Date: 7/10/2001



(-Supreme Commander KR Narayanan)

My be, this anecdote is posted somewhere else. But it is relevant to recall, in view of the General Salute that will be given by India’s Armed Forces to the President of Pakistan next weekend (July 2001).

It was early 1946 and yet there was no talk of Pakistan. The world was celebrating the victory over Germany and Japan and in India “independence” talks were about to begin in earnest. The Muslims were still singing Poet Mohammed Iqbal’s lyric, “Saare Jahan se achcha Hindustan hamaara.”

Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s oath of allegiance taken in Bombay, was to the India under Viceroy that stretched from Khyber to Chittagong.

One late afternoon, at Lahore FC College, there were three undergraduate girls enjoying “kulfi” and “sharbat” under a shady peepal tree when suddenly the Hindu girl broke the silence and said, “After independence out of every TEN ambassadors sent by India abroad, there will be six HINDU, three MUSLIM and one SIKH. This is as per their ratio in population.”

The Sikh girl, with a solid grounding in “nishkam sewa” by which “Charity begins Abroad”, said, “In all fairness that one seat meant for the Sikhs ought to be shared equally by the Sikhs, the Christians and the Dalits.”

The Muslim girl, having listened to them, said, “But the Muslims are going to have THIRTEEN ambassadors from this country out of every ten sent by India. And who knows, Insha’ Allah, it could even be TWENTY-THREE!”

The other girls were totally puzzled at this preposterous outburst, but the bell rang and they all rushed into the classroom. After that it was all forgotten.

Within a year the storms of PARTITION broke into violent thunder & deluge, and rivers of blood flowed across the Punjab.

Everything happened too quickly and took everyone by surprise. There was exodus by millions in total panic.

The advent of ISLAM was perceived by the minorities as the RULE OF MOHAMMEDAN DEVIL. It was confirmed by the widespread slaughter, rape, loot and abduction that followed across the province. The “Indian COOLIES”, high and low, rich and poor, have since gone “politically correct” due to TERROR of Islam and FEAR of Nehru Dynasty to close their eyes on all this.

Although tens of millions were uprooted, there is hardly any CASE STUDY on hand to tell us in a graphic way how each Hindu and Sikh across the LETHAL divide was affected. Nor is there a MEMORIAL to them on this side of the Line of Death. The Jews deserve our congratulations for doing the right thing, and honourably.

When the glow of freedom came at the dawn of PARTITION, indeed, there were THIRTEEN Muslim ambassadors for those “seven” Hindus and “one third” Sikh.

India, under “BANDIT” Nehru sent THREE Muslims as per his own Code of Secularism and Pakistan despatched TEN. After 1972, thanks to Indira Khanum’s High Treason of returning EAST Bengal to ISLAM, BOGUSdesh, too, sent TEN ambassadors abroad- all Muslim.

So today, from that India of the discussion among those three undergraduate girls in Lahore in 1946, there are TWENTY-THREE Mohammedan ambassadors representing the INDIAN Muslims while there are only six miserable jackal-like human specimens from BHARAT, none willing to say, “I am a Hindu,” for FEAR of losing his job.

Since we have never seen a SIKH high commissioner from India in London, the Sikhs of India STILL remain zero despite their countless marathon “akhand paths” and great energy expended on “sarbat da bhala” kind of FUTILE “nishkam sewa.

Now in 2001 something similar is about to take place before our very eyes- preposterous, but true.

The Indian Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Froce Staff are going to welcome and SALUTE the Head of State from Pakistan. But he is NO ordinary Head of State and Pakistan is NO ordinary State like Iran or Colombia.

General Musharraf was conducting the war against India in Kargil only a couple of years ago, and was a legitimate target of the Indian Army. But he did an Islamic “hat trick” like that of “TWENTY-THREE Muslim ambassadors from India”.

He took over the rule of Pakistan and then declared himself PRESIDENT. He was promptly invited by our “Gentle Cow Vajpayee”, ever ready to ceasefire and offer her hind-quarters to any rogue Muslim bull, to come and honour our PARTITIONED India with his State visit.

It is like Field Marshal Rommel assuming command after Hitler’s death on July 20, 1944, and then arriving in London, within days, to be welcomed on red carpet with a 51 gun salute and banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Now compare the British sense of dignity and sovereignty with that of the HINDUS in Bharat who seem very uncomfortable and upset without the YOKE OF SLAVERY on their necks.