-known Kashmiri Singer Nirja Pandit, enthralling the audiences with Kashmiri songs.

The symposium, was organized by the Indo-American Kashmir Forum (IAKF). Mr. Jeevan Zutshi, symposium convenor, said that the symposium was organized to give greater visibility to the Kashmir issue.

“Right now many things are happening. There are lots of back door meetings that are taking place back in India as well as here. We want to make sure that Kashmiri Pandits are also part of the decision making process. We have to make sure that the Kashmiri Pandits get a fair deal,” Jeevan Zutshi added.

Some of the other speakers to address the forum were Congressman Mike Honda, Subash Razdan from Atlanta, Dr. Rajiv Pandit of Chicago, Capt S.K. Tikoo (Ret.), political activist J&K (India), Dr Vijay Sazawal, President IAKF.

This was the second international Symposium which was held in Newark-Fremont Hilton on June 9, 2001, last one was also held in the same City on Nov. 15, 1992. Both Symposia had the same convenor Jeevan Zutshi and the only difference after a gap of eight long years was that this one was followed with a cultural night which started at 7:00 P.M with chief guest Congressman Mike Honda, the keynote speaker at the banquet.

The cultural segment of this day long Symposium highlighted the culture and heritage of Kashmiris and ways and means of preserving it. “We have to make all efforts to preserve our language, music and culture”, echoed Mr. H.N.Nehru, the past President of Kashmiri Samiti in New Delhi, one of the oldest and most respected Kashmiri Pandit associations in India.

”We are spread out in all parts of the world and considering our small numbers, we have to make an extra effort to best serve our future generation”, Mr. Nehru told an audience of 400 people in Hilton Grand Ball Room at the banquet. Community members from F.I.B.A, N.F.I.A, AAPIO, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Indo-American Community federation, Indian American friendship Council and others were present. The Kashmiri delegates came from all over the U.S and India to participate in the day long seminar and attend the cultural night with Nirja Pandit, a great singer from India. She mesmerized this large audience with old and new Kashmiri songs and the program ended way past midnight. There were tears of nostalgia in the eyes of many and yet, many others were singing along or just clapping their hands.

Sunil Aghi of Indo-American Political Foundation introduced Congressman Mike Honda who congratulated the convenor and Indo-American Kashmir Forum for the effort of bringing up awareness about such an important issue like Kashmir. “I have learnt a lot today, and I feel very sad to hear about the plight of a community in India which has been suffering for so many years at the hands of Islamic zealots", Honda said.

The eminent singer from India, Nirja Pandit was honored with a plaque by Indo-American Kashmir Forum for her participation and support to the International symposium and promoting Kashmiri culture and music. Also, a very senior member of Kashmiri community in Bombay, Niranjan Nath Pandit, who is the father of activist Ashok Pandit and a movie director in Bombay, was honored by Indo-American Community Federation, the main sponsor of this Symposium and Cultural night, for dedication and service to Kashmiri community in Bombay.

From all standards, the whole event which started at 10:00 a.m on a Saturday morning in a high level setting like Fremont Hilton with a high profile speaker base, and ended way past mid night with a high ranking musician from India with several hundred people in attendance, could be ranked as one of the most successful major events ever held in the U.S, remarked Jeevan Zutshi who is also the President of Indo-American community federation. Media included the mainstream news media and Dawn and Pakistan Link.

There were no demonstrations by Kashmiri separatists or Pakistanis but they participated (though a small number) and maintained calm and dignity. The only hecklers were a small group from Los Angeles identified as Panun Kashmir USA, Inc., who bombarded the internet and media with negative publicity against IAKF and Convenor of this symposium for accepting an invitation by a Kashmiri Muslim group in Los Angeles to meet Yasin Malik and have a dialogue with him in April this year.